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Fic: [3] TVD (Damon/Caroline, Katherine/Caroline, Elijah/Caroline)

Title:  While She Sleeps
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Damon/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  425
Spoilers:  Takes place in/after 2.14 'Crying Wolf'
Summary:  Damon and Caroline both deal with what happened to her. Caroline's solution surprises Damon.
A/N:  (1) Because I forgot certain cannon facts, it's slightly AU. (2) For a prompt by ishi_chan. Originally posted HERE.

He remembers that she used to make these little mewling sounds while she sleeps. At the time, they had annoyed him because all he wanted was silence, and what he was getting was a girl who sounded like a damned cat.

Now, looking at the trembling mess of a girl as she stumbles out of the trailer in the woods, he can’t help but recall the innocent little mewls and wish he could hear them instead of the little cries of pain he can still hear her emit.

Caroline’s got blood on her hands, and it trails down the side of the trailer as Jules holds her to it. She’s looking over at Damon, begging him, and he silently tries to tell her that he knows, that he’s coming. If only he can kill these damn werewolves first.


Then there’s screaming, and Damon doesn’t understand what’s happening. Caroline takes a step toward him, but for reasons both don’t know, she doesn’t run to him.

They see Jonas, and he tells them to leave, so they do. Stefan takes her home, but Damon follows close behind. He hears Caroline tell his brother she’s going to take a shower, watches her yell at the Lockwood boy, and after a while hears the sound of the water running.

He can’t go inside her house—Liz never invited him in, and Caroline isn’t human any more—so he has to listen to her cry in the shower from outside. She pulls herself together, though, and Stefan comes back with Bonnie and Elena, so Damon leaves Caroline in their hands for the night.


It’s weird, then, that he wakes up at the boarding house to the sounds of a mewling cat. Well, it is weird until he opens his eyes and finds Caroline curled up next to him.

If he were more awake, he’d roll his eyes. “What the hell are you doing here, Kitten,” he mumbles sleepily, all the while pulling her closer.

He watches a slight smile appear on her face, followed by a sigh of contentment as she snuggles next to him. He watches her sleep. He wonders why she came to him, what on earth gave her the idea that he would allow this sort of behavior from her.

And yet…Caroline’s little mewls eventually lull him back to sleep.


She’s not there when he wakes up, and when Elena visits Stefan later and asks how the slumber party was, Damon hides a smirk when Elena tells him Caroline ditched her and Bonnie while they were sleeping.

Title:  Misplaced Comfort
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Katherine/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  440
Spoilers:  Takes place in/after 2.16 'The House Guest'
Summary:  Katherine visits Caroline after what happens with Matt.
A/N:  For a prompt by eenaangel. Originally posted HERE.

Elena’s the one who tells Caroline that Katherine’s out of the tomb, and Caroline feels the poetry in that. That one look-alike tells the other look-alike’s victim that said other look-alike is walking around free. It makes Caroline shiver, but she’s not quite sure why.

She wants to believe it’s because she hates Katherine or because she’s scared of her. Preferably the former, but she’s fairly sure the latter is closer to the truth—although not quite the whole truth. Caroline shivers because there’s a part of her that anticipates seeing the older vampire.

She hides her emotions from Elena, tells her she’ll be careful and that she’ll absolutely call Elena if she hears from Katherine. And Elena, trusting as ever, leaves it at that.


A few days later, Katherine is waiting for Caroline in her bedroom when she gets home from another failed attempt at getting Matt to talk to her.

“How did you get in here?” Caroline asks with more confidence than she feels.

She was crying on the way back to her house, and she’s not in the mood to fight right now. She just wants to go to sleep and pretend everything is okay for a little while.

“Hello, Caroline,” Katherine says, a small smirk on her face.

“I’m not in the mood to play right now,” Caroline remarks, wiping pitifully at her face. The tears are dry, but she can still feel them. For that matter, Katherine can see them.

“Someone break you’re heart?” the older vampire teases.

“I won’t talk about Matt with you,” Caroline hisses.

Katherine raises an eyebrow. “Matt? I remember him, he’s hot. What happened?”

Caroline doesn’t even bother to answer, but she can’t stop the tears that well up in her eyes. Katherine, always one for details, notices immediately and reaches a hand to the blonde’s face and wipes them away.

Caroline can’t verbalize how Katherine’s actions affect her, but she’s allowing them, so she knows she can’t be reacting too badly. She should, of course, but she’s not.

“I can make you feel better,” Katherine whispers, a small smirk playing on her lips.

And Caroline’s too desperate for someone to really care that it’s Katherine, so she nods. “Okay,” she whispers.


Later, Caroline eyes the phone in her hand. She knows she should call Elena. She knows she should tell her that she did, in fact, see Katherine.

But how would she explain the reason for her mused hair and her obviously kissed lips? How would she explain the desire in her eyes when she looks at the human doppelganger?

So she puts her phone down and turns out her light.

Title:  Reluctant
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Elijah/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  640
Spoilers:  Takes place after 2.14 'Crying Wolf'
Summary:  Three times in which Elijah seeks out an unwilling Caroline, and one in which she goes to him.
A/N:  For a prompt by mistress_britt. Originally posted HERE. Banner made by mary_greenman.

Late at night, when Elena and Bonnie are asleep in Caroline’s bed, Caroline hears light knocking at the door. It isn’t loud enough to wake the humans, but she hears it well.

“We haven’t officially met,” he starts when she opens the door. “I’m Elijah.”

Caroline’s eyes widen. She’s not scared of him, though. “Look,” she says, “I was just put in a cage and tortured by werewolves, so now is not really a good time for a heart to heart…or whatever it is you want.”

His raises eyebrows in surprise. “Feisty,” he murmurs, lacking the sexist tone that would otherwise make her angry. She settles for annoyance instead. “I think I am going to like you.”

“That’s nice,” she says with an eye roll and closes the door.


After she learns of Tyler’s disappearance, she breaks down. She runs through the woods at vampire speed and tries to find somewhere to hide. Eventually, she settles herself on the edge of the Salvatore property. Close to safety, but far from everyone.

She cries for a while before a voice stops her. “What, exactly, are you crying over?”

She looks up and glares at him. “None of your frickin’ business,” she hisses and turns away from him. She hopes that by ignoring him, he’ll go away.

He doesn’t take the hint like he should, though. Instead, he sits next to her on the dead tree she’s perched on. “I believe I’ve told you my name,” he says conversationally. “Would you now tell me yours?”

She doesn’t want to answer, wants to ignore him until he finally leaves her alone, but she’s hurt and angry and he’s here. “Caroline,” she says on a sigh. “Caroline Forbes.”


She sees him when she walks into the Grill and walks right back out the door. She and Bonnie have just done the spell on Luka, and she is not in the mood to be dead right now.

He must have seen her, though, for he follows her out.

He pushes her up against the side of the restaurant and forces her to stare into his eyes.

She closes hers. “Let me go,” she says, not even looking at him. She wants to, would love to stare directly in his eyes and demand he leave her alone, but she remembers what happened with Damon and knows not to look into his eyes because even as a vampire, people like him can still do that to her.

“I’ll ask you once, and once only, to open your eyes. After that, I’ll start killing people,” he threatens.

Caroline hates him for this, but she opens her eyes as he asks.

“You will save me,” he commands her. “When you figure out how to undo whatever it is that kills me, you will save me. Until that moment, you will not remember this conversation.”

He leaves after that, and Caroline trembles. She hates the feeling of compulsion.


Caroline’s trembling.

Damon’s out with Andie—she has to deal with that situation later—and Stefan’s taken Elena back to the lake house for the weekend. Now she’s making her way down to the Salvatore basement, praying no one comes in here and sees what she’s about to do.

She fumbles with the lock on the door of the pseudo-mausoleum. Once she has ripped it off, she slowly opens the door and sees him lying on the floor. When she walks closer, she sees how gray he is and she can’t help but think: that’s what I’m going to look like when I die now?

Her trembling hands reach for the dagger and wrap around it. She hesitates for only a moment before she hears his voice in her head and pulls it out.

Quickly, the gray fades and Elijah’s eyes open. “Hello, Caroline,” he says. “Thank you for saving me.”

(Sequel/Continuation - Resurgence)
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elijah mikaelson, character: katherine pierce, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: elijah/caroline, pairing: katherine/caroline, tv show: the vampire diaries
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