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Aly J.

Fic: Accidental (1/?)

Title: Accidental
Fandom: The 100
Pairing/Characters: Bellamy/Clarke
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1795
Summary: Clarke didn't mean to get pregnant at twenty-one. Bellamy did not mean to have a one night stand with his sister's best friend. Accidents happen, as the saying goes, and they'll have to come together to deal with the fallout of their actions. (Modern AU)

Chapter One: Secret's Out

It's a rainy afternoon in March when Bellamy finds himself running in the rain with two cups of coffee and a bag of doughnuts from Monty's—the café run by Bellamy's long-time friend Monty. Perhaps it's a cliché for a cop to be having doughnuts and coffee on his break, but his sister is addicted to Monty's delicious treats and it's Wednesday—he always visits Octavia on Wednesday.

He reaches her apartment building and hits the button for her number. He taps his foot impatiently as the rain beats at his backside, soaking his uniform. He curses the building for not having a lobby where he can do this exchange. Finally, he hears the buzz and opens the door, walks up a flight of stairs and down the hallway to 210. He doesn't knock, just lets himself in.

He is a frequent visitor to the place, and all three girls have grown accustomed to his random visits—with the exception of his weekly Wednesday visits. His sister, Octavia, lives with two roommates—her best friend, Clarke, and Raven, who moved in a little over two months ago.

He's about to yell to Octavia, who he can't immediately see, but hears her voice first. It's distant, but he can tell she's on her phone, likely in her own room. He makes himself comfortable at the table and sets up their meal as he waits. Eventually, Octavia's voice gets louder, likely because she has moved to the bathroom to get ready.

"I know you're not sick, Clarke. Yes, you're perfectly capable of going to the store and getting milk. Yes, it's probably good for both of you right now. I know—I know. Yes, fine, but hurry back, okay? I just worry, you know that. Yeah, bye." Bellamy hears Octavia's footsteps getting closer. "Wait!" she suddenly calls into the phone. "Get saltine crackers, too. Bell used to tell me all the time that it helped Mom."

He doesn't hear the rest of the conversation. He used to tell Octavia what? The only time Bellamy ever remembers his mother eating saltine crackers was when she was pregnant with Octavia and had horrible morning sickness.

Octavia greets him with a smile as she reaches for her phone cord and plugs in her phone. "What'd you bring me this time?" she asks.

Perhaps he's still distracted by thoughts of Clarke and pregnancy, but he's done this routine so many times he answers mechanically. "Same coffee, and a custard doughnut with chocolate sprinkles."

Octavia smiles. "Perfect."

Neither speaks for a moment as Octavia pulls her plate closer and picks up her treat. Bellamy tries to act normal, takes a sip or two of his coffee, puts it down before picking it right back up. He stares at his doughnut contemplatively, then he speaks. "Clarke's pregnant?"

Octavia's eyes widen. "You weren't supposed to hear that. She didn't want anyone to know yet." Bellamy just stares at her, his training taking hold—silent staring usually keeps a suspect talking if they're nervous. "But…yeah, Clarke's pregnant."

"How long?" he asks. "I mean, she must still be in her first trimester, if she's still got morning sickness." Even as a small child, he picked up a lot when his mother was pregnant with Octavia.

"She says it happened on New Years Eve." Octavia makes an awkward gesture with her unoccupied hand as she takes another bite of her doughnut. "You know, after she found out about Finn and Raven. Apparently, she hooked up with some guy…and now…." She takes a long drink of her coffee to mask how awkward she feels, but Bellamy sees it all over her face.

Luckily for him, she's too busy worrying over her own feelings about gossiping about her best friend to notice his reactions. Not for the first time, Bellamy thanks his sister's preoccupied nature.

New Years Eve.

He found her crying in a heap on the floor in a corner of the apartment, the music blaring loudly so none of the party-goers could hear her. A part of him just wanted the excuse to leave the room without Octavia's censure, but another was genuinely concerned. He had known Clarke her whole life and never saw her cry—not even when she skinned her knees or fell off the playground swing and broke her wrist. Clarke Griffin didn't cry, but she was then, and he was worried.

He guided her to her bedroom unnoticed, and eventually got her to spill the whole story. How her boyfriend was cheating on her the whole time and how she suspects it's because she wouldn't put out for him.

Bellamy just held her as she cried. She wasn't drunk and, if he knew Clarke, probably hadn't even touched the alcohol at the party. He'd had one beer, which had been shoved into his hand by his sister when he got there.

"I just don't understand…how could he do that to me? How could he do that to her? Raven told me they'd been dating for over a year. He'd only been with me since July. How do you just pretend everything is normal when you're dating two girls at once? And how could I have been so stupid not to have noticed?"

"You deserve so much better than that piece of shit," Bellamy remarked, anger rising up within him.

They talked well into the night, moving on easily from the topic of her recent break up. He sat beside her on her bed and he barely remembered the party going on outside the door.

He wasn't sure who kissed who first, or how their clothes were removed. Everything was moving really fast and he was so distracted by the delicious way Clarke kissed him and the sensuous way she whispered his name that he couldn't bring himself to care.

He'd stopped then, his body positioned over hers, his hands pushing into her light blue sheets on either side of her head. "Is this what you want?" he asked her, because he had to be sure. She seemed into it, but he had to know for sure.

She had nodded before pulling him close and kissing his neck. "I need this," she whispered into his skin before arching herself up against him.

That had been all the affirmation he'd needed.

New Years Eve. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He wants to hit something. He wants to throw something. He wants to fucking yell, but he can't. He can't do anything, because Octavia can't know yet. If it's true, if he really got Clarke Griffin pregnant, then he has to do her the fucking decency of talking to her about it first. Even if he can barely contain the urge to throw his coffee cup at the wall.

He's not ready for a baby. He's only just recently stopped being called 'rookie' at work. His guest bedroom at the house would probably take the entire pregnancy to convert into a livable nursery. He's been taking care of Octavia in some capacity since he was five years old and she's only recently become somewhat independent of him. He likes his freedom. He doesn't want to be tied down by a baby for the next eighteen years.

No longer able to contain himself across the table from Octavia, he picks up his coffee and stands, making like he wants to look out their window. It's not the worst view, looking out over the campus the girls all go to, but it's nothing to be admired during a meal of any sort.

"How are your classes?" he asks in a half-assed attempt to change the subject. "Is Keating still giving you a hard time?" He then tries to listen as his sister speaks about her classes and her problems with her English 102 professor and cheerleading, but he's only half focused on her words. Clarke, his little sister's best friend since middle school, is pregnant and he's pretty damn sure he's the father.

It's at this realization that he breaks from his thoughts as the door opens and Clarke walks in. "As I assured you on the phone, O," she begins as she sets a handful of bags on the floor without turning toward the kitchen. "I'm pregnant, not dying and perfectly capable of going to the store four blocks away."

Bellamy's grip on his coffee tightens marginally as he turns to face her. He watches her put her keys in the bowl by the door and hang up her coat before bending down once more and grabbing her bags. "I got the crackers, because I think my mom also mentioned that they helped her when she had me," she continues as she turns around, finally seeing him standing there. Her eyes widen almost imperceptibly. Bellamy notices, Octavia doesn't. "What are you doing here?" she asks.

Bellamy stumbles then, unable to speak the words. All he can focus on is the fact that the blonde standing before him is likely pregnant with his child.

Luckily for him, Octavia remains clueless to the tension and intervenes. "It's Wednesday, Clarke; Bell always comes on Wednesday before my psych class." She looks at her phone then. "Speaking of which, I gotta go, I'm gonna be late."

Bellamy watches as Clarke turns away from him and walks slowly and decisively to the refrigerator to put away the milk. As she busies herself rearranging the contents of the fridge, Octavia rushes around the apartment gathering her school things. After a moment, his sister rushes over to him, and kisses him on the cheek. She whispers, "Bye, Bell," before picking up her cup of coffee and stuffing the last bite of her doughnut in her mouth.

In no time, Octavia's out the door and Bellamy is alone with Clarke. Clarke, who he slept with on New Years Eve. Clarke, who is very likely carrying his child. Clarke, who is still rummaging around in the refrigerator.

Bellamy walks over to her, rests his hand on top of hers, and eases the door closed.

Clarke backs up and jumps when she hits the fridge. She looks like a deer in headlights and he can hear her breathing really fast. Bellamy uses this opportunity to find her other hand and slowly moves her hand so that one is against the door as well. "I think we need to talk, Clarke," he announces.

Clarke's eyes widen even further. "I—I don't…" she falters. Suddenly, something shifts in her eyes and all Bellamy sees is panic. She starts struggling with him. Bellamy's so shocked by the change in her demeanor that he doesn't fight back as she pushes away from him and runs down the hallway.

The next thing Bellamy hears is the sound of Clarke puking in the bathroom.

Tags: art: fanfiction, character: bellamy blake, character: clarke griffin, pairing: bellamy/clarke, tv show: the 100
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