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Little Facts

If you’re at this page, I’m assuming you want to know something about me, so, in the interest of appeasing you, I’ll tell you some things about me that basically sum me (and this journal) up.

Little Things About Me…
My name is Aly.
I have straight brown hair and blue eyes.
I am currently only four feet nine inches tall.
Legally speaking, I’m old enough to vote, but not old enough to drink.
Procrastination is what I do best.
I’m very random.
I’m not much of a gamer, but I love the Sims franchise.
I’m not the sanest person you’ll ever meet.
I’m constantly saying something sarcastic.
I can trip over anything.
I can (over)analyze almost anything.
I can feed anyone any lie in such a way that they'll believe it.
I am a walking contradiction.
I am worse than hopelessly romantic.
I know nothing about cars.
I don’t do well with confrontational situations.
I always get what I want.
I never tell secrets.

Fandoms (and Their Pairings) That I Adore...
Degrassi: Jay/Emma, Jay/Darcy, Johnny/Alli, Holly-J/Declan
Game of Thrones/ASoIaF:  Arya/Tywin, Cersei/Jaime, Dany/Drogo, Jaime/Sansa, Sandor/Sansa, Joffrey/Myrcella, Myrcella/Robb, Gendry/Arya
General Hospital: Johnny/Maxie, Johnny/Lulu, Dante/Lulu, Lucky/Maxie, Ethan/Kristina, Johnny/Kristina, Franco/Maxie, Michael/Starr, John/Sam
Gossip Girl: Dan/Blair, Chuck/Blair, Carter/Jenny, Carter/Blair, Nate/Jenny, Chuck/Jenny
Harry Potter: Snape/Hermione, Lucius/Hermione, Voldemort/Hermione, Voldemort/Ginny, Lucius/Ginny, Voldemort/Luna, Tom/Ginny, Tom/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Draco/Luna, Draco/Hermione
Hellcats:  Julian/Marti, Dan/Savanna, Red/Vanessa, Jake/Alice
Heroes: Sylar/Claire, Adam/Claire
Make It Or Break It:  Sasha/Payson, Sasha/Emily
Merlin:  Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana
Nikita:  Sean/Alex, Michael/Alex, Michael/Nikita, Owen/Nikita, Percy/Amanda
Nine Lives:  Alek/Chloe
Phantom of the Opera: Erik/Christine
Pretty Little Liars:  Ezra/Aria, Caleb/Hanna
Ringer:  Andrew/Bridget
Secret Circle: Adam/Cassie, Nick/Melissa, Lee/Faye
Secret Life: Ricky/Amy, Ricky/Grace, Ricky/Adrian
SVM/True Blood: Eric/Sookie, Hoyt/Jessica
The Vampire Diaries: Damon/Elena, Klaus/Caroline, Damon/Caroline, Damon/Andie, Damon/Katherine, Damon/Elena/Stefan, Elijah/Elena, Elijah/Caroline, Klaus/Elena, Matt/Elena, Tyler/Elena, Tyler/Caroline, John/Jenna, Mason/Jenna, Mason/Caroline, Mason/Katherine
Totally Spies: Scam/Sam
Twilight: James/Bella, Rosalie/Emmett, Rosalie/Edward
Veronica Mars: Logan/Veronica
W.I.T.C.H.: Will/Phobos, Caleb/Cornelia
Tags: random: rambling, random: real life

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