May 5th, 2010

Reign -- Mary Stuart (3)

I wonder...

So my old internet service provider (which was canceled months ago) finally took away my email address that I had with it. This led to an hour and a half of my time being spent getting a new email address and updating all the fandom-based websites I belong to. While I was doing this, I came across one website that, upon trying to change my email address, said that it (my new email address) was banned from that site.

I suppose my question lies somewhere in the how of all this. When, in an hour and a half, did the website ban my address? Then I got to thinking. Do companies recycle email addresses like cell phone companies recycle phone numbers? I don't think they do, but that thought led to an even stranger one.

I mean, three hundred years from now, people on the internet are going to have some effed up screen names. For example, a screen name we might have now (soccergurl39) three hundred years in the future would look something like this: -0039-~~soccergurl00739~~-0039-, and what a bitch that would be.