Aly J. (simply_aly) wrote,
Aly J.

[6] Six Word Fics

In which I do six six-word fills for the commentfic challenge.

General Hospital, Ethan/Kristina, Sleep
She closes her eyes; she's safe.

Harry Potter, Tom Riddle/Bellatrix, She breaks down and cries
She disappointed him. Again.

She falls.

TVD, Elena Gilbert, Monster
When she tastes blood, she cries.

TVD, Katherine Pierce, Cured
She wakes up scared and alone.

ASOIAF, Jaime/Cersei, Reincarnation
Mirrored faces, different situations. Never easy.

ASOIAF, Jaime/Sansa, First
In this, both experience something new.

Tags: art: fanfiction, character: bellatrix lestrange, character: cersei lannister, character: elena gilbert, character: jaime lannister, character: katherine pierce, character: kristina corinthos davis, character: sansa stark, pairing: ethan/kristina, pairing: jaime/cersei, pairing: jaime/sansa, pairing: tom/belatrix, series: a song of ice and fire, tv show: game of thrones, tv show: general hospital, tv show: the vampire diaries

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