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Fic: Accidental (3/?)

Title: Accidental
Fandom: The 100
Pairing/Characters: Bellamy/Clarke
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1746 (TOTAL: 5086)
Summary: Clarke didn't mean to get pregnant at twenty-one. Bellamy did not mean to have a one night stand with his sister's best friend. Accidents happen, as the saying goes, and they'll have to come together to deal with the fallout of their actions. (Modern AU)
Previous Chapters: (1) (2)

Clarke’s eyes widen as she looks over to the smiling Octavia, who is untangling a scarf from around her neck. Clarke’s hand moves to rest on her stomach, a move Octavia’s keen eyes are quick to pick up on.

“Oh my God! Are you alright? Did something happen to the baby?” so busy is Octavia fretting about, trying to get her coat off faster than necessary, he doesn’t notice the way her brother seems to move closer to her best friend.

Clarke doesn’t know what to say. she thought she had more time. More time to talk with Bellamy, to come to terms with the reality of this pregnancy. she’s spent so much time lately ignoring the real issue. This baby—her baby—will be a real person; one who she will have to take care of. It’s a real thing, not this metaphorical concept she’s starting to believe she’d been treating it as. somehow she’d forgotten that, or ignored it, in all her worrying about if of how to tell Bellamy. now that she has to explain it all to Octavia, Clarke is starting to realize how real this situation is becoming.

Finally getting a grip on the situation, Clarke shakes her head. “No, nothing’s wrong with the baby; she’s perfectly fine.” She hears Octavia’s relieved sigh, and feels suddenly guilty for keeping this form her.

“Well, if everything’s fine, why do you look so worried?” Octavia asks, concerned. “And what is it you have to tell me?”

Clarke opens her mouth to answer, even though she’s unsure of what she’s going to say, when she feels Bellamy’s hand squeeze hers gently before letting go. Her eyes meet his.

“Do you want me to leave?” he whispers, gaining Octavia’s attention for the first time.

Clarke shakes her head. “Look,” she begins, cutting off Octavia before she can voice the question Clarke sees in her eyes. “Remember how I never told you who the father of my baby is?”

Octavia nods, looking between the two of them suspiciously now. “You said it was some guy from the party who found you crying.”

Clarke nods. She takes a deep breath and walks over to the couch, where she sits down, one hand placed over her stomach. Octavia sits next to her, and Bellamy sits on Clarke’s other side. “We talked in my room for the longest time, and then I kissed him.”

Octavia’s mouth opens, and Clarke sees the moment the penny drops. “It was you?” she asks, turning on her brother. “You were supposed to be there, but I only saw you briefly, when you arrived. I thought you just snuck out soon after that, but the whole time you were with Clarke?”

Bellamy nods, but doesn’t speak.

“I was feeling so upset about the Finn thing, and he was there. It wasn’t supposed to mean anything, and we never really talked about it.” Clarke pauses briefly here and avoids looking at Bellamy. She doesn’t want to tell Octavia that Bellamy left when she was sleeping, that they didn’t talk about it because she never got the chance. “Then I found out I was pregnant, and I didn’t know how to tell him, and I didn’t want to tell you, because I knew you’d tell him, or beat yourself up over not telling him.”

“So you’ve kept it a secret all this time?” Octavia wonders.

Clarke nods.

Octavia turns back to her brother. “And then, I accidentally told you today, and you just, what, figured it out?”

Bellamy nods. “You said Clarke told you about New Years Eve,” he reminds her.

“Wow,” Octavia mutters. “I guess I’m going to be this baby’s aunt in more than name only.”

Bellamy snorts. “O, do you have to make this about you?” he teases playfully.

Octavia shrugs. “Okay, but on a more serious note, what happens now? Are you doing this together? You barely know each other!”

“I’m leaving those decisions up to Clarke,” Bellamy supplies. “I’d like to be as involved as she’ll allow, but it’s her decision.”

“And,” Clarke cuts in, “we have known each other forever. Sure, we’ve never been close, but it’s not like we’re strangers. As for what happens next…I’m not really sure yet. I don’t know what I want.” Here, Clarke pauses and the siblings take the moment to look at each other, sharing information with their eyes. In a moment, when Clarke takes a deep breath and begins again, both pairs of Blake eyes are once again on her. “Umm…I have a doctor’s visit in two weeks, on Thursday. You both can come, if you want. That’s a start, right?”

Octavia beams at this news, and while Bellamy simply nods an acceptance, Octavia’s a little more vocal. “You’re finally going to let me come with you? I’ve been asking for weeks!”

Bellamy’s eyebrows raise. “Who’s been going with you?” he asks.

“No one,” Clarke says.

Bellamy reaches for her hand—the one currently not on he stomach—and she allows him to hold it. “You don’t have to do this by yourself anymore, Clarke. You have people who will be there for you…be there with you.”

Clarke smiles, her eyes watery again, “I’m beginning to realize that,” she whispers, staring into his eyes.

Bellamy’s hand reaches up to wipe the tears from her eyes, but before contact is made, they’re all startled by the sound of the door opening once again. Bellamy puts his hand down, Clarke backs up, and Octavia’s the first to face their third roommate. Clarke’s eyes finally leave Bellamy’s hand and turn toward the door and watches Raven walk into the room nervously. While she’s starting to feel relieved after telling Bellamy and Octavia the truth about her baby, she’s not sure she’s up for telling Raven too.

Raven, however, after walking in on the three of them, takes one look around and says to her, “So, you’ve finally told them?”

No one knows what to say to that. Bellamy’s looking between Clarke and Raven curiously, and Octavia’s and Clarke’s eyes are wide. “You knew?” Octavia screeches at Raven before rounding on Clarke. “She knew?

Clarke shakes her head. “No…I mean—I never—I didn’t tell anyone. How…how did you?”

“Oh please,” Raven says as she rolls her eyes. “I crashed on the couch that night, remember? After we both dumped that cheating asshole? I saw Bellamy enter your room at the New Years Eve party, and I didn’t see him leave until much later. So, when you told us you were pregnant and that it happened at the party…well, it wasn’t that hard to put together.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Clarke asks.

Before Raven has time to answer, Octavia pipes up, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Raven shrugs. “Wasn’t my business. I figured you’d tell Octavia eventually, when you were ready—Bellamy, too. So I let you have your space in the mean time.”

Clarke begins to cry in earnest now. Bellamy moves to her side immediately and wraps an arm around her shoulder in a show of support. “I was so—so worried,” Clarke hiccups. “I thought you thought that the—the baby was Finn’s.”

Raven comes over to the couch, crouches in front of Clarke. She picks up Clarke’s hands and holds them tightly. “Oh, honey, everything’s fine, you don’t need to cry. And, even if the baby was Finn’s, I wouldn’t be mad at you or anything.”

Octavia, coming closer and closing the protective circle around Clarke, glares at Raven. “I still can’t believe you never told me,” she whispers, making Clarke giggle through her waning hiccups. Octavia Blake, ever the gossip queen.

“I didn’t tell you about Clarke’s baby, for the same reason I haven’t told Clarke about the hot guy you’ve been seeing lately,” Raven replies with a smirk. Her eyes widen playfully as she puts a hand to her mouth in an overly dramatic fashion. “Oops.”

“What guy?” Bellamy asks.

Clarke’s eyes linger on Raven long enough for her to nod her thanks, glad to have the focus off of her for the time being. Raven smiles at her in reply.

“His name’s Lincoln. He’s an artist, Bell, like Clarke. He has a gallery over on 6th and he goes to the same coffee shop as me. He did four tours in Iraq before he stopped, deciding to pursue his art instead.”

“An artist?” Clarke pipes in. “And what kind of stuff does he paint?”

Octavia shrugs. “Lots of stuff. The exhibit in the gallery is his wartime set—landscapes and such of things he’s seen. I’ve seen his abstract doodles, but I don’t understand them…I’m not sure if he does either, to be honest. And he’s sketched me before, too.”

Clarke follows along interestedly. “Sounds interesting, you should take me to the gallery sometime.”

Octavia smiles broadly, and Clarke gets the feeling that she’s been nervous about telling everyone about this guy.

Four tours?” Bellamy wonders, and Clarke thinks he’s finally just come out of the shock of hearing this news. Octavia hasn’t actually dated anyone since high school. Her and Atom had been a thing until Bellamy had threatened the poor kid. “Just how old is this guy?”

Octavia winces. “He’s twenty-nine,” she admits, and Clarke has to hold Bellamy’s hand to keep him from pouncing on this. Clarke can feel the pulse point in his hand and his heart is beating faster now. “I swear it isn’t like what you’re thinking. He’s very nice and gentlemanly, and we’ve only met for coffee in the mornings, been out for dinner a few times, and to a movie once. I don’t even know if we’re serious yet, I mean, we haven’t even kissed—but even if we had, it isn’t like you really have a say. I’m twenty-one now, Bell.”

Clarke glances between the siblings, watches Bellamy fight himself not to lash out, to protect his sister like he’s always done. Finally, he nods. “I’m gonna have to meet him, O.”

With that pronouncement, Octavia smiles. “Great!” she says, clasping her hands together excitedly as she stands up. “I’ll take you and Clarke to the gallery next week. Clarke can look at his work, and you can look at him, and everything will be perfect.”

Raven smirks as she sits down again, a bag of chips in her hands. “Maybe I’ll have to tag along,” she whispers in Clarke’s ear. “I don’t think I’m gonna want to miss this.”

Tags: art: fanfiction, character: bellamy blake, character: clarke griffin, pairing: bellamy/clarke, pairing: lincoln/octavia, tv show: the 100
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