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Fic: [6] TVD (Klaus/Elena(Katerina), Katherine&Elena, John&Elena, Damon/Caroline, Stefan/Katherine)

Title:  Holding Off
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Klaus/Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  455
Summary:  His little doppelganger just glares at him defiantly.
A/N:  An AU take on Klaus's first meeting with Elena. For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt bysandrine. Originally posted HERE.

“We’ve never been formally introduced,” he begins, holding her hand in his as he bends forward just slightly in order to kiss her hand. “I’m Klaus.”

His feisty little human doppelganger pulls her hand away the moment his lips make contact with her skin. “And, I’m not Katherine.”

Klaus grins manically. “I never claimed you were,” he says. “You’re a great deal prettier than Katerina ever was.”

His little doppelganger just glares at him defiantly. He can see the slight shift in her features, though, and notes her appreciation at being ‘better’ thank Katerina at something…even if the complement comes from him, the man who is destined to kill her.

He hears her human aunt come in through the front door. “I’ll see you soon, Elena,” he whispers as his hand brushes her hair. He feels her tense up for a moment before shivering at his touch, and the mixture of disgust and lust surprises him.

As he exits the Gilbert house through his doppelganger’s window, he wonders which reaction is the strongest.


A week later, Klaus shows up at the boarding house in the middle of the day. He smiles seductively when his little doppelganger answers the door.

“Can I come in?” he asks, playing the gentleman. It is a role he perfected centuries ago—one he tries out every once in a while simply because it is so far removed from who he truly is.

“You know the answer to that.”

He’s not surprised, really. His little doppelganger is a stubborn one. “Well then,” he starts conversationally, “would you step outside?”

She crosses her arms over her chest. “You’re trying to kill me,” she says as casually as she seems to be able to manage. He hears the catch in her voice, however, and he can almost smell her fear. His little doppelganger goes from vulnerable human to fierce warrior in a split second, though, for her next words hold more than a little bite in them. “Why would I ever do anything you ask?”

“Elena, who’s at the door?” Klaus hears a Salvatore ask.

He watches her startled spin. “No one,” she yells back. “I’ll be back in a second.” Then, turning toward Klaus, she says, “What do you want?”

He considers his response for only a second, giving her a once-over before saying, “I should think that to be obvious.”

She slams the door in his face.

He laughs.


One week later, he’s back. She comes outside this time.

“Why am I still alive?” she asks.

His hand reaches out and caresses her cheek. He watches her flinch, but feels her move closer at the same time.

He shrugs. “I’ve waited many years to break the curse; I can wait a little longer.”

Title:  Unexpected Deviations
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Klaus/Elena/(Katherine)
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  775
Summary:  She accepts her role and plays it well.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by sandrine. Originally posted HERE.

He remembers Katerina—her charm, her wit, her easy seduction, and her eventual betrayal—and through the centuries after her, that’s all he can think about. She was in love with him (foolish human that she was), and he was enamored with her (foolish and blinded vampire that he had been). But he’s learned since Katerina, he’s grown up a bit—distanced himself from women, doesn’t let them get close anymore…not as close as Katerina in any case.

So when he hears the whispers of the return of the doppelganger, he ignores it at first. He wants to stay as far away from Katerina as he can manage—and she’s of no use to him now anyway. It’s only when there’s talk of a second (non-Katerina) doppelganger that he becomes interested.

He takes his time following the hushed whispers to Mystic Falls, a quiet town he remembers from Katerina’s past dalliances (yes, he knew of them) and there he discoverers Katerina—except not.

This human girl named Elena Gilbert is kind and brave (maybe foolishly so). She accepts her role and plays it well.

“I’ll come with you,” she says, her voice not even wavering, “I’ll go through with the sacrifice—but you have to promise to leave my friends and family alone.”

Klaus tilts his head to the side only slightly and studies her for a moment. For all intents and purposes, she could so easily be Katerina—at least in looks. But he knows Katerina well. She would have gathered an army and put herself firmly behind it. Elena Gilbert, on the other hand, also has an army…but she stands directly in front of it. Klaus then nods wordlessly, holds out his hand, and watches with scrutinizing eyes as this Elena Gilbert puts her hand in his and steps toward him. Neither pays notice to the cries of protest and disbelief from her gathered army.

He spirits her away and she doesn’t have to be told she’ll never see them again. He watches the tears fall down her face—another difference between her and Katerina, for Katerina never cried for anyone—and resists the urge to wipe them away. He is not her hero in this tale; he is the unmerciful, unapologetic villain.

The tale is not over, however, because Klaus watches the foolish part of himself rear it’s ugly head to this Elena Gilbert—she doesn’t notice, seems to believe he’s drawing out her torture, but in actuality…he’s debating with himself. He studies her closely for a while, watching for signs of Katerina; and when he finds none, he’s at a loss as to what to do.

He keeps her alive in his large castle far, far away from all that she has known. He watches her adjust to her (what she assumes to be temporary) life. He dresses her up in finery and almost smiles whenever he sees the smudges of dirt on her new clothes or jewels missing in her accessories. She is not a delicate flower, nor does she pretend to be, and he thinks he might love this about her.

It doesn’t take him long, only a few weeks, to realize that this human carrying the name Elena Gilbert could be his second chance. He could have someone love him again.

It’s when he thinks this life-altering thought that she voices the question that must have been on her mind for months. “Why am I still alive?”

Klaus puts a hand on her cheek, feels the warmth there, and answers honestly for a change. “You’re not Katerina, and I don’t know how to kill you when you could be so….”

Elena shakes her head. She seems to understand, without him saying the words he hasn’t even formed to himself yet, what he desires from her. “I didn’t ask for that—I don’t want that.” Elena backs slowly away from him. “That was not part of what I promised.”

Klaus realizes the truth then. She can’t be his second chance because he does not deserve one. And this Elena Gilbert could never love him because he is not truly lovable.

He laughs (slightly manically), “You’re not what I expected, Elena Gilbert.”

She just glares defiantly at him. “I’m sorry I can’t say the same—you’re everything I expected.”

He almost wants to kill her after that remark, but he still finds that he is unable to actually do so. And, in the end, he lets her go. He tells her that the chase is on and that he won’t let her go the next time he sees her.

And when their eyes meet, he knows she understands his double meaning.

Title:  Playing The Game
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Klaus/Katherine/Elena
Rating:  R
Word Count:  1300
Warning:  dub-con, character death
Summary:  Katherine snorts. “And what, you want us to entertain you?”
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by [info]mistress_britt. Originally posted HERE.

Tears are falling down Elena’s face, distorting the scene in front of her. Her legs feel like rubber and she knows she won’t be able to stand for much longer so she lowers herself to the floor and gives into the breakdown she’s been holding back. She brings her knees to her chest and tries to block out the image of Stefan with a stake through his heart.

Faintly, she hears Klaus speaking through her sobs. “Take the body out of here,” he’s saying. “I want to have some alone time with my little doppelgangers.”

That he used the plural of doppelganger alerts her to Katherine’s presence and, as if her vampire double is reading her mind, she feels a hand encompass her own and move it from its spot holding her knees.

With the loss of one stabilizing hand, the position falls apart and without thinking, Elena curls her legs to the side and leans her head against Katherine’s shoulder. It hits her that Katherine has lost Stefan too, and Elena wonders why her double isn’t as much of a mess as she is.

She hears footsteps, but with her eyes resolutely closed, she doesn’t see Klaus until his shadow has fallen over both her and Katherine.

“Isn’t this touching,” Klaus says mockingly. “And here I thought you can’t stand each other.”

Katherine’s voice is clear and much colder than she’s ever heard it sound before. “When facing a common enemy, we’ve found that we’re stronger together than we are apart.”

Elena finds it strange to hear the words she had used to convince Katherine to help her thrown at Klaus like that. She doesn’t speak, but she squeezes Katherine’s hand in silent support.

Klaus tilts his head to the side slightly. “Well, I’d hate to separate you,” he announces. Turning to a vampire previously hidden in the shadows, he continues. “Take my lovely doppelgangers to the Red Room, and be sure to lock the door—we wouldn’t want a repeat of past experiences, would we Katerina?”

Katherine, anticipating their exit from this hall, carefully helps Elena to stand. Elena finds it comforting that Katherine’s hand never leaves hers.

Elena’s legs are shaky, and she can’t stop her eyes from wandering to the spot where Stefan’s body had been.

Katherine pulls on her arm to force Elena from her reverie. “Don’t,” she warns, “don’t torture yourself like that—it doesn’t help and it will not bring him back.”

Elena wants to ask what she can do to bring him back, wants to tell her doppelganger that she’s allowed to mourn her boyfriend in whichever way she deems appropriate, and Katherine can go to hell for all she cares; but she doesn’t. Part of her knows Katherine’s right.

Katherine takes the lead, guiding their vampire guide as well as Elena, and Elena wonders how Katherine knows where to go.

“This place is almost an exact replica of Klaus’s estate back in England,” Katherine answers when Elena asks the question.

On their way down the hall, Katherine points to each ostentatious door and tells her what’s inside. “Blue Room, White Room, broom closet, library, hallway leading to formal dining room, master bedroom, drawing room, study, servants entrance, hall leading to the garden, Green Room, Yellow Room, Red Room—our stop.”

Their silent guide takes a key and unlocks the door before ushering them inside and relocking the door.

Katherine then proceeds to guide Elena through the sitting area and into the bedroom. “You need to sleep,” Katherine advises.

“I’m not tired,” Elena protests, shaking her head weakly.

Katherine rolls her eyes and forces Elena to sit down. “You were just involved in what ultimately amounts to a vampire rebellion and, in case you’ve forgotten, you’re still human. You need to rest.”

“I’m fine,” Elena insists. The truth is, she doesn’t want to close her eyes for fear of seeing Stefan’s body in her dreams.

Katherine seems to know this. “I’ll stay right here.”

Neither speaks again, but it’s a full hour before Elena surrenders to sleep.


The weeks pass, and Elena has gone from bad to worse. Locked in the Red Room with Katherine, neither has really had the opportunity to grieve properly, and it shows. Add to that the fact that the door has remained resolutely shut (except for the vampires that bring blood for Katherine and food for Elena) since they were put in her, and it is clear that Elena Gilbert is not quite in the correct frame of mind to deal with company.

Katherine’s been taking care of the both of them, ever the strong and composed vampire, and although Elena never says the words, she’s grateful.

They’re lying in bed one night—not touching, but not avoiding each other either—when the door bursts open and Klaus is standing before them.

“How are my lovely little doppelgangers faring?” he asks mockingly.

Elena tries to hold back tears—he killed Stefan—and Katherine puts a protective arm in front of her human body as a shield.

“It’s late, Klaus,” Katherine retorts, “we’re sleeping. Go away.”

The anger on the Original’s face is impossible to miss. “You forget, Katerina, you are a guest in my house—not the other way around. And I am bored.”

Katherine snorts. “And what, you want us to entertain you?”

Klaus’s resulting smile is so sickening, it makes bile rise in Elena’s throat. She whimpers.

“Yes, Katerina, that is exactly what I want you to do.”


Klaus turns all the lights on in the elaborately decorated Red bedroom, and positions a chair against the wall opposite that of the bed.

Elena’s kneeling next to Katherine on the bed, the silk beneath her familiar and yet so removed from what is comfortable—Elena misses cotton sheets and fuzzy blankets.

Tears are falling down Elena’s face, and Katherine watches her silently for a moment. Their foreheads touch and Katherine’s whispering to her. “I know you don’t want to do this and neither do I, but if you want to survive past this night, we need to play Klaus’s sick little game, and we need to make it good.”

Elena doesn’t know what’s going on, but she knows Katherine well enough to guess.

Katherine has a plan.


Katherine’s gentle and takes things slowly. Elena trembles the entire time, but she forces herself to respond to each touch and every kiss. And she doesn’t have to fake the breathy moans that escape her mouth when it’s not covered by Katherine’s.

The silk sheets have been pushed to the end of the bed—Klaus wants to see everything—and neither girl is wearing any nightclothes any longer.

Katherine’s hand is teasing Elena’s inner thigh, and Elena’s mouth is reaching up toward Katherine’s.

She’s not attracted to her ancestor, she’s putting on a show—just as she knows Katherine has asked her to do.


Suddenly, before she can blink, Damon and Caroline are in the room and there is a stake sticking through Klaus’s heart. It won’t kill him, but it’ll give them time to run.

Katherine is wrapping one of the silk sheets around Elena. “Go with Caroline,” she instructs, “get out of here.”

Elena wastes no time. She grabs Caroline’s hand and races out of the Red Room. In her head, she remembers Katherine’s words about which rooms are which and counts the doors until she gets back to the hall where they had been when it all started. The room where Stefan had been killed.

Caroline takes the lead from there, and the two make it out and into the getaway car before any of Klaus’s minions can reach them.

“We have to wait for Katherine and Damon,” Elena protests when Caroline puts the car in drive.

Caroline just looks at her sadly. “That was not part of the plan.”

Title:  To The Last
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  John & Elena
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  275
Summary:  John shows up and all the sadness gives way to anger
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by bambiscott. Originally posted HERE.

When Jenna and Jeremy die in the battle with Klaus, Elena grieves for months. Neither Stefan nor Damon can console her, and they’ve both tried. So have Caroline and Bonnie and Tyler and Matt, and the rest of Mystic Falls, for that matter.

She’s eighteen and legally an adult, so she doesn’t need a guardian. She gets the Gilbert house—what’s left of it since Klaus—and doesn’t leave for any reason.

Caroline comes by to make sure she looks presentable at all times, and Stefan brings food for the kitchen on his visits. Damon constantly brings flowers and chocolates and other gifts to cheer her up, but none of it works.

Bonnie is grieving as well and doesn’t bring anything but a strange kind of comfort in their shared misery; but still, Elena doesn’t speak.

Then John shows up and all the sadness gives way to anger, and as soon as the front door closes behind him, Elena’s pounding at his chest, tears streaming down her face as she yells incoherently at him.

He allows her to do this until finally she runs out of strength and falls against him. He holds her close and tries to be strong for her because that’s what she needs right now. Someone to blame and someone to be strong for her—to take what she cannot bear and give her the strength to go on.

She cries against his chest and he breathes against her hair and later, Elena falls asleep in her father’s arms for the first time, and John hates that them being the last to Gilberts in the world has caused them to become a family.

:  Clearing The Air (Almost)
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Damon/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  460
Summary:  "Why did you choose me?" she asks.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by eenaangel . Originally posted HERE.

Caroline sees him at the bar in the Grill one day. He’s alone and nursing a glass of whiskey and she’s alone and wishes she could have some whiskey.

“Why did you choose me?” she asks as she slides up next to him.

He spares her only a cursory glance before staring back at his glass. “I believe,” he says slowly, as if speaking to a small child, “it was you who came up to me just now.”

Caroline sighs and wonders if he’s being deliberately obtuse or if he honestly doesn’t know to what she’s referring. “It doesn’t matter,” she mumbles to herself. She asks the bartender for a soda and smiles sweetly when Damon compels the guy into adding a little something to make it taste better.

Sometimes it amazes her how he has this uncanny ability to know exactly what she wants.

She sips her drink slowly, savoring the taste, as she watches him watch the ice cubes in his own glass melt. Finally, she’s had enough. “You know what, Damon?” she asks shrilly, not really wanting an answer. “I’ve changed my mind. It does matter. It matters to me. I deserve to know why you let me take you home that night—” her voice drops to a whisper “—and I deserve to know why you compelled me, why you fed off me, why you played with me like you did for months! There has to be a reason, and I deserve to know it.”

She wonders why she’s choosing now—when Tyler’s MIA, when Matt has just recently discovered her secret, when she’s fighting for her life and for the lives of half of Mystic Falls—to ask the question that has been on her mind since she’s turned. And, from the look on his face, she suspects he’s wondering much the same thing.

His face goes blank again, and he downs the rest of his glass before answering. “At first it was convenience—you were a wealth of knowledge on Elena and this town, you were close to Elena and my being with you therefore irritated her, and the sex was great. Then you were necessary—because, really, who else stood a chance at getting that necklace away from that little witch. And then…and then, I don’t really know.”

She nods and accepts the answer because she knows he’s telling the truth.

“Don’t take that to mean I cared about you in any way, shape, or form,” he warns when his glass is refilled.

She nods once more and doesn’t speak again, but another question is now begging to be asked.

Why did he rush to the hospital when she was in that car accident, and why did he offer to give her blood?

:  Uncovering The Lie
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Stefan/Katherine
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  200
Summary:  You don’t compel people you love.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by amoenavi. Originally posted HERE.

Katherine is so very fond of telling him she loves him—that she always loved him—and a part of Stefan even believes this. This, however, is the ever hopeful, naïve side of him. The broody, realistic side of him wishes she was telling the truth.

But you don’t compel people you love. You don’t leave them for a century and a half under the guise of death. You don’t threaten the lives of the people they care about.

And even back then, back when Stefan was human and Katherine was a mysterious beauty with an irresistible smile, Stefan had his doubts. He had loved her then, he will not deny that; but he had never swallowed her lies like Damon, never took her at her word and trusted that she loved him back.

He had looked for proof of her love and all he could find were memories of mind alteration, false kisses, lies, and a girl who slept with both brothers in the span of one night.

Yes, he loved her then—and maybe he loves her still—but he never believed she loved him too.

He just wishes she had—and maybe he wishes she still does.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: john gilbert, character: katherine pierce, character: klaus mikaelson, character: stefan salvatore, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: john/elena, pairing: katherine/elena, pairing: klaus/elena, pairing: klaus/katherine, pairing: stefan/katherine, tv show: the vampire diaries
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