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[3] Fics: 1 Secret Circle (Nick/Melissa) 2 TVD (Damon/Elena, Stefan/Elena)

Title:  We Never Had A Chance
Fandom:  The Secret Circle
Pairing/Characters:  Nick/Melissa
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  255
Summary:  “Get out of that damn bed, Melissa; you’re to damn pretty to end up fucked up like me.” (Post-Slither)
Warning: allusions to character death
A/N:  For stainofmylove's private fic meme; prompt by snoozin81. Originally posted HERE.

It hits her hard; harder than anything she can remember in recent years. When is the last time she’s cried this much? She can’t even come up with an answer.
Melissa curls up in her bed wearing one of Nick’s discarded shirts that he left at her house. She was supposed to return it last week, but didn’t want to part with it.
It smells like him.
Her eyes close and she imagines what he’d say to her right now. “Get up and move on, Mel, you can’t do this to yourself.” Or at least, it’s what everyone seems to think he should say. She thinks it’d be more, “Get out of that damn bed, Melissa; you’re to damn pretty to end up fucked up like me.”
Melissa smiles slightly at the thought, hears the words in her head, spoken in his voice.
She breathes deeply, inhaling Nick’s scent as the tears dry on her face. Her breathing is irregular from all the crying and she imagines his arms around her, steadying her.
“Shh,” she almost swears she hears him whisper. “You need to sleep now.”
She thinks she might have actually whispered back, “Will you be there?”
There is no answer—there might not have even been a voice at all—but she knows.
If there is one place she hasn’t lost him, it’s in her dreams. So Melissa gives into sleep, his voice in her head and his face in her mind.
She imagines her memory and imagination will do the rest.

Title:  A Strange Domesticity
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  300
Summary:  Elena often opens her eyes to see his face. Sometimes he’s still sleeping; sometimes he’s watching her.
A/N:  For softly_me's Vampire Diaries Free-For-All Comment Ficathon; prompt by smells_corrupt. Originally posted HERE.

Sometimes he stays the night with her. Damon never has to tell her why, and she never asks; she just knows. He wants to make sure she is safe. He doesn’t want to be alone. He doesn’t want to be there and watch Stefan move farther away from the brother Damon used to know. There isn’t a singular reason, and somewhere inside herself, she understands each and every one, for she feels them too.

It is never spoken of between them. In the morning, sometimes he won’t even be there. Most of the time, however, he is.

Elena often opens her eyes to see his face. Sometimes he’s still sleeping; sometimes he’s watching her, waiting for her to wake up. (She does not point out the similarity between him and Edward Cullen then—like Caroline, no doubt, would—because she knew long ago how little they had in common.) She smiles and whispers, “Good morning,” sleepily to him.

He cooks her breakfast sometimes. “It is the most important meal of the day,” he reminds her often in that teasing tone of his, a spatula in his hand. She loves that he treats it so casually—like it’s not a big deal that they spend most nights in the same bed—even when she knows it means so much more to them both.

What Elena loves most is the nights. There are nights she opens her bedroom door to find him snooping in her things; others, she falls asleep alone, but wakes in the night to find him beside her.

Whatever the case, she finds that she breathes easier when Damon’s sleeping beside her. She feels safer…stronger.

And sometimes, when she is certain he is unaware of her, she finds she watches him sleep, holding his hand tightly in hers.

Title:  In Memoriam
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Stefan/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  305
Summary:  Her hands reach out and grab his and he lets her.
A/N:  For [info]softly_me's Vampire Diaries Free-For-All Comment Ficathon; prompt by angelus2hot.Originally posted HERE.

She loves him—she’ll always love him—but she doesn’t want him anymore like she used to. She doesn’t smile when she sees him, she doesn’t miss him when he’s gone. She can’t remember the last time she wanted to kiss him.

It nearly breaks Elena’s heart to realize this and she swears it almost comes undone when she says the words to Stefan.

He nods as if he understands, but Elena can see the look in his eyes.

“I don’t blame you, Stefan,” she whispers. Klaus, her mind tells her bitterly, it all goes back to Klaus.

She wipes away the tears and sniffles. Her lower lip trembles. Her hands reach out and grab his and he lets her, squeezing tightly back.

“You should blame me, Elena,” he tells her, and she can hear the self-loathing and guilt in his voice. It makes her cry harder. “It was my fault—I did this to us.”

She shakes her head. “We met, we talked, we loved, and it was epic; but, Stefan, eventually reality had to set in. We aren’t the same people we were back then.”

He looks at the ground, but his fingers grasp hers tighter.

“I don’t want to let you go, Elena,” he says brokenly.

She smiles through her tears. She makes a show of looking up, expecting his eyes to follow. When they do, she says sentimentally, “The sun hasn’t come up yet.”

His smile is just as broken as his voice, and there is so much pain and guilt and distance in his eyes and she is struck by just how different he truly is in comparison to the boy she met a year ago.

They end just as they began that night so long ago, the comet on its way; and later they’ll both remember it all fondly.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: melissa glaser, character: nick armstrong, character: stefan salvatore, pairing: damon/elena, pairing: nick/melissa, pairing: stefan/elena, tv show: the secret circle, tv show: the vampire diaries
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