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[3] Fic: [2] TVD (Elijah/Elena, Damon/Caroline) [1] TVD/True Blood X-Over (Eric/Caroline)

Title:  Unwind
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  680
Summary:  She looks into his eyes and there’s a hunger there. He represses it; she wishes he wouldn’t.
A/N:  For [info]softly_me's Vampire Diaries Free-For-All Comment Ficathon; prompt by modbelle. Originally posted HERE.

Elena doesn’t bother to deny that she loves his ‘gentleman’ act. It’s what drew her to him all those years ago. He was so old world to her back then, in such a different way than the Salvatores and yet, there was something similar but so far removed…it confused her.
He had such control back then, such poise and command. Strong.
It took her breath away.
She wondered what it would be like to see him lose it all.
She brought him back because he promised to help her kill Klaus. She asked him to trust her and he asked the same.
He lied.
She remembers lying in bed awake at night, thinking on it. He wanted his family back—she understands that—but sometimes she feels he surely got exactly what he deserved.
Part of Katherine’s plan involves his coming back to life.
Elena hesitates.
Her heart clenches as she remembers the betrayal. That they’re in this situation now is because of him. Stefan wouldn’t have lost his way if Elijah had done as he promised.
Then she remembers that Damon would be dead if Klaus had died as he was supposed to.
She gives the go ahead.
She waits on top of a different coffin, Elijah’s open, the dagger in her hand.
When his eyes open, he looks angry. She doesn’t say that it’s his own fault; she doesn’t say he deserved what he got. It’s on the tip of her tongue, but she’s better than that.
Instead, she tells him of Stefan, of Katherine, of Rebekah and Mikael and Tyler and the other hybrids. He paces the room as she talks, sipping delicately from a blood bag.
When she finishes talking, she looks into his eyes and there’s a hunger there.
He represses it; she wishes he wouldn’t.
She reaches for his hand, and he lets her take it. She feels him relax.
She leads him out of the room—past the other coffins (“Not yet,” she whispers when she sees his eyes linger), past Stefan—all the way to the car where Damon’s ready to drive him to the boarding house.
She tells him he has to stay out of sight for now, that him being alive again is an advantage Klaus can’t know about until it’s necessary.
“Not to mention,” Damon interjects flippantly, “we don’t quite trust you yet.”
Elena sees the anger and betrayal in his eyes at Damon’s words.
“I trust you,” she insists.
“You’re too trusting, Elena,” Damon says. She ignores him.
Damon and Stefan are away a lot, in constant contact with Katherine; formulating the specifics of the plan, gathering the troops. Elena spends most of her time with Elijah.
She helps him deal with his anger, is there when he snaps and throws a table at a wall. She doesn’t flinch. There’s something magnificent about his power, uncontrolled and fighting to be unleashed.
She yells back, revealing her anger at his initial betrayal, provoking him on purpose.
He pins her to the wall—she feels a jagged piece of the table push into her back. She doesn’t care. She glares defiantly into his eyes, daring him.
He moves closer, her breathing is calm and steady, if a little shallow.
She closes the distance when his hold listens just slightly. He doesn’t respond right away, but when he does, it’s powerful, commanding, uncontrolled, animalistic. His lips move from hers, trailing a fiery path down her neck. She feels his fangs grazing her skin.
She half wants to tell him to do it. She’s been bitten before—died before—she could handle it.
She pulls back instead, stares defiantly at him; doesn’t bother to hide the desire in her eyes.
“I could have hurt you,” he says angrily.
She notices he doesn’t say kill, like it’s not even in the realm of possibility.
“I think I wanted you to,” she whispers, her breathing finally in tune with her rapidly beating heart.
Not another word is said, they’re unnecessary at this point.
She has proven her point—even to herself.

Title:  Shared Grief
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  370
Summary:  She meets Damon’s eyes. He doesn’t look any worse for the wear, but she can see it in his eyes.
Warning: allusions to character death
A/N:  For [info]stainofmylove's private fic meme; by maybe. Originally posted HERE.

Caroline fights to keep a collected expression on her face as the casket is lowered into the ground—and she bites her lip until she tastes blood when she feels herself slipping. There are too many people around her that she needs to be strong for, she tells herself. She cannot let them down.
She meets Damon’s eyes. He doesn’t look any worse for the wear, but she can see it in his eyes. He has always been an open book to her, and right now, she can see that he is slowly falling apart.
She holds a rose in her hand and waits until Stefan bends over to drop his onto the casket before doing the same. The process continues, but she’s not paying attention. Her eyes are on Damon, who is also holding a rose, awaiting his turn.
She slowly moves to stand next to him, and moments after he drops his rose, she fills the empty space in his hand with her own.
He squeezes tightly and pulls her close.
When, at last, people start making their way out of the graveyard, Caroline takes one last look at the newest headstone before leading Damon away from the heartbreaking sight.
They go to her house because they, by silent agreement, decide Stefan needs time to grieve separate from his brother.
“Can I get you anything?” she asks when they arrive, breaking the silence of the past few hours, as she takes off her coat and sets down her purse.
Damon just shakes his head, his face blank, his eyes dark and full of emotion. He stands stiffly in her living room, looking more lost than she’s ever seen him.
Caroline decides they can both do with some rest, so she leads him up to her bedroom.
She eases off his black jacket and leads him over to the bed.
He lies on one side, fully clothed in his new suit. She moves to the other side and lies facing him in her new black dress.
“I miss her already,” he whispers, reaching once again for her hand.
This time, it’s her who squeezes back. “Me too,” she answers as she finally lets the tears fall.

Title:  Make This One Special
Fandom:  True Blood & The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Eric/Caroline, Damon, Pam, implied: Damon/Caroline, Damon/Elena, Eric/Sookie, Bill/Sookie
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  550
SummaryFebruary 14th, 2061 - Eric takes the seat next to her. “I’d wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, but you don’t seem to be celebrating.”
A/N:  For [info]stainofmylove's private fic meme; by quiet_rebel.Originally posted HERE.

February 14th, 2061

He can hear the little blonde at the bar from all the way across the room and he isn’t even trying.
“Look, Damon,” she is saying to him over the phone, “if you didn’t want to come, you could have just said so a week ago when I asked—and don’t even pretend you said ‘yes’ in the first place for any other reason than because Elena was in the room.”
She motions to the bartender who walks over and pours her another shot, which she quickly drinks down before continuing. “I get it, okay? I know it’s always going to be Elena with you, I accepted that thirty-six years ago—but have you accepted what she told you sixty years ago? You’re not her first choice—for fuck’s sake, you’re not even her second. So why the hell are you blowing me off tonight of all nights to sit in your fancy apartment all alone drinking by yourself in the dark? And don’t pretend you’re not, I know your habits too well by now to believe otherwise. You’re so fucking pathetic. You know what? I’m done. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He raises an eyebrow and gets up from his seat, deciding to approach her.
Pam rolls her eyes. “What is it with you and troubled blondes?” she asks as he departs.
“Don’t discount yourself from that list,” he throws back at her lazily, deliberately keeping the memories of Sookie in the back of his mind. He really doesn’t want to think about how she’s spending this night.
He doesn’t see his progeny’s response, for his eyes are fixed on the girl at the bar.
He hears her deep intake of breath and the sigh that follows, and watches as she runs a hand through her hair before resting her elbow on the bar and her head in her hand.
Eric takes the seat next to her. “I’d wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, but you don’t seem to be celebrating,” he says as he makes eye contact with her.
Her eyes are filled with a mixture of pain and jealousy as she responds. “My maker is a complete ass—a fact I am kicking myself for not having realized years ago.”
“It is—easy…to overlook things when dealing with makers,” he responds, thinking back on Godric.
She sits up and turns her barstool to face him, “It has been so long since I’ve had a nice Valentine’s Day, and he promised to make this one special, but then…” she cuts off, her eyes downcast. “Even after all this time, it’s still her—and she doesn’t even want him.”
For a moment, he wonders if she’s still talking about her maker’s situation, because the parallels are eerie.
“Well, I have no plans for the night,” he starts, “I could make this night special for you…that is, if you wish.”
For the first time, he sees her smile, and it makes him laugh just slightly. “Really?” she asks. “You’d do that for me?”
He nods. “We can have some real fun.”
She practically jumps off her barstool now. “Okay,” she says, looking around. “Where do you want to go?”
He casually stands up and leads her away.
As he does, he can distinctly hear Pam sigh. “Here we go again.”
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: elijah mikaelson, character: eric northman, character: pam swynford de beaufort, fic: x-over, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: elijah/elena, pairing: eric/caroline, tv show: the vampire diaries, tv show: true blood
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