Aly J. (simply_aly) wrote,
Aly J.

[3] Fics: (Damon/Elena/Stefan, Stefan/Elena, Klaus/Elena)

Title:  The Only Option
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Elena/Stefan
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  130
Summary:  FutureFic! They never save Stefan and eventually, things have to change...but they never change too much. Sometimes you can't help but hold on to the past.

Her smile is too easy and her laughter too forced. Her kisses are too sweet and her ‘I love you’s too quick. She’s too willing, too forgiving, too loving, too…perfect.

He overlooks the signs most of the time because it’s easier than facing the truth.

Damon runs his fingers through Elena’s silky hair as he listens to her steady breathing.

He remembers the day she’s late getting home from class one day and he’s trying to pick out an outfit for her so he can take her out when he sees it; a wrinkled and tear-stained photograph from years ago. It hits him like lightning in that moment, holding a memory of the girl he loves and the brother he misses.

It’s easy to love someone when they’re the only option.

Title:  Remembering Elena
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Stefan/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  160
Summary:  At night, Stefan remembers the beginning.

At night, when he is finally allowed some sleep, Stefan closes his eyes and remembers Elena.
He never truly sleeps, so caught up in his memories of the girl he left behind—the girl who won’t give up on him—that he cannot let go, even to sleep.
He remembers her smile, and the sound of her laugh; and he wishes he’d heard it more in those last months. He regretfully also remembers her crying during what was almost her last day alive, he remembers that more clearly than the sound of her laugh.
He focuses on the beginning, to the time when his biggest concern was his brother, back when they were happy. He focuses so hard he nearly forgets where he is, who he’s with, and what he’s done.
Stefan opens his eyes in the morning and the first thing he does is remember Elena’s words. She loves him. He holds on to that.
He’ll be okay.

Title:  Crossroads
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Klaus/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  500
Summary:  My slightly AU take on Klaus finding Elena. “Looks like I didn't kill the doppelganger after all.”

Klaus laughs when he finally catches on to the truth that everyone seems to be aware of except him. His hybrid army isn’t working as he had hoped because, contrary to what he had thought, he hadn’t fully broken the curse. The doppelganger is still alive.

He sends Stefan off to Washington to give himself enough time to do what has to be done without any heroics on his comrade’s part interfering in his plans and then he heads to Mystic Falls.

He sneaks into her house in the middle of the night, compels her brother to leave the house, and waits.

He makes her breakfast in the morning, anticipating her arrival in the kitchen—even pours them both a cup of coffee.

“Alaric,” he hears her say as she’s coming down the stairs. “How many times have I told you, you are not required to make—” she freezes when she sees him.

“Looks like I didn't kill the doppelganger after all.”

Her breathing is controlled, her eyes fixed on him. Her effort to maintain control and stay calm is very admirable, he thinks to himself as he sits down at the kitchen table. He motions for her to follow.

“I made breakfast,” he states needlessly. “The least you could do is sit down and enjoy it with me.”

He can practically hear the reply she wants to say but holds back as she slowly makes her way to the table. Her hesitance is warranted, he will admit, so he doesn’t hold it against her.

“What do you want?” she asks.

Klaus tilts his head. It has been a long while since someone has asked him that question. “I’m not sure at the moment,” he answers. “I thought I knew…but things weren’t progressing as I had hoped, and then I receive the news that the very lovely human doppelganger is still alive and I have to wonder—is it wrong to deviate from my desires if I find something that I want more?”

She stares at him blankly.

“You haven’t touched your food,” he says. “It’s actually quite good.”

Her head tilts just slightly, but she takes a forkful of scrambled eggs and puts it in her mouth. He watches in amusement as she eats in silence, trying to conceal the fact that she is actually enjoying the meal.

“Here’s the problem, my lovely doppelganger; I cannot create a hybrid army with you still alive, but I have found that I am…hesitant to kill you.” He shrugs and takes a drink from the coffee cup in his hand, trying to make light of the serious problem on his hands.

“I don’t want to die,” Elena tells him honestly, an expression of acceptance on her face.

She thinks he’s playing with her, yet she is being honest. He surveys the domestic scene in front of him carefully, an idea forming in his mind. “You could come with me,” he offers. “We could start our own family...a family of hybrids."
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: klaus mikaelson, character: stefan salvatore, pairing: damon/elena, pairing: klaus/elena, pairing: stefan/elena, tv show: the vampire diaries
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