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To love is to destroy

welcome to my thoughts

Aly J.
10 November
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My name is Aly. This is my journal. (I am a girl who--in the US--is allowed to vote.)

I will post my fanfiction, graphics, and basically whatever else comes to mind here. Since my real life is pretty boring, there will proably be little of that right now, but eventually.... Who knows?

Feel free to look around and comment if you like something.

If you want to know more about me, click here.
90210, adam monroe, adam/claire, all my children, anne boleyn, aria montgomery, ashley tisdale, ben/adrian, blair waldorf, caleb/hanna, camp rock, caroline forbes, carter baizen, carter/blair, carter/jenny, cassie steele, chuck bass, chuck/blair, chuck/jenny, claire bennet, claire bennett, cw, damon, damon salvatore, damon/bonnie, damon/caroline, damon/elena, damon/katherine, dan humphrey, dan/blair, dante/lulu, degrassi: the next generation, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, draco/hermione, draco/luna, edward/rosalie, elena gilbert, elijah, elijah/caroline, elijah/elena, eric/jessica, eric/sookie, ethan/kristina, ezra/aria, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, flowers in the attic, general hospital, ginny weasley, gossip girl, gryffindor, hanna marin, harry potter, hellcats, hermione granger, heroes, hoyt/jessica, icons, jack bass, jack/blair, james/bella, jason/sam, jay/emma, jenny humphrey, jessica sanders, jessie james, john gilbert, johnny/kristina, johnny/lulu, johnny/maxie, katherine howard, katherine pierce, klaus, klaus/caroline, klaus/elena, liam/annie, life unexpected, lindsay lohan, lucius/ginny, lucius/hermione, lulu/dante, luna lovegood, mason lockwood, matt/maxie, michael/alex, nate archibald, nate/jenny, nikita, one life to live, pretty little liars, rare pairings, rare ships, ricky/adrian, ricky/amy, ricky/grace, rosalie/edward, rosalie/emmett, scam/sam, selena gomez, severus snape, shane/tess, sirius black, sirius/hermione, slytherin, snape/hermione, spencer hastings, stefan/caroline, stefan/katherine, sylar, sylar/claire, t.a.t.u., the chronicles of narnia, the tudors, the vampire diaries, toby/spencer, tom/ginny, totally spies, true blood, tyler lockwood, tyler/caroline, tyler/elena, zuko/katara