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Fic: [5] TVD (Damon/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline, Alaric/Elena, Damon/Katherine, Mason/Elena)

Title:  Sometimes
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Caroline
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  300
Summary:  Sometimes she just stares at him.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by wr1t3rbl0ck3d. Originally posted HERE.

She doesn’t always fall asleep after he bites her—he always looks into her eyes and tells her to go asleep, but she gets the feeling that he doesn’t always mean it.


Sometimes she lies awake for hours, trembling or crying or a combination of both. Sometimes she just stares at him, trying to consolidate the terror of what just happened with the man sleeping peacefully next to her, his arm wrapped around her waist.

She likens his arm to a ball and chain; keeping her close, keeping her complacent.


Sometimes she wonders what her mother would think if she walked in the room; but Damon never seems worried about being caught, and she can’t really blame him.

In a fight between her mother and him, she has no illusions of who would win.


Sometimes Damon murmurs in his sleep. Most of the time she can’t make out what he says, but every now and again, she hears the words ‘I love you.’

She likes to pretend he’s talking to her in his dreams.


Sometimes she’s so deeply entranced in her thoughts of him, she dreams her thoughts. They’re not vivid dreams, but she always remembers them anyway. They’re not exactly linear and she often thinks of them as puzzles—she has little pieces of happiness, little pieces of contentment, little pieces of pleasure, and large pieces of pain and terror.

She is more awake than ever when she starts at the vision of bloody sheets and large teeth.


Sometimes he doesn’t fall asleep right away either. He observes her, tells her she looks a mess, and she tries to appear strong as his hand caresses her throat. His fangs come out and her eyes always widen, but he bites himself and feeds her his blood.

She sleeps well on those nights.

Title:  Technique
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Stefan/Caroline, background Stefan/Elena & Matt/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  630
Summary:  Because, sometimes, it's just easier to lie.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by lynzie914. Originally posted HERE.

When Caroline first meets Stefan, she’s determined to have him. He’s that mysterious new guy she’s seen on television since she was old enough to really pay attention to teen dramas and soap operas and reality television shows. He’s the talk of the town, and Caroline wants them to talk about her with him.

But Stefan wants Elena, and he as much as tells her so. “You and me—it’s not gonna happen.”

She smiles and he walks off to Elena, and Caroline watches from a distance.

Later, once his relationship with Elena is firmly established, he’ll ask if they can be friends and she smiles and nods. “Yes, of course” she says. “That’s all I ever wanted, anyway.”

She agrees because it’s the closest she’ll ever come with him and she knows it…but it was never just friends that she wanted to be with him and she knows it.


She falls for Damon. If she can’t have the Salvatore she really wants, she’ll settle for the one she can get. But being with Damon isn’t always picture perfect like they portray for the town. He gets angry and he’s mean, and there are things she knows about him that she cannot speak of.

Stefan catches her alone one night after Damon’s yelled at her about that ugly crystal again.

“Are you alright? Is something wrong?” he asks, the concern evident in his voice. His hand is on her back, pressing gently in a soothing pattern.

Caroline takes a deep breath and smiles and nods. “I’m fine,” she insists. “Everything’s alright.”

But she’s not fine, and everything’s not alright, and all she really wants to do is cry, but she can’t—not around him.


Life goes on and Damon leaves her and then there’s Matt. She loves Matt, but she’s always jealous of how easy Elena’s relationship with Stefan seems. Yes, they fight; but they’re always back together within the week. Matt, on the other hand, is still hung up on Elena, and that’s something Caroline doesn’t think she can fix.

They’re double dating with Stefan and Elena, and Elena’s in the bathroom and Matt’s ordering drinks at the bar.

Stefan asks if she’s happy—if Matt is what she wants.

And Caroline looks at him and wants to tell him that no, Matt isn’t what she wants—that it was always him—but she can’t because Elena’s coming back and she’s happy with Stefan. So Caroline smiles and nods. “Of course,” she says. “I love Matt.”

And a part of her does love Matt, but a part of her also loves Damon despite what he did to her, and a bigger part really loves Stefan also, and what is she supposed to do about that?


Katherine comes to town and turns Caroline into a vampire and she kills someone.

It’s Stefan who cleans the blood off her face while she cries. And Caroline relishes in the closeness as he holds her close and tells her things will be alright. And, for the first time, Caroline recognizes the reassuring smile and nod on his face when he talks to her.

She just continues to cry until she believes his lie because there is no other option.


One night, she’s tortured and it’s Stefan, again, who rescues her—or, at least, that’s the version of events that sticks in her mind…the rest of the players don’t matter in her head, just him.

He takes her home and he asks her if she’s going to be alright.

She smiles and nods. “I’m fine, Stefan,” she says. “I’m not girly little Caroline anymore.”

But he must have caught on to her technique, for he brings Bonnie and Elena over. She wonders, then, if he can remember what all she’s lied about before.

Title:  Giving In To A Bad Decision
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Alaric/Elena, background Alaric/Jenna
Rating:  PG-15
Word Count:  885
Summary:  Alcohol brings out the best worst in people. (Set sometime after Jenna's death.)
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by lit_chick08. Originally posted HERE.

It is not a conscious decision for either of them, and really, it was never supposed to happen like this. Not to say that it was supposed to happen at all…ever, but it really wasn’t supposed to happen this way.


Elena’s sitting on the front porch when Alaric returns home drunk late one summer night. She herself is sitting next to a half empty bottle of tequila.

“You shouldn’t be drinking,” he tells her, picking up the bottle as he walks past her.

She looks at him in dismay. “You’re one to talk,” she retorts, her hand reaching out to grab for the bottle. Her aim is sorely off, however, and he hardly has to try to evade her.

“I’m not seventeen,” he replies, shutting the door and leaving her on the porch alone.


She doesn’t stay outside for long, and when she walks back inside, she slams the door and makes her way to the kitchen where she finds him pouring out the rest of the bottle.

“I hate you,” she says, and she almost believes she does, too.

Alaric puts the now empty bottle on the counter and sighs as he turns around. “No, you don’t, Elena,” he tells her. “You’re angry and you’re taking it out on me, but I’m not the problem, the alcohol is.”

“The alcohol is fixing the problem, Ric,” she sing-songs spitefully. She puts her hands on her hips and glares at him with the coldest expression he’s seen on her face. Alaric can honestly say this is the closest she’s ever come to being Katherine. “You’re doing it too,” she adds after a moment, “so don’t even pretend you don’t understand.”

He hates seeing Elena like this, hates the pain in her eyes, and he loses it. “What is wrong with you, Elena?” he asks in disbelief. “This isn’t you.”

He tells himself it’s the alcohol when she laughs loudly. “This is exactly me. This is who I was before vampires and dead parents and Jenna.”

His anger flames up when she spits her aunt’s name like that. He knows she loved Jenna, knows she’s just too drunk to know what she’s saying or how she’s saying it, but he hates that she, on some subconscious level, can blame this on Jenna.


He grabs her and pulls her up the stairs, and she doesn’t speak the entire time. He opens the door to her room and shoves her unceremoniously onto the bed. “Sleep it off, Elena,” he tells her as he makes to walk out.

He doesn’t expect her to throw her phone at his back. “Fuck, Elena,” he shouts as he turns around to face her. “What the hell was that for?”

Her eyes are wide and her mouth is half open and she must not have expected him to yell at her like that, for she just starts to cry.

Alaric freezes briefly, for he’s never been good at being comforting, and he really just wants to run from the room, but a part of him needs her just as much as she needs him right now, and so he sits on the edge of her bed and holds her as she cries.

She murmurs incoherently most of the time, but he catches a few I’m sorry’s.

“It’s okay,” he tells her. “It’ll all be okay.”

He doubts she believes him, if only because he hardly believes himself, but the sentiment is enough to make her calm down after a moment.

And, when all he hears are feint sniffles, he makes to get off her bed and leave her to sleep, but her hand wraps tightly around his.

“Stay,” she whispers. “Be with me just this one night.”

There are a thousand—no, a million—reasons he should deny her request, but the look on her face stops all protestations he could have made, and his lips touch gently to her forehead. He only intends to ease himself down to a comfortable position for sleeping, but Elena has other ideas, and she moves her head just so, and his lips connect with hers and he tastes the tequila on her tongue and is sure she can taste the bourbon on his.

He’s just about to pull back when she does so first. “I need you, now,” she whispers. “I need this.”

He knows he’s making the wrong choice as he positions himself above her, knows this mistake will ruin both of them if anyone finds out. But, then again, he also knows neither of them wants to be alone right now, and at the present moment, that need for connection overpowers all reason.


Alaric wakes before Elena, and eases out of her small bed without waking her.

He redresses and makes his way to the bathroom and showers and goes downstairs and starts breakfast.

He tells himself nothing’s changed, tells himself neither was truly at fault, and gets rid of all the alcohol in the house before Elena wakes up an hour later.

She smiles when she sees him and greets him with a pleasant, “Good morning.”

Alaric knows the game and plays it too. “What are your plans for the day?” he asks.

“Caroline and Bonnie are coming over later,” she answers casually. “We have finals to study for.”

And life goes on.

Title:  Maybe (Once Upon A Time)
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Katherine
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  215
Summary:  Maybe if she had met him when she was human.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by amoenavi. Originally posted HERE.

Looking back does no good at all, Katherine knows, she has done it too often before to believe otherwise, and somewhere down the road, she vowed never to do it again

The thing about Damon Salvatore is that he has a way about him that makes her break every rule she’s ever set for herself, and when he looks at her and tells her they could start over if she just answers one question, she wonders briefly.

She tells him it was always Stefan, that she never loved him, but she lied. She protected herself from the hurricane that is Damon Salvatore, wiser now than she was when she met him.

Damon loves fiercely, with all that he is and all that he wishes to be, and Katherine has been known to get lost in his crystal blue eyes.

Maybe if she had met him when she was human—when she was young and innocent and her parents had been just so eager to marry her off—maybe he would have made the very best of husbands.

Maybe if she’d of met him after she met Klaus, maybe he could have been the one to keep her from becoming a soulless monster.

Maybe she could have loved him once like he deserves to be loved—fully.

:  Being Katherine
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Elena POV; Mason/Elena, background Mason/Katherine
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  230
Summary:  Elena pretends to be Katherine in order to try and get the moonstone from Mason.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by bambiscott. Originally posted HERE.

Without warning, Mason Lockwood is grabbing me and kissing me and there is this moment of panic because…well, it’s Mason, and he’s involved with Katherine and….

I kiss back determinedly and he pushes me up against the wall. “God, I’ve missed you, Kat,” he groans against my lips.

I try to remain silent so I can play this either way it goes, but there’s something in me that dictates separately from my cautious brain. “I’ve missed you too. So much.”

He’s got me pinned against the back wall of the Grill, and it’s slightly uncomfortable, but he’s a good kisser and a part of me sees why Katherine might have decided on him.

Stefan or Damon’s going to be wondering where I’m at in a few minuets, so this has to be quick.

I pull at his shirt and he seems to get the hint and he takes his off followed by mine, his lips moving from my lips to my neck to my now exposed breasts.

My eyes follow where he dropped my shirt and then look into his eyes. I push him away. “Where’s the moonstone?” I ask.

“I don’t have it yet, Kat, I told you—” I don’t stay to listen to the rest.

I grab my shirt, put it on quickly and leave without another word.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy to become Katherine.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: alaric saltzman, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: katherine pierce, character: mason lockwood, character: stefan salvatore, pairing: alaric/elena, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: damon/katherine, pairing: mason/elena, pairing: stefan/caroline, tv show: the vampire diaries
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