May 20th, 2012

Reign -- Mary Stuart (3)

Fic: The Future Holds Promise

Title:  The Future Holds Promise
Fandom:  A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
Pairing/Characters:  Jaime/Sansa, Tyrion, Daenerys
Rating:  Very light R
Word Count: 3270
Summary:  Tyrion suspects a facet of their relationship that simply doesn't exist, but that doesn't mean it never will. He sees to it.
Spoilers: As I never read the series I can not say for certain, so we'll use a blanket disclaimer of spoilers for anything before and after ADWD and leave it at that.
Author's Notes:  Written for a prompt by [info]lit_chick08 over asoiafkinkmeme, although it's not exactly kinky. It should also be noted that, as mentioned above, I never read the books. I am basing this on what I have gleaned from the TV series, fandom, and spoilers I have read for the books. Because of this, it is likely AU in some aspects, which you'll have to forgive. Any glaring errors I would not mind having pointed out if it is done so nicely.

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