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Fic: [5] (Damon/Elena, Elijah/Elena, Klaus/Katherine/Elijah, Tyler/Elena, Anna&Elijah&Pearl)

Title:  Silent Promise
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  315
Summary:  He tries his hardest to make her smile at least once each day.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by ceres_wish. Originally posted HERE.

Damon pretends not to notice the constant tearstains on Elena’s face. He pretends never to notice the way she spaces out whenever his brother’s name is mentioned.

She loved Stefan, and even if he isn’t truly dead, Damon figures this is her mourning him.

He tries his hardest to make her smile at least once each day…and some days, she really makes that difficult. Even harder is making her laugh, and he often yearns to hear the sound. She plays at being normal, and Damon pretends to believe her, but something is always off in her expression and it makes it hard for Damon to not look at her with pity.

Elena breaks down from the stress of all that has happened to her about a month after Stefan’s servitude to Klaus starts. Damon holds her as she cries and rubs her back soothingly until she falls asleep. Elena ignores him for weeks afterward, and Damon has no idea why. She only says she doesn’t want to see him.

He abides by her wishes—never letting her see him watching her to make sure she is okay—and waits for her to realize what he’s known all along.

Finally, she comes to him. “I can’t forget Stefan,” she tells him, “and I don’t want to—but I can’t just pretend that nothing happened that night before we knew what he had done.”

“I won’t be a replacement,” he says. He knows from experience the lengths people go through after a loved one has left them. “I’ll love you and I’ll take care of you, but I won’t be Stefan for you.”

A few tears leak out of her eyes. “I don’t want you to be Stefan, Damon.”

He can’t say it to her because he knows she’s not ready to hear it, but he promises her in his mind. I’ll be more.

Title:  Rescue You Yet Again
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1050
Summary:  “We should really stop meeting like this,” Elena says casually, “I'm tired of pulling daggers out of you.” Elijah just glares up at her.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by sandrine and a prompt at tvd_rareships by sleepysandy. Originally posted HERE.

Katherine leaves her a note before she makes herself scarce. Klaus would kill me if he ever found out I told you, but I cannot bear to leave him like that for all eternity—I owe him more than that, it reads. Elijah was killed with a dagger by Klaus. I don’t know where he is, but I assume somewhere above ground in or around Mystic Falls.

Elena burns the letter.


She has Damon help her locate him because he is the only one left to help. Both Caroline and Tyler are firmly stuck in the middle of a very Romeo and Juliet like feud between Caroline’s mother and Tyler’s, Bonnie refuses to help any vampire—especially one who deliberately betrayed them—and Stefan’s off the grid. So Damon becomes her only avenue for help, and he does so, protesting all along the way.

They reach a place with large storage lockers for rent twenty three miles out of town, and Elena decides to check it out. One of the lockers reads K666, and Elena knows it’s the one.

There’s definitely something to be said about subtlety and irony, but Damon doesn’t even make the joke.


The lock is broken easily, and she is pushing the door up and looking around with a flashlight almost immediately. She sees what she is looking for, but does not quite believe her eyes.

“Well,” Damon says, regaining his ability to speak first, “I don’t know what I was expecting, but this is a bit…anticlimactic.”

It’s also creepy, but Elena doesn’t say so because this is Klaus’s work, and creepy is to be expected.

She opens the newest looking coffin and stares at Elijah’s body and breathes a sigh of relief. She found him.

She pulls out the dagger and asks Damon to go. He is reluctant to leave her alone with Elijah, but Elena tells him she’ll call in two hours.

She paces as she waits, knowing this time how long this will take.


When the color comes back to his face and his eyes open, Elena is holding out two blood bags which are taken from her grasp within seconds. The first is gone in seconds, but the second is sipped slowly in the almost same fashion as one would sip wine.

“We should really stop meeting like this,” Elena says casually, “I'm tired of pulling daggers out of you.”

Elijah just glares up at her.

When he is done with the second blood bag, Elena helps him to sit up.

He takes in his surroundings with a look of anger.

“Not quite what you expected when you asked to be reunited with your family; is it?” Elena says, unable to help herself. She hasn’t forgotten the reason behind his betrayal of her, and a part of her appreciates the irony in Klaus’s betrayal of him. She continues unabashedly, ignoring the glare he’s giving her, “I don’t know why you’re surprised—you did much the same thing to poor Trevor, if you recall.”

“It would be in your best interest, Elena Gilbert,” Elijah says quietly, exercising the control she knows he has mastered so very well, “to shut up and let me think for a moment.”


Elena watches quietly from atop Elijah’s now closed, empty coffin as he pulls out the older coffins of his relatives. She watches as he pulls the daggers out of each one.

“I didn’t bring enough blood bags for all of them,” she whispers quietly, thinking aloud.

Elijah looks up at her in alarm, and Elena realizes that in his eagerness to get his family back, he forgot there was a human with him. He moves quickly to stand protectively in front of her and they both watch anxiously for the other Originals to come back to life.

When she realizes it’s taking longer for them to come back to life than it took for Elijah both times, she says, “Maybe it takes longer when they’ve been like this longer.”

Elijah glances back at her. She puts a hand on his shoulder.

“I should be thanking you, Elena,” he whispers after another moment of silence, “for it was ultimately you who helped me free my family.”

“Me and Damon,” she cannot help but interject.

Elijah nods in acknowledgement and continues, “And I know I owe you an apology for betraying you the night of the sacrifice—Klaus is alive because of me.”

It is her turn to nod, tears in her eyes. “He has Stefan,” she whispers. “He started feeding him human blood in exchange for the werewolf cure for Damon, and demanded Stefan’s services as payment.”

Elijah doesn’t ask what services; he knows his brother well.


When Elena calls Damon to assure him she’s alive and well, she asks Damon to come back with a van. He doesn’t ask questions, just says he’s on his way.

Damon arrives with what Elena assumes is a stolen van before any of Elijah’s family awakens. He looks around and assesses the situation. “I let you come here with the intention of waking up one Original, Elena,” he cries exasperatedly. “I did not give you permission to wake them all.”

Neither Elena nor Elijah points out that Elena did, in fact, only wake one Original herself. Instead, Elena says, “Klaus betrayed them all, Damon—they’ll help us destroy him and get Stefan back.”

No one argues with her on that.


In the end, after a few more hours of waiting, Damon is driving a van full or newly awakened Originals back to the boarding house with Elena in her own car with Elijah.

They pull up to the boarding house before Damon so they can prepare for their guests with many blood bags readily available upon their arrival.

“By the way,” Elena says before unlocking the passenger side door, “You owe me threefold now, I hope you know.”

The look of gratitude and adoration he allows to grace his features for a moment tells her that he does, indeed, know how much he owes to her.

“We will get Stefan back, and we will kill Klaus,” he says as they walk inside. “After that, I’ll only owe you once more.”

She smiles teasingly. “Unless you get stabbed by another dagger and I have to rescue you yet again.”

Title:  The Only Tragedy
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Klaus/Katherine, Elijah/Katherine
Rating:  PG-15
Word Count:  330
Summary:  He can’t exactly fault her for ulterior motives, however, when he is preparing her sacrifice even as she plays her little games.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by sunsetdawn20. Originally posted HERE.

“Would you care to join me, Katerina?” Klaus asks, making no secret of the meaning behind his words.

He watches the way her eyes look over to his brother, but finding him otherwise occupied, she nods and takes his hand. Klaus grins maliciously and parades her right in front of his brother before directing her to his chambers. He watches the cold and calculating look dance across her eyes when she looks at him and he resists the urge to laugh. She’s accompanying him to his bedroom, but he knows it isn’t really about him.

He can’t exactly fault her for ulterior motives, however, when he is preparing her sacrifice even as she plays her little games.

She lets go of his hand as soon as they’re alone, and she ascends the stairs at a slightly slower pace than he.

He turns around. “Quickly, Katerina,” he chastises, and watches with sadistic glee as she jumps slightly and hurries to catch up.


He doesn’t bother to remove the pretty blue dress she’s wearing, just hikes it up above her waist and tears off all her many undergarments in his way. She makes no protest, and he sees the rebel lust in her eyes.

She is fully invested in the art of fucking—always eager for the pleasure he bestows upon her, and always reciprocates in return. She never denies him anything, always asks for what she wants, and is never afraid to show him just how much she enjoys the way he affects her.

Katerina is not a very good girl, Klaus knows this instinctively, but neither is she a monster like him. As she sits on the edge of the bed, trying in vein to repair her torn underclothes, he thinks it a pity she will die at the next full moon.

Her death is almost tragic, he decides, for Klaus cannot help but wonder how long it would take to make her into the monster he sees in himself.

Title:  Twice In Her Life
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Tyler/Elena, background Matt/Caroline, Matt/Elena, & Stefan/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  300
Summary:  When it comes to Elena's weddings, Tyler comes too late.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by summerofsoaps. Originally posted HERE.

Elena recalls, for the first time in so long, the time in third grade when Matt proposed to her on the swing set with a cherry ring pop. She hadn’t liked cherry but she liked Matt, so she said yes and they were married by the slide the next day at recess. She also remembers how, a week later, she and Matt had a fight—about what she can’t remember—and Tyler had given her a her favorite flavored ring pop (grape) and asked her to marry him.

“I’m married, Tyler,” she remembers saying with a sniffle and tears in her eyes. “I can’t just get married again.”

He had given the ring to Caroline (who didn’t like grape but had liked cherry) and he never brought it up again. Although that may have been only because they hardly spoke after that.


So many years later, she’s standing in front of her mirror. She takes a deep breath and walks over to the door. She’s preparing herself to walk to where she is going to meet Matt, who is going to give her away at her wedding because really, who else is there?

The door bursts open and Tyler’s standing there breathing heavily.

“Don’t do it, Elena,” he pleads. “Please…please….”

She has tears in her eyes again and déjà vu is setting in.

She shakes her head and holds the ring out as a barrier between them. “I’m sorry,” she says, knowing it won’t make him feel any better.

He leaves without a word and she goes to meet Matt, who walks her down the aisle. She stands next to Caroline, Bonnie and Jenna and says ‘I do’ before kissing Stefan in front of everyone. But even as she smiles, she can’t help but wonder what might have been.

:  For Two Years
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Anna, Elijah, Pearl
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  280
Summary:  At one time, they pretended to be a family.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by mistress_britt. Originally posted HERE.

Anna laughs when Pearl introduces Elijah as her father in 1668—Pearl’s told her countless times that the man who fathered her was nothing more than a loser she was glad to get rid of and Pearl seems only too happy to be with this man now.

“No he’s not,” she argues impetuously.

“For the time being, he is, Annabelle,” her mother commands in a no nonsense tone.

Anna crosses her arms over her chest and sighs in irritation. She’s been around well over a hundred years, what does she need a father for anyway?


By the fall of 1669, Anna decides having a father isn’t so bad.

He gives her space, answers her questions, talks to her like a grown-up whose been alive for longer than the fifteen years it appears she has been. He parents her sometimes, which is something Pearl’s long stopped doing. Most amusing for her, however, is the way he seems to scare off any of the boys they run into on their travels.

Sometimes she yells at him for this and he’ll be halfway through shouting, “I’m your father!” when he seems to realize that he really isn’t and storms away, fists clenched tightly at his side.


He leaves in the spring of 1700.

It is a gloomy and rainy afternoon, and Anna’s braving the rain to pick flowers in the back garden when she sees him walk out the front door with a bag packed.

She drops the purple flowers in her hands and runs frantically to the house.

“Why is Dad leaving?” she asks hesitantly.

Her mother, with tears in her eyes, doesn’t answer—never does—and Anna hasn’t liked spring since.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: anna, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: elijah mikaelson, character: katherine pierce, character: klaus mikaelson, character: pearl, character: tyler lockwood, pairing: damon/elena, pairing: elijah/elena, pairing: elijah/katherine, pairing: klaus/katherine, pairing: tyler/elena, tv show: the vampire diaries
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