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[5] TVD Fics: (Elijah/Elena, Damon/Caroline, Elijah/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline, Jeremy/Katherine)

Title:  Never Enough
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Elena, Stefan/Elena
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  725
Summary:  Elijah helps Elena find Stefan. Things chance along the way, and going back to how things were becomes impossible.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Comment Ficathon prompt by [info]lit_chick. Originally posted HERE.

The first thing he sees, once again, is Elena. She is kneeling over him with concern pouring out of her face. “Are you okay?” she asks as she hands him a blood bag. Not for the first time, Elijah feels a strong sense of déjà vu.

Elijah nods. “I really should have expected that.”

There is a vengeful glimmer in her eyes and a barely-there smirk on her face as she offers him her hand.

Elijah decides it must be a sign that Elena brought him back to life both times, so when she asks for his help finding Stefan, it’s not as if he can say no.


“Damon left me in Mystic Falls a month ago to go looking for Stefan; I can’t sit around by myself and wait and you’re the only person I know who knows Klaus,” she tells him.

Elijah can’t help but find it remarkable that she brought him back to help her in the very thing he betrayed her at once before.

“He won’t be the same person, Elena,” Elijah warns her. “You must realize that.”

Nonetheless, they head out in the middle of July.


At night, while Elena sleeps peacefully beside him in the cheap motel bed, Elijah listens to her heartbeat. It relaxes him.

He discovers early on during their road trip that Elena is not a morning person, and delights in teasing her while they get ready to leave each town. After a while he suspects her of catching on, for now she often gives it right back to him.

He finds himself laughing more with her in these months than in he last two hundred yeas prior to meeting her.

He hardly sleeps, so it’s a good thing he doesn’t actually require much rest. When he closes his eyes he sees her, and it’s harder then because what he wants of her is too out of reach to even dream about.


Elijah kills Klaus once and for all a year later. Too bad he doesn’t pay attention to Stefan, who finds Elena and starts draining her.

Although Elijah wouldn’t mind ripping his heart out as well at that point, they go back to the boarding house where he locks the younger vampire up and helps him detox.

With the help of vampire blood, Elena heals fairly quickly. Her first demand when she regains consciousness is to see Stefan.

Elijah swallows his emotions and explains to her that her boyfriend is still detoxing and that it is too dangerous.


The night of their reunion, Elijah hears everything.

The morning after, when Elena comes down for breakfast in Stefan’s shirt, Elijah pretends not to notice. He offers her a glass of orange juice which she accepts with a radiant smile, and he pretends not to be aware of just how her night went.

Stefan comes down not long after, and Elijah is almost forgotten.

He grabs his suitcase that night and leaves without a goodbye.


Six years later finds Elena knocking at Elijah’s door in London. She’s a crying mess, so he immediately pulls her close and does his best to comfort her. Although it’s been a few years, he remembers just what to do.

It turns out twenty four year olds get a lot of grief for dating men who look to be seventeen. This in itself would not be a problem, but Stefan was bringing up turning her and she couldn’t take it. It led to a rather large argument and he left for a week. When he finally came back, he was back on human blood.

“Twenty four suits you,” he says to lighten the mood and get her to stop crying.

It works, and Elena laughs.


That night, Elena is once again sleeping beside him. This time, however, they are not in a crappy motel, and he had offered to situate her in one of his many guest bedrooms.

“Will you go back to him?” he asks, cringing in anticipation of her answer.

She moves around a little before answering. “I love him.” The ‘I love you too, Elijah’ isn’t spoken, but he feels it between them.

Unfortunately, he also feels the ‘just never enough to stay’ that follows; so he keeps her close because, for the moment, she is his to hold and he’ll treasure the moment while it lasts.

Title:  Vicious Cycle
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Caroline, mentions of Damon/Elena & Tyler/Caroline
Rating:  PG-15
Word Count:  255
Summary:  Future-Fic! Old habits die hard, they say. This time it's mutual.
A/N:  For a [info]tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by [info]lady_lobo_2007. Originally posted HERE.

There is a strange darkness in his expression that scares her when she looks directly at his face (but only because she knows it is mirrored in hers).

She shuts her eyes at the thought and hates herself when she hears her voice whisper into his ear. “Harder.”

He obliges eagerly and she runs her manicured nails down his back until they draw blood.

That wound will heal, she knows, but these memories will never leave.


Damon whispers a string of obscenities against her skin as he bites and licks at her skin.

Caroline squirms but does not protest (and sometimes she whispers right back to him with a vulgarity she only uses with him).

It isn’t normal to use each other like this, but Caroline figures they passed normal the moment he first drank from her thirty two years ago.


The late at night, Damon’s phone will ring and Caroline will watch from the bed as Damon paces outside while he argues with Elena. In the end, after profuse apologizing on Damon’s part, they’re back together again, and he leaves without a word.

Caroline will go back to Tyler who will tell her he’s sorry and she’ll nod with downcast eyes. They’re reaching the end of their relationship, but neither is ready to let go. (Caroline just wishes she could admit she was never truly as invested as she had always liked to believe.)

Things are okay for a little while longer, but eventually the cycle will repeat and Caroline won’t regret a thing.

Title:  This Is Not Goodbye
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  450
Summary:  Happiness doesn't change facts. Promises need to be kept.
A/N:  For Vampire Diaries Comment Ficathon prompt by [info]delenaforever. Originally posted HERE.

“You’re leaving?” she asks sadly, her tone the only allusion to her feelings on the matter. Like always, Caroline doesn’t beat around the bush, but for the first time, Elijah isn’t grateful for this quality of hers. He nods slowly, not looking at her.

“I never said we were going to be forever,” he reminds her, although the words are only a cover to mask the truth of his departure.

Caroline sighs and sits down on the edge of the bed, beside his suitcase. Elijah watches her carefully, something he has done from the moment he met her so many years before.

“You could have told me,” she tells him. “I would have understood.”

“I didn’t want you to think it was your fault,” he says. “I wanted to leave without you knowing so you could hate me.”

A small smile tugs at the corners of her lips. “Don’t you know by now that I could never hate you?”

He shrugs, tries to forget those words. “You’ll learn to.”

She doesn’t deny the charge.


“You know I’d come with you,” she says as she helps him carry his suitcases to the cab outside their house.

He looks at her incredulously.

Caroline rolls her eyes. “Don’t think I don’t know that you want to go as much as I want you to go.” She looks directly into his eyes for a moment, “You’re protecting me.”

There’s a bitterness there that hurts as he takes another step forward. He doesn’t look at her as he speaks. “It has been too long,” he tells her. “There’s an old promise I have long kept from fulfilling.”

Caroline knows of that which he speaks and he catches the sadness in her eyes at the memories of her past and his part in Klaus’s continued reign. “My offer still stands.”


“This isn’t forever,” she announces as the cab driver loads his suitcases in the trunk.

Her optimism astounds him. “I might not survive this time,” he reminds her. “I don’t have you to pull out the dagger.”

“I know,” she whispers, and it feels like the dagger is being plunged into his chest when he sees the tears fall down her face. “But you’ll come back,” she continues. He hears her voice break. “You wouldn’t leave me alone forever.”

He pulls her close and soothes her for a moment. He has always hated seeing her cry. “I love you,” he whispers against her skin. “Don’t you ever think for a moment that it isn’t so.”

He kisses her one last time before he gets into the cab. It is not an ending, he tells himself; it is a reason to survive.

A reason to come home.

Title:  To Honor A Friend
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Stefan/Caroline, mentions of Lexi
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  300
Summary:  They talk about Lexi.
A/N:  For a [info]tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by [info]shafeferi. Originally posted HERE.

“Tell me about Lexi,” Caroline murmurs.

It’s a Wednesday evening and they’re outside Caroline’s house. She had called him over because she needed someone to talk to after another failed attempt at getting Matt to listen to her explanation.

Stefan had internally groaned when her high pitched voice had erupted from his phone, but he had kissed Elena goodbye and left because like it or not, Caroline does mean something to him. And Elena’s grateful smile didn’t hurt either. So he drove over to Caroline’s and as soon as he got out of his car, she had launched herself into his arms and burst into tears. Getting her to calm down took the better part of an hour, but he could tell she needed someone and it made him feel honored that he was the one she called when she got like this—even if it was sometimes inconvenient for him.

Caroline head is lying on his shoulder and he has an arm wrapped around her body and they’re just sitting.

Stefan takes a deep breath. “She…had blond hair like you and she had the same tendency to say exactly what was on her mind whether you wanted to hear it or not. Lexi was the first vampire I met after I turned and she was the one who got me under control after my murderous period. She helped me see the good in people—in myself—again and….

“I suppose that’s part of why I help you. You remind me of her, and I need to…honor her memory by helping you figure things out.”

“Would she have liked me?” Caroline asks. Her voice is all insecure and vulnerable and Stefan’s once again reminded of just how young she is.

He smiles sadly. “Yeah, I think she would have.”

Title:  A Chance Meeting
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/CharactersJeremy, Jeremy/Katherine
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  425
Summary:  Future-Fic! Jeremy finds that Katherine doesn't stay off the map forever.
A/N:  For [info]tombofchallenge's Character Bingo Challenge.

When Jeremy is twenty eight, he gets a call from Katherine. Now, a smart twenty eight year old man would hang up the phone when the psychotic vampire introduces herself, but Jeremy? No, Jeremy does the opposite.
“Where are you?” he asks.
“Hawaii,” she answers blithely. “Wanna come see me?”
He tells her he can’t take off work—which is true; his boss already thinks he’s flakey—and apologizes, mostly sincere. They talk for a little while, and Katherine tells him how Caroline is doing and where Elijah (who gave him all sorts of cool vampire-hunting weapons with which to defend his town when he left) is up to and he gets so comfortable talking with her that when he says goodbye, he invites her to drop in when she’s in town.
Three days later and he doesn’t even remember extending the invitation.
It is four months later, when he is completely swamped in work at the Grill that she takes him up on it. Late one night there is a knock on his door and a rather casually dressed vampire doppelganger at his front step.
“What the hell are you doing back here?” he asks, rubbing his eyes as if to make sure what he’s seeing is truly in front of him. “People here still remember Elena, you know, you can’t be seen.”
Her right hand moves to her hip. “I’m not stupid, you asshole,” she says with a roll of her eyes. “Now, are you going to let me in like you promised or not?”
“Why are you here?” he asks later when they are sitting comfortably next to each other on his leather couch, each holding a glass of whiskey—although Katherine’s is more blood than whiskey, but Jeremy is politely pretending not to notice.
“I got bored,” she answers. Now it’s Jeremy’s turn to roll his eyes. He doesn’t press, though; Katherine isn’t the type to be pressed. She’ll tell him when or if she wants to.
Three days later and she’s getting ready to leave. “I’ve got a plane to board in two hours—going to Bulgaria for a little while. Do you want to come?”
Jeremy may only be human, but he knows exactly what revisiting emotional places do to a person—and he knows that it’s not always fun to be alone. Her visit is finally making sense. “I told you before,” he says, however, “I can’t take off work.”
Her grin is just as dangerous as he remembers from all those years ago. “I can fix that.”
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: elena gilbert, character: elijah mikaelson, character: jeremy gilbert, character: katherine pierce, character: lexi, character: stefan salvatore, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: elijah/caroline, pairing: elijah/elena, pairing: jeremy/katherine, pairing: stefan/caroline, pairing: stefan/elena, tv show: the vampire diaries
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