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Fic: Finding Forever 3/?

Title:  Finding Forever
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Caroline, with Tyler/Caroline & Damon/Caroline sprinkled throughout
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  1700
Spoilers:  through 'Daddy Issues'
Summary:  (Alternate take on the werewolf/vampire face off in 2.13)  Elijah shows up instead of Jonas and helps Caroline after she makes an almost fatal mistake. But helping then has unforeseen consequences for Elijah, Caroline, Damon, and Tyler.
Previous Chapters:  (1) (2)

Chapter 3: Blood Connections

When Caroline opens her eyes the next morning, she listens carefully to find her mother, and when she hears footsteps in the kitchen, she assumes it’s her for about three seconds. But it doesn’t take her long to notice that the footsteps are a little too heavy.

At first she thinks it’s Brady, that he’s come back for her, that he wants to question her some more and he’s found her house to do it in. But she can’t hear a heartbeat, so it has to be a vampire. She forces herself to breathe slowly and calm down as she reaches under her bed and pulls out a wooden stake—just in case—then gets slowly out of bed and makes her way down the stairs.

She doesn’t breathe—vampires don’t really have to, and it helps to keep her quiet when she doesn’t want to be noticed—and she takes each step slowly, making sure to make absolutely no noise. When her bare feet hit the cold stone floor, she is overwhelmed by a feeling of dread. Even still, she keeps moving toward the kitchen, listening intently to the sound of glasses being moved around in the cupboard.

The stake is held tightly in her hands and she’s trembling as she slowly inches forward but then all of a sudden, the stake is no longer in her possession, and she’s being pinned up against the wall.

Instinctively, she closes her eyes at the force of being moved so fast, and when she opens them she sees Elijah pointing the stake at her heart. “You’ll never be able to sneak up on an Original, my dear,” he chastises, deadly amusement in his voice. He moves the stake away and examines it. “What are you even doing with one of these in the house?” he asks. “Seems like a death wish, if you ask me.”

He’s holding her against the wall with one hand against her throat. “My mom,” Caroline starts, surprised by how easy it is to talk, even with his hand pressing against her throat. He seems to have a talent for delicacy, even while appearing threatening. “My mom knows about vampires, she’s on the council—has these all over the house. It’s not like I can remove them—she’d get suspicious—so I use them to my advantage.”

He lets go of her, as if accepting that answer, and she leans against the wall for support for a second before standing straight up. “I’ve brought breakfast,” he says, gesturing to the table where he has two large glasses of blood set out. “I assumed you’d have questions, and I thought you deserved answers.”

Caroline walks slowly over to one of the glasses, carefully watching Elijah’s face for any sign of danger, and sits down before taking a cautious sip. She nods in approval when it makes it down her throat without any adverse effects. You can never be too sure, she has learned, when it comes to those with ulterior motives. “How did you know we were there?” she asks, deciding to start simple—as simple as she can, considering the situation.

“I’m keeping a close eye on what happens in Mystic Falls,” he says, his hands folded together on the table, looking ever the diplomat. “Protecting my assets, as it were.”

“And, what are your assets, exactly?”

“I need your friend Elena safe and alive so I can draw Klaus out of hiding,” Elijah says; his voice so casual, like he’s not talking about his evil plan to get rid of the world’s oldest vampire. Caroline finds him fascinating.

And yet it’s all about Elena again. He’s protecting Elena, saving Elena, doing whatever it takes to keep Elena from biting the dust. How could she have expected any different? She drinks from the glass of blood as she composes herself, trying to keep her jealousy at bay. Elena’s her friend after all, so she really shouldn’t feel this way—shouldn’t mind that Elena always comes first, that everyone seems to care about Elena more.

“So why did you save me?” Caroline asks after a minuet of silence.

“I promised Elena I’d keep her friends safe—you’d of died if I hadn’t, and that would be going back on my word.”

“But there isn’t, or wasn’t, a known cure for when werewolves bite vampires. Now everyone will know. That can’t be good for you,” Caroline points out, surprising even herself when the words come out. She hasn’t even thought that far ahead, at least, she didn’t know she has.

“There still isn’t a cure for a werewolf bite,” Elijah says, finally drinking from his glass. “But the blood of an Original can counter the blood of a werewolf in a younger vampire’s system; another benefit, if you can call it that, to being an Original. It doesn’t work with bites, however, because the same principal, likes with likes, would have to apply, and a vampire bite does nothing for a vampire…aside from being stimulating, of course.”

She notices the way he’s looking at her as he says that—like he could eat her, and not in a vampires need food to survive kind of way—and she looks down briefly. For the first time since she’s woken up she takes note of the clothing Damon had given her to wear to bed and wraps her arms around herself in response. All of a sudden she shivers, and she’s not sure if it’s because of the sudden feeling of cold or if it’s a reaction to the way he’s looking at her.

Elijah just chuckles a bit before taking another sip of blood.

“Couldn’t you have just let me die anyway?” Caroline wonders. “No one would have known that you could have saved me, and your secret would have stayed a secret.”

“I mentioned this to your friend but I suppose I’ll tell you as well,” he informs her with an air of exasperation. “I’m a man of my word, Caroline. I told Elena I’d keep her friends safe and I meant it. Yes, exposing that particular talent of mine was not something I planned on doing when this started, but the situation required it. And something tells me…something tells me that my saving you was not a completely selfless act.”

Caroline’s eyes widen when he says that. Not a completely selfless act, not a completely selfless act…. “What does that mean?” she asks him, her head tilted slightly to the side as her mind thinks over the possible meanings.

Elijah looks at her for a moment with a smirk on his face before speaking, “I am allowed some secrets, am I not, dear Caroline?”

She wonders why he called her that. Dear Caroline; it sounds almost affectionate. She wonders why he’s so gentle around her, so nice. He doesn’t even know her. And he’s here to make sure Elena stays safe. In the grand scheme of things—even with his deal with Elena—she doesn’t matter. But he saved her—gave her his blood. Gave her his blood….

“About what happened last night, you know, when you saved me…” she hedges, not sure how to bring this up.

“Yes?” he prods, amusement dancing in his otherwise expressionless face.

“Did your blood do anything else, you know, besides destroy the werewolf blood?”

“Why do you ask?” he inquires curiously.

“I just wondered if it could do anything else, if it has any other powers besides that of negating werewolf blood. I mean, I know that there’s a blood connection between Damon and I, so I thought it was possible that there could be some kind of effect from drinking your blood. Although the bond between Damon and I may just be because he turned me it seems more…sanguineous. So I wondered if maybe your blood could affect me in any way,” she says, summing up her ramblings in the last sentence.

“For a baby vampire, you’re pretty smart,” he says. “Yes, there is a—how did you put it?—sanguineous connection between maker and child. And, to a lesser extent, there is the same connection when a vampire drinks the blood of another vampire. Even lesser, of course, is the connection of a vampire to a human when a vampire drinks human blood when feelings other than hunger are present.

“When you drank my blood, however, it was a little different. My blood is special, you see, and for your body to get rid of the werewolf blood, it had to infuse my blood into that which is present in yours. So yes, you might experience a sanguineous connection to me, similar to the one you share with the elder Salvatore; for while I did not make you, I played heavily into your continued survival, and your blood knows that.”

Caroline can think of no more questions and finishes her breakfast in silence, glancing up at Elijah every few minuets, being careful to never catch his eyes. Her mind is still working to understand what this connection may mean for her future. Does it protect her or does it put her in more danger?

When they’re both finished, he gets up gracefully and takes the glasses over to the sink and rinses them out. He sets them on the counter and walks out of the kitchen, motioning for her to follow.

He walks in the direction of the front door, and she follows behind him, amusing herself by watching his posture as he walks. He walks through her house like he owns it, not a care in the world, and she feels oddly entranced by his confidence, craves it really.

“I’ll be seeing you soon, dear Caroline,” he says softly, one hand opening the door, the other hand grasping hers for a brief moment before he walks out the door.

Caroline watches him leave in a blur and after a few seconds of hesitation, she closes the front door. “What was that?” she asks herself slowly as she walks back upstairs so she can change into acceptable clothes.

She calls Elena and Bonnie and Damon and asks for a meeting at the boarding house. “I have news—about Elijah.”

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Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: elijah mikaelson, pairing: elijah/caroline, tv show: the vampire diaries
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