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Fic: [3] (Damon/Elena, Tyler/Caroline, Katherine)

Title:  Moving In From The Sidelines
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Elena, minor Stefan/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1155
Summary:  When they finally get Stefan home, certain conversations need to be had.
A/N:  Written for a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by averzierlia. Originally posted HERE.

They don’t acknowledge any of what happened when they thought he was dying. At the moment, it’s easier to ignore what happened and focus on Stefan.

Damon knows Elena feels guilty for being with him when Stefan was giving up his humanity to save his brother. Damon feels guilty as well, but there is a part of him that can’t regret what happened when all that she said meant that he means something to her.

He holds to that in the coming months as everyone scrambles first to find Stefan, then to save him; and once he’s home, they realize he needs to detox from human blood.


Elena stays at the boarding house more often than she stays at her own house because she feels she owes it to Stefan to be there for him—even if he is refusing to see her. She cries herself to sleep each night, and Damon regrets giving her the room next to his.

Despite himself, Damon finds that she and his brother are remarkably similar in behavior, even if they have no idea. They both hardly speak, both blame themselves for everything under the sun, and they both refuse to eat.

Damon makes Elena breakfast each morning, but she hardly touches a thing; then he goes to the basement and gives Stefan a bottle of animal blood that Stefan refuses to look at.

He loves them both, and he hates that he doesn’t know how to help them.


The day Damon tells Elena that Stefan has started feeding on animal blood again, he sees her smile for the first time since before the sacrifice. Her eyes light up and her face becomes animated. “When will he be better?” she asks. “Can I see him?”

He hands her a sandwich and tries to explain just how long this process takes. When he has told her all he can, she is looking at her hands as if she cannot believe she ate a whole sandwich.

He grins proudly to himself and decides things must be getting better.


One week later, he arrives at the boarding house and knows immediately that Elena has made her way to the cellar where Stefan is being kept.

He rushes downstairs, expecting to hear shouting—either Stefan screaming at her to leave, or Elena screaming for Stefan to stop feeding from her—but what he hears as he gets closer is slight sniffling.

He wants to rush in and break up whatever is going on, but pauses.

“I’m not good for you anymore, Elena,” Stefan is saying, “and I think we both know it.”

“I love you so much, Stefan,” Elena whispers.

Damon hears Stefan sigh. “I know,” his brother says, “but I think you love Damon too…and I know he loves you as well.”

“And you think he’s better for me than you are?” Elena asks, and Damon isn’t alone in not believing the words coming out of Stefan’s mouth.

“Right now, yes.” Stefan says, and that is the end of Stefan and Elena.


Contrary to what Damon long ago considered the plan, he does not automatically move in to pursue Elena—not openly anyway. He holds to his hazy memory of her kiss and her voice in his head and focuses on his brother above even her.

He is there for her, though. He makes sure she eats, he carries her off to bed when she falls asleep reading on the couch, he fields her arguments with Alaric about where her home is actually located. She never says thank you, but he sees the look in her eye and the unspoken promise to talk about everything they have been masking for months.


Only when Stefan is better does Elena come to the realization that things have changed irrevocably. Stefan smiles at her and she smiles back, but Damon sees the shame in Stefan’s eyes, and when Elena’s move to him, Damon sees the guilt in hers.

He wants to tell her that she has nothing to feel guilty about, that what they did was not all that wrong because he shouldn’t have lived, and he knows it was simply a kiss goodbye, but he’d be lying. By no means was her kiss the best he’s ever had. It was chaste and brief and so full of sadness; but there were so many emotions wrapped up in that brief moment they shared, that it isn’t surprising there was too much confusion to really make the kiss more.

He can’t tell her it means nothing more than goodbye when it is his whole reason for living, so he only nods silently in understanding, and places a hand briefly on her shoulder in support.


Stefan asks Damon what happened when the day he sacrificed himself to Klaus a month after he is better.

Damon looks up at him in surprise, and it is only because they are brothers that Stefan is able to guess the truth.

“It’s okay to love her, you know,” Stefan says. “You can make her happy.”

Damon cringes even as he says it, but the words come out regardless, “You could too.”

Stefan’s hand lingers over the bottle of whiskey on the coffee table before shaking his head. “I don’t deserve her anymore,” he whispers.

Damon sighs. “I never deserved her.”

He doesn’t say that he’ll never stop trying to become deserving, but Damon gets the feeling Stefan knows anyway.


Eventually, Stefan lets down a few of his barriers and allows himself to be friends with Elena again. “Just friends,” he says to Caroline when she asks.

Damon frowns at the hope in the blonde’s voice.

He wonders why she roots for Stefan, why everyone always thinks it should be Stefan.

On her way home later that evening, Caroline gives an answer to his unasked question. “Stefan was always nice to me.”

Damon spends that night wondering how many good deeds he’ll have to do for his child before she sees him as anything other than a complete monster.


Three months after Stefan’s recovery, Elena finally comes to him. Or, rather, she calls him and summons him to her bedroom.

“I don’t want to hurt Stefan,” she says when he arrives.

“I don’t either,” he answers. He is surprised by just how true those words are.

“He says he is okay with this…that he wants us to be….”

Damon nods—Stefan has talked to him more than once about the subject. Apparently, Damon has been getting more obvious in his angst over loving Elena and not being able to do a thing about it. He supposes it was subconscious, for he wanted to let Elena make the next move, and the frustration has been killing him.

“We’ll take things slowly,” Elena declares.

Damon nods, and when they kiss this time—both willing and both fully aware of all that is happening—it is everything he has dreamed of and more.

Title:  In Terms Of The Future
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Tyler/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  190
Summary:  They know they’re doomed no matter what.
A/N:  Written for a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by stainofmylove. Originally posted HERE.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler tells her. “It’ll all be okay.”

Tyler’s a dreamer; he sees the future in terms of laters and tomorrows and never-gonna-happens. Caroline’s a realist; she sees the future in terms of next weeks and too soons and she fully grasps concept of eternity.

She’s afraid to let him in, afraid to love him knowing they can never last.

Tyler tells her it doesn’t matter, tells her he loves her now and they should live in the moment. “You’ve only really got today, Care,” he whispers one night when they’re outside. “Be with me here, right now; don’t think about what might happen down the road, take this adventure with me.”

Tyler’s kisses are intoxicating, and Caroline allows herself to get caught up in all of his idealistic philosophies.

Tyler’s a dreamer and Caroline’s a realist, and deep down they know they’re doomed no matter what.

In the meantime, they have an infinite number of moments until doom catches up to them, and sometimes Caroline lets Tyler convince her to put on her best running shoes and run as fast and as far as she can.

Title:  All This Darkness Will Surround You
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Katherine/(Trevor, Elijah, Klaus, Stefan, Damon, Mason)
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  2020
Summary:  The survival of Katerina Petrova & Katherine Pierce.
A/N:  Written for a Vampire Diaries Ficathon Part 2 prompt by softly_me. Originally posted HERE.

Since her birth in the autumn of 1475, Katerina Petrova—or Katherine Pierce, which ever your preference—has lived many lives. She alters history as she goes, as it pleases her, as it eases her pain and guilt; but she never forgets.


The summer she is six and ten, she lies with a married man.

It was her first time, and it was more painful than pleasurable, but afterward, she tells herself she did it because she loves him, and as her belly rounds with child, she convinces herself that it’s true. She longs to tell him about their child, but before her condition becomes obvious, she is confined to the house, and she never gets the chance.

She asks her young sister to deliver a message to him, but when Raina comes back from the market with their mother, she says he was with his wife

Katerina starts at this, and she is thankful her sister is too young to comprehend the anger in her eyes. “Was he…did he seem happy?”

Raina looks at the ground. “He was buying her a pretty dress for a party to celebrate—” she cuts off suddenly her green eyes wide with fright.

“Celebrate what?” Katerina presses, fearing the worst.

“Nevena is with child.”

The frustration and anger she feels at both Petar and herself overwhelms Katerina, and panic floods her when she realizes the stress has pushed her into early labor.

“Get Mama, Raina,” Katerina says as she lies on the bed, protectively holding her protruding stomach. “The baby’s coming.”

Many hours later, Katerina is crying into a blanket. Her daughter is gone—she’ll never see her—and her father had demanded she leave Bulgaria at once.

By the time she passes Petar’s house on her way out of town alone, she manages to convince herself the baby will be better off and that she never loved him anyway.

And when Katerina finally makes her way to England, she has a whole different past. Her mother, she decides, was a very sick. Katerina tells everyone she meets that she left because her mother’s illness was fatal and she couldn’t risk endangering the Petrova bloodline, for she claims to be an only child. She never speaks of her father.

Her baby daughter, while always on her mind, is never mentioned, and Katerina plays the part of an innocent well.


She meets Trevor by chance, and the look of wonder in his eyes makes her blush.

He buys her a dress and takes her to a party where she is introduced first to Elijah, then to Klaus, and instantly, she feels her whole world change.

The part of her that is yearning for stability and family is instantly drawn to Elijah, because he looks at her as if she is a goddess and treats her as if she is a queen. He allows her to be wild and carefree, and sometimes she thinks she loves him for that.

Klaus, on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite. He is always angry and usually takes it out on her. Sometimes she is absolutely terrified of him, but he often talks of power, and with that, her choice is made.

Katerina tells herself she stays close to Elijah only because he is her safety net. Klaus will not do anything too drastic toward her when they are alone if he knows she will be seeing her brother too soon for the bruises to go away. But there is a part of her that is desperate for his love and attention, desperate for him to look at her the way she thinks a man looks at his wife.


When she finds out what they are, her first instinct is to run, and she just about does so when Elijah appears in her chambers. He promises they mean her no harm and asks her to stay. She agrees, but she has never been more terrified in her life.

Katerina cries in her pillow that night and she pretends not to have seen the way his eyes cannot hold hers while he speaks.

After that night, things change, and Katerina convinces herself it’s for the best.

She pulls away from Elijah because she cannot stand to see the pain in his eyes or hear any more of his lies. Her heart clenches at the mysterious fate he knows to be hers but won’t share, and she pretends to not to miss his company during the long summer days.

At nights, she sleeps with Klaus, who has taken to feeding from her after he uses her body each night. She holds back tears each time and forces herself not to vomit afterward.

At night, while he sleeps on the other side of the bed, she wonders how much blood a person can lose before their soul follows suit.


The day Trevor tells her the truth about her fate she makes the plan to run. She does not hesitate, and is making her way out of England when she realizes Elijah is chasing her. She is heartsick at the idea that the only man she believes could have ever loved her is chasing her down so she can be sacrificed.

It fuels her anger and she runs faster than ever when Trevor points her in the direction of a safe house.

When she wakes up as a vampire, she tells herself she has absolutely no regrets.

For the first hundred and fifty years of her undead life, Katerina sticks to that mantra of ‘no regrets’ and flaunts her new-found freedom and relishes in the knowledge that she is one step ahead of the monster who tried to kill her and his lying accomplice of a brother.

Soon after that, she realizes the drawbacks of immortality on the run for her life.


By the time she makes her way to Mystic Falls, Katerina Petrova has long since been Katherine Pierce.

She hides in the shadows of the town and studies the inhabitants for well over a month before making her presence known. She becomes Miss Katherine Pierce overnight; a flirtatious young girl with a penchant for brothers.

Unofficially, she met Damon first, watching him bathe in the falls for all of nature to witness. She falls in love with him in that moment because for a brief second, she actually remembers what it’s like to be an innocent young girl lusting after a boy.

She never tells him this because she never truly gets the chance because he never needs to be compelled to forget anything or be unafraid of her.

When Katherine tells Damon what she is, he looks at her with this wide-eyed innocence and asks a lot of questions.

“It’ll be easier to show you,” she whispers against his lips one night, and when Katherine drinks from him for the first time, he tells her he loves her. She loves that about him. His eagerness is refreshing in this deadly game of truth or dare she has started between them.


She officially meets Stefan Salvatore first, and she sees something in him that she likes.

He plays up the noble innocent so very well, but she can see the rebellious boy hidden somewhere deep within, and she vows to bring that out.

He is surprisingly willing when he is under the impression that she is no more than an orphaned human who has taken a liking to him. She hardly has to try.

She plants the seeds of rebellion in his mind, and when she finally gets him into bed, she reveals her true nature and watches the horror dance across his face.

It was a gamble, one she unfortunately lost, and it was disappointing in the morning when she had to compel him to understand.

In the end, it’s Stefan’s weakness for playing the good brother that gets her captured, and she thanks whatever higher power she doesn’t quite believe in that she was smart enough to come up with a plan before his choices brought about her capture.

She tells him she’ll see him again, and she truly means it; but for now, she needs to escape the hold of these two brothers. She tells herself it’s because she has long since overstayed her welcome in this pathetic little town, but the truth is far worse for her.

Combined, they have the power to destroy all that she’s worked for, and she refuses to let that happen.


There are many others along the way, both human and vampire, but she always has to stay five steps ahead of Elijah and one hundred ahead of Klaus, so she never stays in one place for long.

That’s what she tells herself, anyway. The truth is no one holds her interest like Elijah and Klaus or Stefan and Damon.

That is why she keeps an eye on the Salvatores once she learns they both turned. For three years, she follows Damon on his never ending search for a way to get her out of the tomb she was never placed in, and she keeps every single news clipping of any murders her dear Stefan commits.


When she runs into Isobel and Isobel tells her about her daughter and how Elena Gilbert looks exactly like her, Katherine decides the time for running has come to an end.

She looks up the Lockwood family tree and finds Mason in Florida and ingrains herself in his life.

Of all the men to come in and out of her life, Mason is by far the most strange.

He falls for her too easily and is thankful when she tells him she’s a vampire.

She cares about him just slightly, and helps him during the full moons, leaving just before the transformation starts and coming back well after she knows it’s over.

She tells him she loves him and tells him there’s a way to break the curse placed on him.

He believes in her with no hesitation and is on board when she says they just need to collect some stone. He asks what kind and she describes the moonstone she had stolen from Klaus hundreds of years before, the very one she knows has been passed down in the Lockwood family since she gave it to George in 1864.

He makes love to her so sweetly that night that when she bites him, she pretends not to realize how painful it was for him.


Everything goes straight to hell when she arrives in Mystic Falls.

No one plays by her rules, and after two months of failed plans and schemes, she ends up locked inside the very tomb she had managed to bribe herself out of in 1864.

She knew the Salvatore brothers would bring her nothing but trouble.


Elijah comes back to town, and it scares her.

She’s been running for five hundred years, evading him at every turn, and all of a sudden he’s looking directly into her eyes and telling her she cannot leave until Klaus comes for her.

She wants to cry, not only for what she is to become, but what they both have already become.

Katherine Pierce pretends to be cold and unfeeling, but she still remembers a story about a girl named Katerina, still remembers how this girl once believed a man named Elijah would be the one to give her a happy ending.

How wrong she was.


As soon as Klaus has his body back, he wastes no time reminding Katherine of just what Katerina used to be to him.

Katherine hates him more than ever, but she has no choice.

She hated being submissive back when she was with him the first time, and she abhors it now, but even after she is given the vervain, she has to play the role of his little voodoo doll.

She wants to make it out of this place alive, she wants to make it through the sacrifice, and she will do whatever he asks to make that happen…and Katherine Pierce pretends it doesn’t bother her that doing so kills what little self-respect she still has within her.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: elijah mikaelson, character: katherine pierce, character: klaus mikaelson, character: mason lockwood, character: stefan salvatore, character: tyler lockwood, pairing: damon/elena, pairing: damon/katherine, pairing: elijah/katherine, pairing: klaus/katherine, pairing: mason/katherine, pairing: stefan/elena, pairing: stefan/katherine, pairing: tyler/caroline, tv show: the vampire diaries
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