Aly J. (simply_aly) wrote,
Aly J.

[10] Twenty-Five Word Fics

In which I do 10 twenty-five word fics for the comment fic challenge.

Harry Potter, Draco/Hermione, Shh!
“I think you should come with me to Hogsmeade tomorrow,” he announces in the library.

“Shh!” she hisses, rolling her eyes.

He smiles.

She groans.

ASOIAF, Gendry/Arya, Something That I Missed
Being Arya Stark again is truly terrifying—she doesn’t remember how to be her anymore—but knowing Gendry’s down in Winterfell’s forge comforts her immensely.

ASOIAF, Jaime/Sansa, The Mistake I’d Make Again
“We cannot do this again,” she says calmly.

He untangles his fingers from her auburn hair. “Of course not, my queen.”

She appreciates the pretense.

ASOIAF, Robb/Myrcella, Try Again (Double Fill)
“I am still the same girl you fell in love with,” she cries, her blonde curls blowing in the winter wind. “We can start over.”

She looks exactly like the girl he married, but she’s different now too. Even still, he loves her. It’ll be different, but they’ll start over.

The Vampire Diaries, Katherine, Sunlight
She missed the feel of the sun. As a vampire, Katherine could feel it; but newly human, the feeling is stronger than any vampire hypersensitivity.

The Vampire Diaries, Klaus/human!Elena, Moonlight
Elena’s in a new small town, the moon shining through the open window.

She hears a wolf howl and wonders if he’s come for her.

The Vampire Diaries, Klaus/Caroline, Split-Second Desision
Caroline reaches for her phone and dials a familiar number.

“I’m in Paris,” she says. “Come find me.”

(These are the moments that define you.)

The Vampire Diaries, Klaus/Caroline, Fear
“You don’t have to be afraid,” he says wiping blood from his chin.

Her heart pounds in her chest.

Moving closer, his smile is sinister.

The Vampire Diaries, Klaus/Caroline, The Best Disguise
What are you wearing?” Caroline hisses softly. “This is supposed to be a costume party, not an advertisement!”

Klaus just laughs, showing his costume fangs.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: arya stark, character: caroline forbes, character: draco malfoy, character: elena gilbert, character: gendry waters, character: hermione granger, character: jaime lannister, character: katherine pierce, character: klaus mikaelson, character: myrcella baratheon, character: robb stark, character: sansa stark, pairing: draco/hermione, pairing: gendry/arya, pairing: jaime/sansa, pairing: klaus/caroline, pairing: klaus/elena, pairing: robb/myrcella, series: a song of ice and fire, series: harry potter, tv show: game of thrones, tv show: the vampire diaries

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