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Fic: [4] TVD (Elijah/Caroline, Elijah/Elena, Klaus/Caroline)

Title:  Who You Run To
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Elijah/Caroline, Matt/Caroline
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  370
Summary:  She runs to the one person she knows of whom always struck her as controlled.
A/N:  For a Comment Fic Party prompt by mistress_britt. Originally posted HERE.

Fifteen years after high school, when she tracks Matt down—just to see what happened to him, of course—she ends up back in Mystic Falls.

She knows she has to be careful, she can’t be seen by anyone because they’ll know. So she stays in the shadows and only comes out at night. But then she finds Matt and he’s alone and she doesn’t know why, but she lets him see her. And he’s so confused because she looks seventeen and he hasn’t seen her in almost as long and he knows nothing of vampires. And maybe it’s because she left under the guise of being dead, but he kisses her and she tastes the alcohol on his breath.

But the kiss is more than she can handle and she loses control with Matt for the second time and loses herself in the taste of his warm blood.

She doesn’t kill him but she wanted to, and she hates herself for that.

She runs to the one person she knows of whom always struck her as controlled.

She’s kept tabs on every vampire she’s ever met—she’s heard Elena mutter things about a man named Slater, but Caroline doesn’t listen—and she’s kept a very close and personal watch on Elijah because she knows of his propensity for disappearing. For this reason, tracking him down is a snap.

When he opens his door, there’s a look of surprise on his face. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” he asks with only a hint of sarcasm, fingering the blood still on her face, and watching the tears well up in her eyes. “Didn’t expect you to show up again for a few weeks at least.”

“I lost control,” she whispers looking at him as if he’s her last hope. (And maybe he is, because she doesn’t think she’ll want to live if she can’t regain control. She’d stake herself before she kills anyone.) “I need you to help me get it back.”

“Anything for you, Princess,” he whispers as he ushers her inside, closing the door behind him. He brushes the tears from her cheeks. “But first we’ll get you cleaned up and you can tell me what happened.”

Title:  Plays of Power
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Caroline, reflection on Damon/Caroline, Matt/Caroline, & Tyler/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  378
Summary:  Somehow, the road to the perfect man to complement her led her straight to Elijah.
A/N:  For a Comment Fic Party prompt by ishi_chan. Originally posted HERE.

When Caroline had been with Damon, she’d been too innocent in the way of the supernatural to have a clue how to handle him so she’d done the human thing and pretended and hid from the truth. She couldn’t face losing him because she couldn’t handle losing, but she couldn’t handle being with him because he was anything but nice to her. So, when she was given the chance, she ran—right into the arms of Matt.

And when Caroline had been with Matt, it had been sweet and loving and everything she thought she wanted, but something was not right. There was some element of the relationship that was inherently wrong, and when she was turned, she figured it out. She was stronger than him—now physically, but even before then, she had been through things that even she didn’t understand and she was stronger for it. She couldn’t hide behind a shining white knight that didn’t even know what he was up against.

Then there was Tyler. He tried to be her white knight too—and what a valiant effort he made, and she loved him for it. But he had a tendency to treat her like porcelain, even when he knew very well that she could beat him in a fight blindfolded. And she couldn’t take being treated like a doll to be kept on a shelf, forever adored but never played with.

Somehow, the road to the perfect man to complement her led her straight to Elijah, and despite warnings from both Damon and Tyler, she gave the Original a sultry smile and walked over to him when he motioned her over.

It didn’t take her long to figure out why she was drawn to him. He was powerful, she knew that—more powerful than she could ever hope to become—but he never used that against her. Instead, he showed her how to use the powers she possessed, showed her how to become powerful in her own right.

He let her be a leader—a player in the game instead of a pawn—and she enjoyed that more than anything.

He was both rough and gentle and everything in between, but he never made her feel weak, and she loved him for that.

Title:  Lost
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Elijah/Elena
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  420
Summary:  Elijah strikes her as the type of guy that a girl could lose herself in.
A/N:  For a Comment Fic Party prompt by mistress_britt. Originally posted HERE.

Elena doesn’t spend too much time thinking about him; she knows that if she started, she’d never stop. Elijah strikes her as the type of guy that a girl could lose herself in, and she vows that she will not let him do that to her. And somewhere along the way, she even manages to convince herself that he hasn’t already done so.

If she did think about it, she’d decide that her not thinking too much about him is exactly what led her into this mess in the first place. Because, had she thought about what she was doing, had she bothered to analyze her actions, she’d of realized how monumentally stupid it was for her to let him anywhere near her.

But, because she doesn’t allow herself to think when she’s around him, she doesn’t tell him to leave when he comes in her room, doesn’t tell him to stop when he kisses her, doesn’t tell him how wrong it is when he’s taking her clothes off. A part of her doesn’t care that it’s wrong. A part of her likes the wrongness of it all because it is exactly who she once was, before Stefan and Damon and vampires and car crashes and dead parents. Before life became a fight for survival. (And maybe she feels he’s her last real vestige of protection, because he’s the only thing keeping her from being sacrificed by Klaus.)

When she’s with Stefan, she keeps the memories of Elijah locked safely in a corner of her mind where Stefan can’t touch and when she’s with Damon, she makes sure the walls are up extra high. She suspects Caroline knows because she sees the looks the blonde shoots her, a mixture of jealousy, disgust, and satisfaction.

Then Elijah will visit and nothing else will matter because he pushes everything from her mind until it’s just him; and she refuses to think about him, so she’s a blank canvas he can mold and paint whatever he wants on, and she lets him because....

To be honest, she’s not sure why she lets him. There’s something about him that seeps into every pore of her human body, practically ingrains itself in her DNA. Like a drug, she’s hooked and she’s not sure why and she’s not sure she wants to know anyway.

So she doesn’t spend much time thinking about him. She avoids his eyes, focusing way too much attention on his mouth instead, and vows never to let herself get lost in him.

Title:  Sweet
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Klaus/Caroline
Rating:  R
Word Count:  405
Summary:  But then there are the nights that he gets to love her the way he wants.
A/N:  For a Comment Fic Party prompt by ishi_chan. Originally posted HERE.

Sometimes when he kisses her, she feels the still warm blood from his kills transfer from his lips to hers and tastes it on his tongue; and she devours his mouth then, trying to swallow as much as she can. It’s sweet to her; a delicious treat because she insists on staying on the Stefan diet even after Stefan himself has long since left this earth.

She knows he does it to tempt her and it half-way works because she kisses back with fervor and he enjoys the roughness on those nights.

Typically, little Caroline is the gentle type—the type of vampire who was denied love as a human and is forever in search of it as a vampire. And he plays into this for her because he wants her to stick around so he does soft and caring and slow and gentle, taking her with sweetly whispered words and kisses and caresses.

But then there are the nights that he gets to love her the way he wants. The nights he kills—usually over her because the stupid fucking human fuckers seem to gravitate to her—and he gets to take her roughly against a wall or over a table. Holding fistfuls of her pretty blonde hair and biting her neck until the blood runs crimson over her breasts.

He loves her screams and the purple bruises that last only seconds before healing. Loves the tears in her eyes and the way she looks at him with desire and need and a craving she refuses to give in to.

The next morning, she’ll turn in the bed to face him and she’ll fix him with a glare. He rarely tells her how much he loves seeing the fire in her eyes, but he does love it—craves it really, so it’s no wonder this happens way more often than she claims she’d like.

She doesn’t hate the roughness, he’d know it if she did. She’s not so breakable anymore and she’d tell him if she hated it. All she hates is the death. “You shouldn’t have killed,” she’ll chastise him.

He has long since stopped trying to explain their nature to her. She’s idealistic, wants to believe the best in people (especially vampires), and he must admit—at least to himself—that that’s what he likes so much about her.

Two hundred years later and she’s still the sweetest thing he’s ever seen.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: caroline forbes, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: elijah mikaelson, character: klaus mikaelson, character: matt donovan, character: tyler lockwood, pairing: elijah/caroline, pairing: elijah/elena, pairing: klaus/caroline, tv show: the vampire diaries
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