Aly J. (simply_aly) wrote,
Aly J.

Fic: Plans Gone Awry (Elijah/Katherine, PG)

Title:  Plans Gone Awry
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Katherine, Elijah/Tatia, Klaus
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1130
Summary:  Decisions and plans only go so far.... (An AU take on Elijah's feelings for Katherine and the history of Tatia.)
A/N:  For the [info]tvd_rareships Fic Exchange; specifically for [info]lit_chick08, who wanted Elijah/Katerina: he wants to save her so he can keep her.

There was a time, so very long ago, when Elijah cared for a human. She was a beautiful young woman with a very young daughter and was also, as fate would have it, a Petrova. Her death changed Klaus, but it absolutely destroyed Elijah. When he saw Katerina at Klaus’s birthday party in England, he knew the moment their eyes met that he was staring at a direct descendent of Tatia Petrova.

Katerina was naïve in a way Tatia never was, yet conversely, more free spirited as well. Klaus took Katerina in, gave her room and board at the estate, and played gallant lover to her innocent damsel and Katerina gave to the world every indication of believing him.

Elijah was relegated to the role of the friend and confidant, a role he didn’t mind all too much, for he got to know her in a way Klaus wouldn’t have understood. She would talk to him in the daylight in the gardens or in the quiet of the manor house to the sounds of a crackling fire.

Separating Katerina from his memories of Tatia was never his intention, but it was too hard to pretend they were the same when they were so different in everything but looks. He realized, however, that by making Katerina her own person in his mind, he couldn’t let her die by his brother’s hand to break a curse her ancestor had helped to create. He couldn’t let Klaus once again take away someone he cared about.

He couldn’t lose her.


The coven of witches Klaus was using to break the curse was led by a descendent of Tatia’s mother—not a Petrova, the doppelganger curse never touched her ancestors. Tatia would have been the leader of the coven, had she lived. Dedicated to her art, however, Tatia sacrificed herself and cursed her line to preserve the balance of nature, thereby obliterating the magic in her daughter’s bloodline—no one knew what happened to the little girl after her mother’s death.

What is known is that centuries of Petrova women who feared bearing a daughter that would look like the cursed Tatia caused the bloodline to want the curse broken, nature be damned, and went to their descendant’s maternal coven for help.

Elijah, in Katerina’s time, went to the new coven leader’s young daughter for help. She was in court at the estate and knew Katerina; Elijah played on her sympathy for the doppelganger enough to get her to discover a potion. She brewed it without her mother’s knowledge and presented it to him one week before the sacrifice was to take place.

Elijah told his brother the news the next night.


Elijah couldn’t bring himself to look into Katerina’s eyes at breakfast the morning after Klaus told him not to use the elixir. Her bright and cheerful laugh almost made him cringe. He had hoped she wouldn’t notice his behavior, but Katerina was observant.

“You’re avoiding me,” she said when she caught him walking the grounds of the estate.

“I am?” he asked. He didn’t mean to ask the question—it was ridiculous to even pretend to know nothing when it was so painfully obvious that he truly was avoiding her—but he was so shocked by her sudden presence that he momentarily had no control over what he was saying. He cursed under his breath for his lack of control before looking at her for the first time in over twelve hours.

“Yes,” Katerina declared stubbornly, “and I wish to know why. Did I do something wrong?”

Elijah’s eyes widened in shock at her question. “No,” he denied vehemently. “You did nothing wrong.”

Her head tilted to the side slightly in thought. “Is it Klaus? Does he not like that we’re friends?”

Knowing it isn’t appropriate for the conversation, Elijah suppressed a laugh. “Klaus isn’t the type to get jealous,” he answered honestly. Klaus wasn’t the type to feel anything for another person, let alone jealousy.

“Then what is it?” Katerina pressed desperately. “I need to know what is wrong so I can fix it.”

Elijah sighed in frustration. “You cannot fix this, Katerina,” he admonished before walking away, leaving her to stare after him.

“I miss you,” he heard her say to the wind.


It was two days later, four days until the sacrifice, before Elijah began to miss her back. Avoiding Katerina was easy enough, seeing as Klaus put him in charge of all of the preparations for her sacrifice. Then one day, after a meeting with the witches, Elijah realized he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t let her die anymore than he would have allowed Tatia to sacrifice herself, had he known she was going to do it.

But he couldn’t let his brother down either. He was loyal to his brother.

Elijah glanced over to the drawer where the abandoned elixir was located and made up his mind.

The next day, he invited Katerina to the gardens; the resulting smile tore at something in him. For three blissful hours, he was graced with her presence amid bushes and flowers and laughter.

He knew then that he was making the right choice.


He put his plan together the next day, even as he was arranging the particulars of the sacrifice. The coven leader’s daughter was aware of his plan, and as such was to make sure Katerina ingested the elixir before she was to bring her to Klaus, and after it was all over, Elijah would be the one to ‘dispose’ of the body.

He would then take Katerina out of England, far from Klaus’s reach, and he would have her. She would be his, if only for her human life, for she is too innocent to become a vampire.

He told her once that he did not believe in love, and he was still certain that was true; but Elijah believed in Katerina.

And that was enough for him.


Elijah hadn’t counted on Katerina’s inquisitive tendencies—nor did he take into account Trevor’s affection for the girl—and later, as he was searching for her in the woods on what was a combination of his word and his brother’s orders, he realized he should have told her everything.

For all that he may have believed in her, he never gave her the opportunity to believe in him, and she thought the worst.

He couldn’t blame her for that when he blamed himself as well.

Elijah promised Klaus he would find her, and find her he would. But he vowed to himself that he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. He would not give her to Klaus.

He would find her, and once he did, she would be his—just as she should have been from the beginning.

Tags: art: fanfiction, character: elijah mikaelson, character: katherine pierce, character: klaus mikaelson, character: tatia petrova, pairing: elijah/katherine, pairing: elijah/tatia, tv show: the vampire diaries
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