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Currently: Taking Requests

Here's The Deal
I currently have quite a bit of time on my hands. To make myself feel productive, I give you the power to request fanworks for me to complete in my spare time--of which there is plenty.

Here's What You Need To Do
-In this post, comment with the specifics of your request be as detailed or as vague as you wish (form below).
-As a general rule, if I've done the specific medium with a specific pairing/character, I'm more than likely willing to do it again. (Check the tags and my intro page for pairings/characters and fandoms. If what you want isn't at either, you can still request it, but I can't guarantee anything.)
-Be specific with the medium you want: fanfic, icons, banner, wallpaper, header...I cannot read your mind.

Here's What You Need To Know
-For fanfiction, I'll write a minimum of 150 words. I will do any rating PG-R, but I will likely not do explicit porn.
-For icons, I'll make a minimum of 3 (including variations). Icon text limit is 15-20 characters, but I can be flexible.
-For larger graphics, I'll make a minimum of 1.

Note:  I have screencaps for the following: Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl 1-3 & 5, Harry Potter, Merlin 4-5, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars up to 2.15, The Lying Game, Secret Circle, The Tudors, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood 3 & 4, and Twilight. For other shows, screencaps need to be provided.

Here's The Form

And, of course, if there are any requests from others that you have the ability/want to fill yourself, go for it.

NOTE:  Any and all graphics I make are shareable unless requested otherwise.

Tags: !requests

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