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Fic: A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf -- Klaus/Elena (2/2)

Title: A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf (Part 2)
Author: [info]simply_aly
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Klaus/Elena, mentions of: Damon/Katherine, Stefan/Caroline, Damon/Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2535 this part, 5200 total
Summary: (Post-3.09) Can a wolf court a human? Elena's about to find out. After hearing howling outside during the night, Elena finally meets Klaus in wolf form and the two begin an unusual and unique courtship.
Author's Note:  The long awaited response to [info]modbelle's prompt for the TVD Comment Ficathon Part 3--a wolf!Klaus/Little Red Riding Hood-esque story.
Previous Chapters: (1)

“Let me get this straight,” Damon drawls looking for all the world the cool and collected vampire; the anger and irritation oozing out of his words, however, betrays him. “You suspected Klaus was back in October, knew he was back at the end of November, didn’t say anything through February, and invited him into your bed by April?”

“He wasn’t threatening anyone, I saw no reason to cause trouble where there was none,” Elena defends herself. Everyone notices she doesn’t contradict the last bit.

“You have known for over seven months that Klaus was back and said nothing!”

Elena places her hands on the table and pushes her chair back, then standing up fast. “You never thought it was important to tell me that he was still after me in the first place. If I hadn’t overheard you and Katherine talking, I wouldn’t have known there was even a possible threat.”

“What do you mean possible, Elena?” Caroline interjects calmly. “He wants to take you away from Mystic Falls. He is a threat.”

“We’ve known about each other for months and he hasn’t tried anything—he has even respected my wishes and only enters the house when I invite him. I haven’t even seen Klaus outside of his wolf form, and there have been no reports of ‘animal attacks’ since September. There is no proof that he is still a threat.”

Stefan tilts his head. “Do you even know what his threat on you was before he disappeared last September?”

Elena shakes her head. She turns to Katherine. “You were the messenger. Tell me.”

Katherine looks none to pleased to be relegated once more to the role of ‘the messenger’ and rolls her eyes. “He said that the next time he came back to town, he was not leaving without ‘his doppelganger’—and we both know he didn’t mean me.”


Elena doesn’t see the wolf again for a week, and in the interim, stories of animal attacks plague the news. Fear creeps back into her chest at each name, her eyes focus on each face. She sleeps with John’s letter and a photo of her and Jenna under her pillow, and cries herself to sleep each night.

She starts spotting her guards on the third day.

No one leaves her alone anymore. At home, it is Jeremy—they even took her bedroom door off so she has no privacy—and at school it’s Caroline or Stefan. Damon takes her out at night, and Katherine has take to sleeping on her couch.

Katherine doesn’t bother to hide her resentment. “It’s ridiculous to believe we will all spend the next seventy years protecting the human doppelganger from the big bad wolf,” she says when Elena hands her a pillow and blanket on the third night, her first at the Gilbert’s residence.

“I’m not asking for your protection—I’m not asking for anyone’s protection.”

She’s lucky it’s early May, for each night, she leaves her window open and falls asleep to music of his howls.

She wonders if he’s angry or sad.

On the eighth day, she remembers the shortcut in the woods. She waits until she has a moment alone and makes a run for it, hoping and praying she’ll reach the wolf before her vampire friends reach her.

Halfway home, she stops short, seeing the wolf blocking her path. “You waited for me,” she manages to say between gulps of air.

The wolf just walks toward her, circles her legs twice, and stands at her side. His nose bumps her hand as if to say ‘go on’ before his head tilts up to look at her.

She continues on her way home at a leisurely pace with the wolf by her side.


When they arrive at the house, everyone is standing guard at the door, staring at her. The wolf takes one look at them before its low growl is heard.

Elena silently pets the wolf’s head in an attempt to calm him. It nuzzles her hand and tilts its head to the side in an affectionate glance. Caroline’s aww can be heard clearly, even by the human doppelganger.

“It’s my house,” Elena declares with conviction. “You have no right to forbid entrance to me or anyone I grant access.” So with that, she walks forward and watches as her ‘protectors’ part ways and allow her entrance, the wolf trailing threateningly behind her.

In her room, Elena grabs her journal and a pen and sits on her bed. The wolf gracefully jumps up and settles beside her, its head lying against her leg.

Elena sighs. “This is wrong,” she whispers as she runs her fingers through his soft fur. “This is wrong and I know it, but it feels…it feels—” she cuts off then, unsure of how or unable to—she isn’t sure which—finish that sentence.

She shakes her head and holds the pen steadily between her fingers. She puts to paper all the thoughts she can’t voice aloud to anyone—herself included.

Before she goes to asleep that night she says two things to the wolf. “The diary is off limits,” she tells it as she places it back in its hiding place. The wolf bows its head in understanding and Elena’s trust in it to leave her thoughts to herself defies reason.

Then, later, once it is dark and her eyes are closed, she whispers sleepily as she strokes its fur. “This can’t continue like this much longer. We have to deal with what this is—what this really is…what you really are.”

For the first time, the wolf is gone before she wakes.


A few nights later, she is starting to wonder what has changed, for she hasn’t seen the wolf since the night she stood up to everyone outside. A small part of her believes what everyone around her is saying; that maybe he’s given up and will leave them all alone now. The bigger part of her knows, however, that he’s gone through too much trouble to leave without her, so she waits.

And waits.

Weeks pass and she hears nothing. She stops closing her window in the morning and leaves it open all the time. It’s June, and school is out. She has graduated from Mystic Falls High School with surprisingly good grades, considering how many absences she’s had in the last two years.

Bonnie’s leaving in the fall for California. She got a scholarship to UCLA and, although she won’t admit it, Elena can tell she is secretly glad to be able to escape all the supernatural things that happen in Mystic Falls.

Caroline and Stefan, on the other hand, are both putting off college—everyone is choosing to ignore the fact that Stefan’s surely gone before, although he doesn’t talk about it. They have forever, after all, they don’t need to spend Caroline’s first few years—the only ones where she can pretend with people they can’t tell—worried about school work.

Elena, on the other hand, put no thought into life past high school. She never applied for college; she never got a summer job.

At night, she looks out her open window and waits, wondering what his plans for her are.


Elena walks in on Damon and Katherine again at the Salvatore Boarding House. This time, she just intended to talk with Damon for a bit. She remembers a time when that was something that would cheer her up, and in this moment, she needs nothing more than that.

They must have been really involved not to notice her—or, more likely, Katherine made sure he was too involved—for they are loud and obvious, even to her…even from the front door.

She slams the door on her way out and drives back to her house. When she arrives, Damon is already in her bedroom. “That was not what it sounded like, Elena.”

Her head tilts to the side and she studies him briefly before turning and pulling off her sweatshirt. “Just admit it, Damon. Just admit it.”

“Katherine is not—she’s…she’s not you, Elena, but I…” the words seem to get stuck in his throat.

Elena sighs and sits next to him on the bed. She puts her hand in his and their eyes meet. “I vowed long ago that I would not let Stefan use me as a replacement for Katherine, even before I knew we looked exactly alike. I won’t let you do it either.”

“You’re not replacing her, Elena,” Damon insists, and the strange thing is she believes him—or, rather, she believes he believes it.

“You love her, Damon. You loved her back in 1864 and you love her now. Me…well, I’m just all that you dreamed she could be back when you were willing to dream. You met me and reversed the roles; you had the power and you had the control and the knowledge. But she still has your love. I will not be Katherine for anyone—not Stefan, not you…no one.”

She grabs her sweatshirt again and leaves; Damon doesn’t follow.

When she comes back after dark, all is quiet in the house again. She gets ready for bed and opens her window, as is custom.

The howling starts up again that night, but instead of calming her like it used to, it keeps her up at night.

She hardly sleeps the first few nights, only able to drift off in the early hours of the morning when the howling stops. After awhile, however, it gets to a point where she can’t sleep at all.

That is when he finally comes for her.


The doorbell rings in the late evening, just after she’s finished the dishes and gone to her room to change. She makes her way briskly down the stairs and to the door, calling back up to Jeremy as she puts her hand on the doorknob. When she sees him, she freezes.

She can’t claim to be surprised—this confrontation has been on her mind for so long she can’t even remember when it first occurred to her—but she’s gotten so used to the wolf that it’s a shock to see him on her front porch.

He looks her over, tilts his head and smirks. “Come on, Little Red,” he remarks, referring to the blood red cotton nightgown she changed into after finishing the dishes. “Won’t you invite me in?”

It occurs to her in that moment that the version of the tale she knew as a child is probably not the original version of the tale; nor is it in any way, shape, or form close to her reality at the moment.

Should I let you in?” she asks with more bravado than she truly feels.

Klaus’s head tilts just slightly as he smirks. “You want to let me in,” he says.

She doesn’t know how he knows this, but it’s very true. Why she wants to let him in, knowing that he’s dangerous and knowing that letting him in will start something she cannot explain. There’s just something so magnetic about the way he looks at her. His demeanor is calm, but there’s this confident gleam in his eyes.

His eyes.

She has never had cause to notice before, but it is so clear now. There’s a familiarity in his eyes. In the end, that is why she lets him inside—his eyes don’t change when he becomes the wolf.


“What do you want from me?” she finds herself brave enough to ask a week later.

Things had progressed slowly the past seven days. Klaus would come by late each evening and ask for entrance. Elena would be ready to deny him, convincing herself that she really shouldn’t be letting him in as she is, but her eyes inevitably catch his and she always ended up nodding her acceptance.

He would stay for just over an hour; never saying anything, just shadowing her movements as she carefully keeps her brother from noticing his presence. He always leaves without a word to her, just disappearing when she’s not watching.

Finally, she can’t stand it any longer. She steps outside, putting herself on equal footing with him and confronts the situation.

“Whatever it is you are offering, Elena,” he answers smoothly, unaffected by her sudden assertiveness.

Elena doesn’t know what to make of his words so she walks inside without a backward glance.

The wolf howls outside her window on this night.


Both the wolf and Klaus are absent for the next four nights and it is on the fifth that Elena realizes that everyone she knows hasn’t been leaving the Klaus situation alone.

Klaus knocks on her front door that night and Elena rushes to answer. His clothes are ripped and stained with blood and he looks dirty. “Did you know that this damn town has all sorts of vampire torture locations underground?” he asks casually.

Elena doesn’t have time to marvel about his blaze attitude in spite of his obvious pain. “What are you talking about?” she asks, helping him inside. “What happened?”

“Your friends haven’t taken to my presence very well,” he responds as she leads him upstairs to her bedroom.

“What did they do?”

“They captured me four nights ago while I was in wolf form. Your little witch found a spell to keep me stuck like that for awhile. I was stuck for three days in wolf form, in a cage, no food or water. Then she and the brother’s Salvatore suppressed my vampire side after they turned me back.”

She leads him to her bed, but Klaus shakes his head and eases himself to the floor.

Elena kneels beside him. “What did they want?”

Klaus laughs bitterly then. “I’m not quite sure they knew. They wanted information, they wanted me to leave, they wanted your safety…they wanted me to stop coming here.” His smirk is back at the end and his eyes lock with hers.

She can’t help her own smirk as she tilts her head to examine him. “So the first thing you do when you get away is come to me?”

“What can I say?” he says. “I live dangerously.”


When Elena wakes the next morning, the wolf is lying next to her, its dark eyes blinking back at her. Her hands idly run across its fur. For the first time since she met the wolf, she realizes just how content she feels when she’s with it.

While she gets ready for school, the wolf leaves, missing a very important revelation.

It isn’t just the wolf she feels at ease with.


When Klaus comes by late that night, she meets him by the door with a suitcase.

“We need to leave,” she says breathlessly. “They’re not gonna stop until your dead.”

He looks more amused than anything. “You don’t think I can take them, love?” he asks.

Elena rolls her eyes as she continues toward her car. “We both know there’d be no one left if you chose to kill everyone. I just don’t want anyone to die.”

“Even me?” he wonders as he follows behind her, amusement in his voice.

“Especially you,” she says seriously.

Tags: art: fanfiction, character: elena gilbert, character: klaus mikaelson, pairing: klaus/elena, tv show: the vampire diaries
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