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Fic: [4] TVD (Damon/Caroline/Stefan, Damon/Caroline/Matt, Tyler/Elena, Elijah/Caroline)

Title:  Guilt
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Damon/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline
Rating:  R
Word Count:  470
Summary:  Sometimes Caroline regresses and gives into Damon; luckily, Stefan's there to comfort her afterward.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by ishi_chan. Originally posted HERE.

She thinks she should feel guilty when the clothing starts to shed. She thinks she should stop and pull back; tell him this is something they can’t do.

She knows she should do exactly that. But she doesn’t, and she doesn’t feel guilty either.

She doesn’t feel guilty when he is kissing her throat, grazing his fangs along her veins. She doesn’t feel guilty when she’s straddling him, rocking against him. She doesn’t feel guilty when his fingers are playing excellently to her needs and his lips are swallowing her moans.

She doesn’t feel guilty when he bites her—although that might be because she bites him back, sucking the blood greedily into her mouth. She doesn’t even feel guilty when she cries his name in ecstasy when he’s smirking over her as he thrusts one last time—just to prove to her that he can.

She probably should feel guilty. She probably should hate him for many more reasons than she has fingers, but while she regains her senses, she doesn’t feel one ounce of guilt.


They both fall asleep before the guilt can set in. His arm is lazily around her waist, and she’s facing him.

When her eyes open in the early hours of the morning, she can’t remember falling asleep facing him, so the realization that she turned toward him in her sleep scares her only slightly.

She suspects that little bit of fright is what starts the burnings of guilt within her as she tiptoes carefully around the room, gathering her articles of clothing and putting them on.


She walks out of his room quietly—a part of her feeling all sorts of déjà vu feelings, and none of them good—she doesn’t want to wake him.

She makes it as far as the living room when she sees Stefan staring at the fireplace. “Hello, Caroline,” he greets her, and she hears the disappointment in his voice.

“Don’t,” she says, her lower lip starting to tremble. “Please.”

Stefan sighs then. “I’m sorry,” he apologizes. “I shouldn’t judge.” He motions to the spot next to him, and Caroline accepts the offer, setting her head on his shoulder.

“I know it’s wrong. I know that. It’s just…there’s this rush with him. It’s not a high kinda thing, not really. It’s like—I don’t know—doing something dangerous but knowing you’re not going to get hurt.”

“But you did,” Stefan whispers.

Caroline doesn’t pretend to misunderstand. “Not really…well, not anymore now than before. It’s just a newer kind of hurt. And he needed me and I needed him. What was I supposed to do?”

Stefan looks at her and Caroline sees the understanding in his eyes. She’s not the only one who’s done something they regret with the vampire that made them. “I don’t know,” he answers.

Title:  A Little Chat
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Caroline & Matt/Caroline
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  1260
Summary:  Damon gets it in his head to fix the problems between his Vampire Barbie and her human boy toy.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by mary_greenman. Originally posted HERE.

Caroline’s crying when Damon answers the door. His first instinct, as it always is with her, is to call for Stefan because only such a saint can deal with Caroline when she’s not fully calm and rational. And this? This is not calm or rational or any other adjective that can be used to describe a person in a controlled state of mind. If she were still human, he most certainly would look her in the eyes and tell her to stop the fucking crying already because it’s giving him a migraine.

Of course, little Caroline Forbes is most definitely not human, and looking her in the eyes will most definitely not help, neither will telling her she’s giving him a migraine. With his luck, she’d probably just continue her sob fest because it is driving him crazy.

Instead, he allows her to run into his arms—which he assumes she does because he’s there, not because it’s him, because really, why would she seek comfort in him—and hold tightly. He tells her it’s going to be okay even though he has no fucking idea what it is she’s crying about since she isn’t able to spit three coherent words out at a time. He even rubs her back a little.

Eventually, she calmed down enough to be led to the couch, where she managed to tell him—between sporadic hiccups and more bouts of tears—that her on-again-off-again human boyfriend found out she was a vampire after she healed him from almost dying.

“And he hates me,” she wails. “He thinks I did something to his sister and he won’t speak to me. I tried explaining. I went over to his house this morning, but he wouldn’t even answer the door. He’s disgusted and horrified by me and I don’t really blame him, but it hurts because I love him so much and—” she keeps going, but this is when Damon realizes that if he doesn’t do something soon, Caroline Forbes could be sitting here mourning this failed relationship until next Christmas so Damon makes a decision.

“I’ll talk to him,” he says, despite the fact that words are still—unfortunately—coming out of her mouth.

Caroline stops talking immediately. “No!” she protests.

If he’d of known that’s all he needed to say, he’d of said it a whole hell of a lot sooner, he can’t help but muse as he throws on his leather jacket.

“Too late, Barbie,” he says, “I’ve already made up my mind.”

He hears her calling his name as he speeds out the door.


Predictably, the human is at the Mystic Grill on this lovely Saturday evening. Damon wonders for a moment if the guy ever gets a break from his job. Does he still go to school? But the truth is that he doesn’t give two shits about the guy really, so he abandons the train of thought before it goes any further and walks right up to him.

“We need to talk,” he declares, his tone brooking no argument.

Or at least, it shouldn’t brook an argument, but apparently human Matt Donovan defies all the Damon Salvatore rules. The human eyes him up before dismissing him. “I’m working,” he says.

“It’s about Caroline,” Damon tries again, agitation easily showing in his voice.

Matt laughs mirthlessly then. “Well then you can go to hell,” he says, “because I am not going to ever speak to her again.”

Damon has the oddest urge to just strangle the impertinent boy at that. He grits his teeth and looks into the boy’s eyes. “You’re going to take your break now and lead me out back,” he commands and smirks when Matt immediately leads him outside.

Once outside, Matt crosses his arms over his chest. “Okay,” the boy says, the compulsion having worn off, “what is it you need to tell me?”

“Caroline didn’t do anything to you’re crazy sister,” Damon declares casually, eyeing the boy carefully. “She was too human at the time to be involved in such matters,” he adds, thinking back on his relationship with Caroline at the time. Such…almost fond memories.

Matt’s eyes widen. “What do you know about my sister?” he asks. Damon sees a little bit of Jeremy Gilbert’s protective attitude in Caroline’s boy toy at the mention of Vicki, and that is the only reason why Damon doesn’t outright say he killed the girl. The situation might not be anywhere near the same, but he really doesn’t need to repeat his mistakes.

“Long story short? She got attacked then started attacking others. Certain people in this town couldn’t let that happen, so she was taken care of. But Caroline was not a part of it, and you need to talk to her because she needs your support in this, not you’re ignorance and anger.”

Matt’s looking at him with the most human expression of anger, confusion, sadness, and curiosity. “Are you one too? Are you like Caroline?”

“That is a whole other story,” Damon replies as he resists the urge to roll his eyes. “One Caroline will probably be more than happy to tell you.”

“But she—” Matt starts, but Damon shakes his head.

“No,” he reiterates. “She’s a good girl. A little annoying, perhaps, but she’s good, and I will not stand by and let you hurt her, so you’re going to speak to her and let her tell you all that she can fit into a few hours talking and you’re going to tell her you’re sorry for accusing her of hurting your sister because Caroline, she’s not capable of that, and you’re going to forgive her, because she needs you.” Damon hates that he managed to say all of that to a person who will actually be able to remember the conversation later, but compulsion relationships aren’t real—he knows that better than anyone—and Caroline needs something real.

Something in that last speech seems to have gotten through the overworked human because he nods. “Okay,” he says. “I’ll talk to her.”

Damon nods. “Than my work here is done,” he says, and the two walk back into the Grill.


Damon passes Caroline on his way out the Grill’s front door. She has a very worried look on her face, and she appears frazzled. “What did you do?” she asks him anxiously.

“I told you,” he says, speaking to her as if she’s a small child, “I had a little chat with him.”

“I know you, Damon,” she replies. “Your chats don’t end well for the recipient of your words. I’ve been there.”

Finally understanding why she seemed so bothered by the idea of him talking to her little boyfriend, Damon assures her. “Don’t worry, he’s fine. As a matter of fact, he should be right over…there.” He points to Matt, who’s watching them carefully. “Now go and see if my magical words did the trick.”

Cautiously, and giving Damon a bit of a death glare—he really needs to tell her to work on that, it’s not quite as effective as she seems to think it is—on the way, she makes her way over to Matt.

“Hi, Matt,” Damon hears her say, her tone apprehensive for the first time since he’s known her. “I was hoping we could…talk?”

Matt glances briefly over to Damon who nods. “Yeah,” the human says, offering Barbie an assuring smile. “I get off in an hour, do you want to wait around until then?”

Damon watches Caroline smile brightly before he walks out the door.

Mission complete.

Title:  The Last Two
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Tyler/Elena
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  650
Summary:  In the aftermath of the destruction that is Klaus, Elena finds Tyler.
A/N:  For a tvd_rareships Comment Fic Party prompt by sunsetdawn20. Originally posted HERE.

“Are you still human?” is the first thing he asks her when he sees her.

“Are you?” she retorts, sitting on the bar stool next to him.

Tyler laughs bitterly before taking another swig of his bottle and Elena almost smirks. Having grown up together, they learned long ago exactly how to hurt each other.

When the bartender comes over, she orders a soda and Tyler laughs again, this time almost fondly. “Still can’t hold your liquor, Gilbert?” he asks. “You must still be human.”

“Not everything changes,” she replies with a shrug, giving him a knowing look. They’ve never talked about it—ever—but there’s a lot of shared history between the two of them.

Tyler doesn’t answer, still determined to pretend nothing has ever happened between them. Truth be told, Elena doesn’t really mind. Better to leave the past in the past, and all of that shit. Instead, they drink, not really looking at each other, but not looking away either.

“Why are you here?” he asks after a while.

“Wanted to find you,” she answers. He waits for a more complete answer, but after a few moments, he looks in her eyes and recognizes the look on her face. They’ve been here before.

He remembers her tears and the screaming and the objects breaking as she threw them against the wall. He remembers holding her and telling her that it’ll be alright. And then he remembers what he thought that day. Why him? Why not Matt?

Suddenly sobering, he stands up and grabs hold of her arm. She doesn’t even protest as he drags her from the bar. “Who’s left?” he demands, when they’re outside. It’s dark and quiet, and nobody sees them.

Elena just shakes her head, and he knows.

“I’m—I’m sorry,” he says, and suddenly, he starts to feel what he suspects she’s been feeling for a while.

Elena takes one look at him and starts crying. “I am too. I know how you felt about Caroline…and she felt the same, she did. She missed you, but I think—I think she knew…what was going to happen. I think that’s why she never went after you. She had a box, under her bed; she tracked you; that’s how I found you.”

He hadn’t heard Caroline’s name in over three years and now…. “She’s dead?”

Elena nods. “They all are—even Matt. Everyone in that town that I cared about, everyone who cared about me, they all died to protect me.”

Tyler doesn’t know what to feel. It’s Elena’s fault. They died for her. And yet he knows—he knows that, had he been there, he’d of done the same thing. They don’t talk about it, they never have, but that doesn’t mean it was never there.

“I shouldn’t have come,” she says, pulling away from him. “You didn’t need to hear that. You hate me now and you should. It’s my fault.”

Tyler shakes his head and grabs for her again. “It’s not your fault, Elena. They all made the choice; you can’t blame yourself for that.” He says the words and he even believes them, but he can see that she doesn’t.

“I just…I came to say goodbye. You’re the last one left—the only one who knows—and I wanted to say goodbye before….”

She doesn’t finish, but she doesn’t really have to. “You’re not going to die on me now, Gilbert,” he says, bringing his hand to her face to caress her cheek. She lets him. “We may be the only ones left, but that doesn’t mean it has to be over.”

Elena starts to sob now and Tyler’s fairly sure this is the first time she’s actually allowed herself to cry since everything happened. He pulls her to him and holds her and feels a strong sense of déjà vu.

Somehow, he always knew it would end up like this.

Title:  Resurgence
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Caroline
Rating:  pg-13
Word Count:  1120
Summary:  After Caroline pulls the dagger from Elijah's body, he manages to weasel his way into her life.
A/N:  Companion to Reluctant. Requested by mary_greenman.

“How could you?” Elena cries in disbelief when she comes back to the boarding house to find Caroline still in the cell where Elijah had been kept. Caroline was too shaken by what she did to move. “You let him go and he almost killed Stefan.” Elena’s upset, and understandably so, for Elijah did go after Stefan, staking him just below the heart. “He threatened to take me away, lock me up somewhere until the sacrifice.”

“I—I didn’t have a choice,” Caroline defends herself, slowly getting up off the cell floor. “He compelled me,” she tells the brunette. Damon’s standing behind Elena looking at Caroline with an expression she cannot place. Part anger and part understanding. It unnerves her.

In the end, Elena tells her she understands, apologizes for accusing her, but Caroline leaves in tears.

Caroline hates herself for what she did. She knows she betrayed them all, but what was she supposed to do? He didn’t give her a choice. But she still feels guilty, and she hates herself for what she did.


He comes to her that night, tells her he likes her, that she’s feisty, and thanks again. This time with a kiss.

She pulls away when she realizes what he’s doing and tells him he can’t do that. She says she can’t betray everyone like that too.

He tells her she doesn’t have to, that he’ll go, but that she has to agree to see him again.

She glares. “Not in this lifetime,” she says.

He leaves, and she wonders that that was about.


Two days later he’s in her kitchen, helping her mother make dinner.

“What’s he doing here?” she asks, not even bothering to hide her anger from her mother.

“Don’t be hostile,” Liz chastises her daughter. “Elijah’s here researching Mystic Falls; Elena’s aunt has been helping him.”

She opens her mouth to say she knows who he is and that he is not here to research Mystic Falls, but she can’t talk about vampire business with her mother so she stays quiet and goes back to her room to put on shoes.

“Where are you going?” her mother calls.

“Anywhere but here,” she mumbles and hears Elijah’s soft chuckle. To her mother she says, “Elena’s; she’s expecting me.”

“Call Elena and tell her you can’t make it, you’re going to be nice even if it kills you, Caroline.”

“Too bad I’m already dead,” she mumbles, taking a seat.

“You could be deader,” Elijah reminds her as he passes her the dinner rolls. Caroline glares at him briefly before taking one and giving the bowl to her mother.

She hates him. She absolutely detests him for making her betray her friends. Yet, somehow, by the end of the night, she finds herself talking pleasantly with him and her mother.


She goes to the Grill to speak to Matt but he’s currently ignoring her, so she seats herself at the bar and orders soda after soda, determined to wait him out. Sometime after her fifth, Elijah seats himself next to her. She moves to get up, but he gives her a look and she changes her mind.

Why won’t you leave me alone?” she hisses.

“I like you Caroline,” he tells her. “You intrigue me.”

Caroline rolls her eyes. “Well, you don’t intrigue me, and I’d rather you stayed far away from me. I’ve been down this road once before and I’m not going to be a willing participant this time.”

He looks confused for a moment. “What is it you speak of?”

“I refuse to be some little puppet. Damon did it to me when I was human, and I will not let you do it to me again now, so please, stay the hell away from me.”

She gets up and walks out, forgetting about Matt.


He’s in her bedroom when she gets home from Elena’s the next night.

“I don’t want you to be a puppet,” he says casually.

She crosses her arms over her chest. “Well then, what do you want?”

He shrugs. “Right now…you.”

She hates him—she really, really hates him—but Tyler’s gone and Matt’s ignoring her and he’s here. “Promise me,” she whispers, and she curses herself for the vulnerable tone she’s using and the way her hands are shaking at her sides. “No compulsion.”

“No compulsion,” he mumbles half a second before his lips connect with hers.


He allows her to hide it from her friends. He tells her it’s because he can’t be seen with her like he wishes anyway. The town would frown upon that, and if they looked too far into his background, they’d come up with quite a few holes and he can’t have that. So he allows her to hate him and plot against him.

He says he’s content with the little piece of her that he owns. And she hates that it’s true.

There is a small piece of her that is his. A small piece of her that enjoys the way he is capable of making her feel, and the way he is completely honest with her.

But the piece that belongs to Elena is much stronger, and Elijah knows this.


One night, when they’re laying beneath her cotton sheets, he tells her Klaus is coming and she immediately rolls over to pick up her phone and call Elena to warn her.

He stops her. “Don’t,” he says, looking in her eyes. It’s not compulsion—he promised, and he always keeps his word—it’s just a command that comes very close to a plea.

“Why?” she asks.

“I have a plan.”

He doesn’t say anything more as he gets out of bed. Before he leaves, he kisses her forehead.

She hates him for not telling her anything.


Klaus is dead and Elena’s alive and Caroline’s crying because Elijah is nowhere to be found. Bonnie and Stefan are with her, trying to get her to calm down, but the tears will not stop because she can’t feel anything else right now. He made it possible for Elena to be alive and for that she forgives him for the betrayal he made her commit.

Through her sobs, she’s trying to explain the story to them because they don’t seem to know why Elijah betrayed Klaus and gave them time to stab him with the knife.

“I—I don’t know—I suppose I was foolish enough to believe he did it for me because he—because I…” she tries to explain, but the words won’t come out.

“You’re not foolish, Caroline,” a voice behind them says and Caroline stops crying immediately. In the next second, Stefan and Bonnie are watching in morbid fascination as Caroline runs to their one-time enemy.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: elijah mikaelson, character: matt donovan, character: stefan salvatore, character: tyler lockwood, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: elijah/caroline, pairing: matt/caroline, pairing: stefan/caroline, pairing: tyler/elena, tv show: the vampire diaries
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