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Fic: [5] (Tyler/Caroline, Klaus/Elena, Elijah/Caroline, Alaric/Elena, John/Jenna)

Title:  Right Now
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Tyler/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  570
Summary:  “I don’t want to string you along, Tyler, and anything more than friendship would be me doing just that.”
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by ficbitch82. Originally posted HERE.

“Do you trust me?” Tyler asks her one night as they’re to her house from the Grill.

They were out to eat for dinner, and it was a nice night, so they decided to walk home—but he wouldn’t let her walk home alone…even if she is a vampire who can easily take on ten humans at once.

Caroline looks at him quizzically. “Of course I trust you, Tyler,” she says. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Something’s wrong, Care,” Tyler says, stating the obvious, for they can both feel how distant she’s been lately. “And I’ve been asking and asking and hinting repeatedly, but you keep insisting that everything is fine, but I know it’s not.”

His voice is raised slightly, and she turns and motions for him to keep it down.

Tyler’s shoulders sag just slightly, and they both continue walking without speaking for another block.

“I swear to you, nothing is wrong—no one is in danger—I’m just dealing with something right now and I don’t particularly want to share it at the moment.”

He looks over at her and Caroline almost feels guilty when she sees the hope cloud his vision. “But you’ll tell me when you’re ready—it isn’t a secret?”

Caroline shakes her head and grabs his hand in hers. “No, it isn’t a secret.”


Five weeks later and Tyler is so close to just forgetting the whole conversation.

He sees Caroline every day, and she’s smiling and laughing with him again, and they hold hands whenever they’re relatively alone. Things are good. Yet…something is off, and sometimes he feels her freeze when he gets to close.

Finally, one night when they fall asleep studying at his house, he wakes up in the middle of the night to see her staring at him.

“I feel guilty,” she whispers.

Tyler blinks a couple of times in confusion, unsure where this conversation is stemming from. Playing dumb, he says, “We were only studying, Caroline…there’s nothing to feel guilty about.”

The small smile makes the comment worth it. But then, her eyes fill with tears. “But I want to do more,” she admits, and Tyler’s eyes go wide.

He wants her to do more with him as well, but he never thought she’d be ready for that after Matt.

“Why do you feel guilty?” he asks.

“I don’t want to string you along, Tyler, and anything more than friendship would be me doing just that.”

Tyler cannot deny that whatever they may end up, it would not last forever; it can’t when she’s never going to age and he’s going to grow to be an old man and die.

“Do you trust me?” he asks the question again and Caroline nods without any prompting.

“More than anyone,” she murmurs against his pillow.

“Then believe me when I say that we have right now. There’s no point in wasting now because of what will happen in the future. It’s going to happen regardless, and what we have right now is worth more to me than making sure my heart doesn’t get broken.”

Caroline starts to cry. “But I don’t want to be the one to break your heart.”

“As long as you trust me and believe in us, you cannot break my heart, Caroline.”

She sobs then, but he sees the smile on her face; and when she kisses him, he knows he will never regret this decision.

Title:  Like Death
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Klaus/Elena, Katherine/(Elijah), Klaus/Tatia
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  770
Summary:  Curiosity gets the better of her, and she can’t help the words that spill out. “Did you ever fall for a Petrova?” (AU-ish)
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by deirdreisafan. Originally posted HERE.

“Katerina was not the first doppelganger you know,” Klaus whispers as he trails a finger down her arm.

Elena shivers at his touch and tries to move away. His fingers wrap around her still-human wrist and press just hard enough to stop her movement before she can truly start, however, and she freezes immediately.

“The funny thing about you Petrova girls is that us Originals seem to flock to you.” While his hold on her wrist stays strong, his other hand plays with her hair as he continues to speak. “Sometimes the girls attract Elijah, while other times they play to my interests. Of course, then there are also the rare girls—like Katerina—that both Elijah and I want. You, my lovely little doppelganger, fit into that third category.” Klaus’s gaze wanders then, and Elena follows with her own eyes. “Too bad there’s only one of us left to claim you,” he continues without any hint of remorse.

Elijah’s truly dead body is lying on the floor at an awkward angle. His eyes, still open, are trained directly on her, and the sight brings tears to Elena’s eyes. He died for her.

Katherine, Elena notices next, is beside him. She is deathly still…but she is not dead.

Klaus’s cold hand closes around her chin and forces her eyes back on him, and in this moment, she hates him more than she could have ever before imagined hating anyone.

“You see,” he whispers in her ear as he continues to tell his tale, “as far as I’m concerned, the…attraction, for lack of a better word, exists solely to make it harder for us to break the curse. For, as you well know, when you love someone, you could never wish harm upon them.”

Curiosity gets the better of her, and she can’t help the words that spill out. “Did you ever fall for a Petrova?”

The resulting smile is cruel, and even as he nods, the anger in his expression is present. “Back when I was young and foolish and she was even more so…yes, I thought I had fallen for a Petrova. She had, however, died at a very young age, and I learned quickly after the dangers of love.

“You Petrova girls were quicker, though—I’ll give you that. The only ones who came to me were already dead and of no real use to me. That doesn’t, of course mean I didn’t make some use out of them. Not all of them became vampires, though, Elena. Some of them lived long, human lives…with the help of Elijah, who’s weakness for you Petrovas exists even up to his very recent death. After all, it was he who made Katerina’s transition possible. He loved her, and his love for her was why he protected you.

“But now, they’re both dead, and it’s just us. The most powerful Original and the last of the Petrova line.”

Elena figures he’s completely psychotic, with very little grip on reality, because Katherine is not dead, and she, too, is still alive. If he’s going to kill her, she really doesn’t need a history lesson before she goes.

“But you don’t want me like Elijah wanted Katherine. You said he loved her…you don’t love me?” It was supposed to be a statement of fact, but when the words come out, they form a question.

This time, Klaus laughs, pushing her up against a tree. In light of what has recently happened, Elena had forgotten she was in the middle of the woods.

“No, Elena, I do not love you. The thing is, you look exactly like all the other Petrovas, and for the first time since Tatia—my Petrova, the original Petrova—you are still human. I intend to make the most of that before your blood is spilt to create my master race.” This had been her fear since the start of his tale, and at the confirmation, Elena emotionally shuts down.

He kisses her then, biting her lip and sucking greedily at the blood.

Elena’s eyes search the ground and gravitate to Elijah and Katherine…but Katherine’s body is gone. Elena’s heart beats faster and adrenaline pumps through her.

Klaus feels it instantly and pulls away from her. “So, tell me Elena,” he whispers, his forehead touching hers, “how does it feel to wear the face of dead lovers?”

Elena opens her mouth to answer, but the words don’t come. Luckily, they don’t have to, because Katherine takes over for her.

Standing directly behind Klaus, she whispers in his ear, “Like death,” just before plunging the dagger deep into his back.

Title:  The Beginning Of Something
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Caroline, implied Damon/Caroline & Tyler/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1040
Summary:  She sips with a playfully malicious grin on her face, and reluctantly, Elijah finds himself completely enthralled.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by mistress_britt. Originally posted HERE.

Elijah first meets Caroline in the Salvatore boarding house. The boarding house, because of Elena’s legal ownership of it, becomes the unofficial headquarters of the ‘Save Elena’ campaign, and Caroline spends a lot of time there, as does Elijah. As it happens, one day when Elijah is speaking with Elena and the Salvatore brothers about his plan, Caroline storms in, slamming the door behind her. Almost immediately, Elijah is mesmerized.

All he sees is a flash of blonde curls, for she rushes through the living room before he can get a good look at her, but there is something about the way she entered the house that just…calls to him.

Elijah looks over at Elena, who doesn’t seem at all surprised by the interruption, Stefan, whose eyes are tinged with amusement, and Damon, who is rolling his eyes.

Soon, the mysterious blonde is back, holding two blood bags. Elijah watches Damon brighten at this, although he himself remains skeptical of her motives.

She grabs two glasses, and Elijah unabashedly studies her gentle movements as she pours the blood into the two glasses, grabs a bottle of scotch from an area he didn’t know contained alcohol, and pours a generous amount of that into the glasses as well. Then she walks straight past Damon—Elijah notes Damon’s glare as it follows the blonde—and grins at her when she presents him with the second glass.

She sips hers with a playfully malicious grin on her face, and reluctantly, Elijah finds himself completely enthralled.

Elena finally makes the introductions. “Elijah, this is my friend, Caroline. Caroline, this is Elijah.”

She doesn’t speak, and neither does he, but the look that passes between them says more than either could communicate with words.

The look the eldest Salvatore is giving him makes the moment even sweeter.


Later, when he is talking to Elena, he is really listening to Caroline argue with Damon in the next room.

“So, my Vampire Barbie’s found a new pet project,” Damon says, picking a fight.

“I’m not your anything, Damon, and he isn’t a project, he’s….”

“You haven’t spoken even one word to him yet, Caroline,” Damon shouts. “In case you’ve forgotten, up until very recently, he was leading the crusade to kill Elena.”

“And, in case you’ve forgotten, Elijah was the one who saved me from Brady!” There is a pause, and when she speaks again, her voice is softer and Elijah can tell how close she is to crying. “Do you know what they did to me that night? Do you have any idea? I…I wouldn’t have lasted much longer with that gun, Damon…. He made it stop.”

“They tortured me too, Caroline,” Damon says in an attempt to relate to her trauma.

“And who rescued you?” is Caroline’s quick response before walking out on him.

Elijah refocuses his attention on Elena so that when Caroline joins them, it doesn’t look like he had been listening.

“Damon is such a jerk,” she says with a sigh of frustration as she sits down beside Elena.

Elena turns to her with a concerned look on her face. “What did he do to you, Caroline?”

Caroline, understanding implications Elijah knows not, shakes her head rapidly in denial. Her eyes are wide as she speaks, “Oh, no, it’s nothing like that. He just…he seems to think he has the right to tell me who I can and cannot like just because we were once…just because he turned me.”

Understanding dawns, and Elijah turns to hide his look of appreciation. She’s choosing him over her maker.


He doesn’t expect her defense of him to last, especially upon the return of her werewolf. But even when the werewolf—Tyler Lockwood is his name—displays an immediate dislike for him, Caroline never wavers.

They are often in the same room, and although they never speak, Caroline is usually in close proximity, and more often then not, sharing a drink with him.

Damon often complains—they’re using up his alcohol, after all—but no one pays attention. Elena seems amused by the odd behavior of Elijah and Caroline, and Stefan, although wary, seems content to just watch from the sidelines.

Tyler glares from across the room, and Elena has pointed out once to Elijah more than once that the only thing she thinks Damon and Tyler will ever agree on is that he should stay as far from Caroline as he can. Elijah resists the urge to smile as he says, “I’m not seeking her out, Elena.”

Elena raises an eyebrow. “But you don’t mind her presence?” she guesses.

He thinks the question over carefully, debating his answer before finally, “No, I suppose I do not.”


One day, when it’s just them in the boarding house living room, they actually speak.

“Damon is getting used to it now,” he says when she walks through the door.

Caroline looks around, and Elijah watches her curls fly around her head. “He’s getting used to what?” she asks.

“Us,” he replies. “This.”

He gives her the glass of blood and alcohol this time, and she smiles. They drink in silence for a moment, sitting opposite each other on the Salvatores’ couch. “I didn’t do this to piss off Damon, you know,” she says after a few minuets.

He raises an eyebrow. “The werewolf?” he guesses.

This time she laughs. “His name is Tyler, Elijah, and no—I started it way before Tyler came back, if you recall.”

He is genuinely puzzled now. “Then why?” he asks. He has been alive for thousands of years—he’s seen more than anyone, save Klaus, could imagine. It has been many hundreds of years since someone’s bothered to get this close to him, and it’s been over a thousand years since someone as young as this newborn vampire has defended him in such a manor, expecting nothing in return.

She shrugs. “I don’t know,” she replies. “You looked like you could use someone on your side—someone who wouldn’t waver depending on who they’re talking to.”

Elijah just nods. He does not dare say it to her—doesn’t want to ruin what it is or what it could be—but he believes the term for such a thing is friend.

Title:  Leading To Goodbye
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Alaric/Elena
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  570
Summary:  Neither could describe what it was, exactly, that they were feeling when they locked eyes, but they both knew it was dangerous.
A/N:  For Petrova Fire Comment Ficathon prompt by summerstorm. Originally posted HERE.

There was a moment once upon a time when their eyes met for the first time in a school full of students. Elena could sense there was something she liked about the new history teacher, and Alaric just knew there was something about Elena Gilbert that just called to him. Neither could describe what it was, exactly, that they were feeling when they locked eyes, but they both knew it was dangerous. Too dangerous, in fact, to even be acknowledged.

She was a student and he was a teacher and nothing more could possibly exist—or, at least, that was the plan. Then Alaric somehow got involved with Elena’s aunt and it was (subconsciously, he decided later) his way of staying close to her until he could figure out what it was about her that was so captivating.

Not long after, Elena went on a search for her birth mother and came to the conclusion that his long-dead (yet not dead) wife had given birth to her and the mystery of his attraction to his brunette student with the innocent doe eyes was cleared up in those simple words. And, were he at all as honorable as he thought himself, he’d of backed away from the Gilbert family…but he didn’t—a mistake he would realize later.


There were moments when both Alaric and Elena seemed to anticipate the needs of the other in such a way that made no sense to either of them. For all intents and purposes, they were connected solely through Isobel—a person neither really knew in the first place—and therefore shouldn’t know each other as well as they do.

Yet it’s Elena who is always able to smooth out Alaric’s problems with Jenna, and it’s Alaric who is able to help the Salvatores protect Elena.

And, were he as smart as he thought himself, Alaric would have recognized what was happening and put a stop to it before the inevitable conclusion.


There was once a kiss. It was simply a kiss on the cheek (of gratitude and thanks), but it was enough to reignite that old spark in Alaric that had come to be that first morning in the classroom.

Klaus was dead—largely in part to Alaric’s combined research and planning—and Elena was simply being herself when she went on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek after a wordless ‘thank you’ passed between them.

And, were he as wise as he thought himself to be, he would not have pulled her into a quiet hug—so glad that she had survived.


The moment of clarity came too late, as it often does; and Alaric had packed his meager belongings and was out of Mystic Falls before night fall the night she had told him she loved him.

It wasn’t truly the ‘I am in love with you and wish to spend my life with you’ kind of love, but Alaric could see the implications of what it could turn in to were he to allow it to stand. So he had held her close and kissed her forehead and let himself whisper the words back to her. He was being honest, after all, and he knew he was going to leave and felt she deserved that knowledge at the very least.

And were he as selfish as he wanted to be in that moment, he would have vowed to come back one day.

Title:  Indecision
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  John/Jenna
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  340
Summary:  She craves danger and passion and all that she knows she shouldn’t want.
A/N:  For one of onelastfic's amoenavi. Originally posted HERE.

Jenna decides on hate because it’s easier than admitting she had ever felt anything else. It’s easier to be cold than to allow herself to cry and risk him seeing that he has effected her in any way. So she pretends it’s hatred she feels whenever she sees John Gilbert and she doesn’t allow his sweet talking to work on her again.

She hadn’t…until things had fallen apart with Alaric and she had. After all, falling back into old habits is all too easy and she has had first hand experience with many addictions in her life. John just happens to be one she’s not so sure she’ll ever be able to deny.


He kisses her so roughly and with such passion that she shivers; she doesn’t remember this side of him. When she was young and impressionable and she had known him the first time, he was always sweet with her and she had liked sweet at the time.

Now she craves danger and passion and all that she knows she shouldn’t want. And he doesn’t allow her to pull away that night, doesn’t allow her to be the one to leave.


She hated him that morning after, however, because he had been the one to leave. And she didn’t even pick up the phone and call his number because she already knows it’s going to be disconnected. She’s been down this road before, after all; she knows where it leads.

She moves on, forgives Alaric, and vows to never think of John Gilbert again.


The next time she sees him, it’s Alaric’s funeral. John’s placing his hand gently on the small of her back and she hates that he’s being so supportive of her grief for her husband of seven years; hates that he came back for this; hates that it all started with him and his hatred for the vampires her husband had vowed to protect.

She wants so badly to lean into his touch, allow him to help her through this, but she walks away.
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