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Aly J.

Fic: [2] TVD (Damon/Katherine, Stefan/Elena)

Title:  Until The Sand Runs Out
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Stefan/Elena, Damon/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  555
Summary:  They didn’t tell anyone where they were really going, just picked up and left as soon as graduation was over.
:  For a Vampire Diaries Comment Ficathon prompt by [info]softly_me. Originally posted HERE.

Stefan thought it’d be safer if they left Mystic Falls forever. They didn’t tell anyone where they were really going, just picked up and left as soon as graduation was over.

Jenna was told they were going to Toronto for college together. Jeremy wasn’t told much, just that she would be safe. Caroline and Bonnie didn’t want to know anything—didn’t want to be involved anymore—so Elena had said goodbye, told them she loved them, and knew she would never see them again.

For the both of them, Damon was the hardest person to leave. They both loved him and hated him equally, and they both knew he returned the sentiment. For this reason, they allowed him to tag along for a little bit, get him to believe that this course of action was the best way to keep Elena safe, and once he believed that, he left for who knows where. Once he was gone, they were alone in the world.

They lived in California and Wisconsin, North Dakota and New Jersey, New York and Texas. Spent a few weeks in Italy and England touring the cities and country sides. They traveled to wherever the wind took them, and they had time to laugh along the way. They were happy.

Elena became used to looking over her shoulder, making sure no one knew where they were, that they weren’t being followed, that no one suspected anything was strange with them. At the same time, Elena got the chance to see the world, to pretend to be normal. There were no vampires—that they knew of—no werewolves and witches and curses. There was no one to threaten Elena’s life.

They changed names sometimes, to keep the trail hard to follow. After two years or so, they even buried their past lives and started over, a clean slate.

Eventually Damon and Katherine, Caroline and Bonnie, even Jenna and Jeremy were all forgotten. They didn’t matter anymore. And somewhere along the road, Elena let Stefan turn her. She knew that once Klaus found her, he’d kill everyone she loved, so she vowed to keep running until all her human loved ones were long dead.

Five hundred years later, and they moved back to Mystic Falls to see how everyone fared. They ran into Damon there and learned that he had been keeping tabs on them for the last fifty years.

They stayed in Mystic Falls for five years in the boarding house, the four of them. Elena and Stefan and Damon and Caroline, who Damon turned when she was twenty three. Apparently she was unable to stay away from the vampire allure that is Damon Salvatore and tracked him down in Maine seven months after he left them.

They all went back on the run together after they left Mystic Falls. Elena got one of her best friends back after being alone with Stefan for so many years, and Stefan got a brother. They were happy, but always fighting to keep it that way.

They were on the run, but they didn’t really mind it. They knew their days were numbered. Klaus would find them eventually, and he would kill them just like he killed Katherine. But they had time, and between the four of them, they knew they would last much longer than Katherine.

:  Heartbreak And Irony
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Katherine
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  320
Summary:  She says the words and he feels broken inside.
:  For a Vampire Diaries Comment Ficathon prompt by ever_neutral. Originally posted HERE.

Somehow, after over one hundred and forty years of searching for her, missing her, wondering where she was, hoping she was alive, and obsessively thinking about her, Damon is still surprised when Katherine tells him it had always been Stefan. How could it have been Stefan when he remembers the way she was with him? How could she have always gone for Stefan when it was Damon who loved her, Damon who accepted her, Damon who searched for her?

And yet, she says the words and he feels broken inside. Like the part of him that held him together since he turned has just been ripped out. Like the earth stopped moving, turned upside down, and started spinning backwards.

But the really sick part, the part he can’t get over, is that he still loves her. Oh, he hates her too—hates her for not being straight with him, hates her for letting him believe she was in the tomb, hates her for doing this to him—but just because he hates her doesn’t mean the one hundred and forty five years of love and quasi-worship just disappear. All that talk of a magical switch to get rid of emotion? Yeah, doesn’t really exist.

He wanted so badly for her to just tell him she loved him, wanted to just forget everything and fuck her until the sun came up (or longer, if he was up to it). And he almost wishes he hadn’t asked the question, thinks it would have been nice if she’d of let him live in his make believe world for a few more hours. Just to have her and hold her and kiss her one more time before she ripped out his heart (figuratively, of course, for he thinks it is still there somewhere).

He thinks it’s ironic that the one time she doesn’t lie is the one time he’d rather of heard a lie.
Tags: art: fanfiction, character: damon salvatore, character: elena gilbert, character: katherine pierce, character: stefan salvatore, pairing: damon/katherine, pairing: stefan/elena, tv show: the vampire diaries
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