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Fic: [2] TVD (Damon/Caroline, Elijah/Caroline) & [1] GG (Dan/Blair/Chuck)

Title:  Chain of Events
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Damon/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  413
Summary:  Sometime when she wasn’t looking, he stopped being everything.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Comment Ficathon, prompt by eenaangel. Originally posted HERE.

For a while—three weeks? two months?—he was everything. Her whole world. She talked to him about everything, gave him everything, took anything he gave her. Asked for nothing. But he was her everything, and she liked him.

For the first time in her life, she had someone who made her feel. She had the high school cliché—tall, dark, handsome, mysterious—and he gave her the world, or at least, that’s how it seemed to her at the time.

But somewhere down the line, sometime when she wasn’t looking, he stopped being everything.

No, you’re the only stupid thing here. And shallow and useless.

And she ran to Matt. Had him pick up the pieces. With Matt, she had someone who gave her everything and expected nothing in return. He would talk with her, listen to her, kiss her and make her feel better. He was the anti-Damon in every way imaginable, and a part of her hated him for it.

He wasn’t her everything. He wasn’t the person she wanted. But she managed to convince herself that he was. Made herself believe that he could be.

And it worked for a while, until she changed. Until she remembered.

You can’t remember. It’s impossible. I mean, unless you were becoming a…

For a while, she hated him. Hated remembering what he did to her, what he told her, what he made her feel, all before taking her memories away. She hated the lazy smile he’d throw her when he’d catch her glairing at him. She hated the causal way he talked to her after, as if he totally didn’t suck her blood time and time again.

But then she remembered that he did try to heal her with that same blood. That he defended her against her mother when her mother found out what she was.

You have no idea how wrong you are about that.

And she can’t hate him anymore, but that does not mean she likes him. And when they have to speak—when she updates him on Tyler’s condition, or when they have to work together to keep Elena safe—she stops glaring and he stops smirking and they speak as if they’re mere acquaintances.

And, sometimes, she sees him in town and she’ll smile, and he’ll raise an eyebrow. But they’ll keep walking; pretend they don’t know the other.

Because, when it comes right down to it, they don’t know a damn thing about each other.

Title:  Control
Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters:  Elijah/Caroline
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  415
Summary:  Elijah visits Caroline one night.
A/N:  For a Vampire Diaries Comment Ficathon, prompt by eenaangel. Originally posted HERE.

In the grand scheme of things, she’s nothing, this fledgling vampire jointly made by Katerina and her sire, Damon. Just another complication that cannot be eradicated because she is friends with Elena, the second Petrova doppelganger.

But she is beautiful, in that fragile, blonde Barbie sort of way. And when he sees her, trying desperately to control the bloodlust in front of some pathetically human boy without a clue, a part of him gets angry.

She is nothing, a complication, but she is beautiful and tragic, and he wants to fix her.

So he makes nice with her mother, a situation in which he finds all sorts of irony. The original vampire making nice with one of the local Council of vampire eradicators. But he needs to be invited in, a feat that he manages in much the same way as with Elena’s aunt. A little sweet talk and a bit of curiosity on local history.

And later that night, when the human mother is asleep in her bed and the fledgling vampire is sneaking into hers, he is waiting in a dark corner of the little vampire’s room. Predictably, she doesn’t notice him at first, and he sighs dramatically, which gets her attention right away. “Who’s there?” she calls, fighting her instincts.

In less than a second, his left hand has both of her hands behind her back and his right is at her throat. “I could kill you so easily right now; you know that, little one? And, were you any other vampire, you’d already be dead,” he says, his voice low. “But, unfortunately, you fall under the promise I made to the doppelganger, so you won’t die. However, the situation in this town is precarious enough and does not need a little fledgling vampire with no impulse control running around flaunting the truth under the town’s proverbial nose.”

Little Caroline’s eyes are wide, and her fangs are out and she looks so very hungry, but she does not fight him. He supposes she’s smart enough not to test his patience. He looks straight into her blue eyes and holds her unwilling gaze. “So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to start controlling yourself. You’re going to stay away from that human boy toy of yours because he is not worth your time now. And you’re going to forget I was here telling you any of this, but you’ll do as I asked.”

And she nods. “I’ll do as you ask.”

Title:  One Year
Fandom:  Gossip Girl
Pairing/Characters:  Dan/Blair/Chuck
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  835
Spoilers: mentions events of 4.11
Summary:  They kiss on New Year’s. They were alone together and drunk and it was midnight and what the hell, right?
A/N:  For a D/B Get Us Through Hiatus Comment Ficathon, prompt by midnightblack07. Originally posted HERE.

They see each other on Christmas, exchange pleasantries and walk away. Neither questions why the other is walking through Central Park when they should be with their family. But then Blair calls Dan and asks if she can come over, and they have Christmas dinner together. Or, they try in any case, but they burn the stuffing and the potatoes are all runny and the ham tastes weird. So they eat animal crackers and hot chocolate instead.

They kiss on New Year’s. They were alone together and drunk and it was midnight and what the hell, right? And they spend the night in Blair’s bed and wake fully clothed and vow never to speak of it again.

Blair is back with Chuck by Valentine’s Day, but Dan gives Blair a valentine anyway. It doesn’t have his name on it, and he isn’t around to watch her smile and he doesn’t see her tuck it away to admire later.

Dan stops getting Gossip Girl blasts sometime in July, when Gossip Girl shows everyone a video of Chuck and Blair making out on some beach. And he vows to forget the brunette vixen who has, for some inexplicable reason, become the inspiration for his latest attempt at a novel.

In August, Chuck cheats on Blair with some blond tramp in a seedy hotel in Brooklyn and Blair finds them there so she runs to the closest place she knows. She spends the rest of the week there with Dan, who has, sometime during the course of that week, become her errand boy.

Two weeks later, Chuck proposes and Blair cries and she accepts. Dan hears this through Serena, who’s helping plan the wedding. When he runs into Blair, she winces as she tells him the wedding is going to be on New Year’s. She says, apologetically, that Chuck picked the date and, how could she say no when she loves him and he had this fantastic idea for the line ‘you may kiss the bride’ to happen just before midnight so they can kiss exactly on midnight. And she goes on to say that it’s the most romantic thing he’s ever done and Dan can’t think of anything else but when he kissed her on New Year’s and all he wants to do is kiss her now. But he doesn’t. He just wishes her well and walks away.

On Halloween, there’s a Masquerade ball at Chuck’s hotel and Dan’s invited. He goes, more to torture himself than anything. And he spends the first half of the ball trying to find Blair. Once he finds her, he talks to her for a good hour and a half because he doesn’t tell her who he is and she’s too curious to let him leave without knowing. But then Chuck appears and he slips away unnoticed.

In November, Chuck forgets Blair’s birthday, and Blair spends the day at Dan’s, where they bake a cake and have ice cream and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

They continue the Thanksgiving tradition, and Blair and Dan and Chuck have dinner with Nate and Serena again. Only this year, Dan invites Jenny, who brings Eric. And Chuck says something stupid so Blair kicks him out and Serena and Nate get into a fight and Jenny runs off crying because of Chuck and Eric goes off to comfort her. So somehow, it’s just the two of them, and Blair breaks down and Dan holds her while she cries until Serena comes back.

Christmas again, and Blair spends it with Dan. Chuck was supposed to take her out—they were supposed to have a magical night, so she says—but he had to work and she didn’t want to be alone. They have an honest talk for the first time since New Year’s, and they acknowledge that something is different. But neither one says what they’re feeling and Dan doesn’t give her the diamond necklace he saved up the money for all year.

The morning of Chuck and Blair’s wedding—New Year’s Eve morning—finds Dan waking up to a frantic knocking at his door. It’s Blair, and she’s wondering where her diamond bracelet is—the one she had on at Christmas—she says she needs it for her wedding. Dan, feeling sick inside, helps her look for it and, somehow, in the process, she finds the necklace. Blair starts to cry.

So Dan, holding the necklace in his hands, tells her the truth—that he bought it for her—and that he loves her. But if she’s happy with Chuck, if Chuck loves her as he does, if she can promise him that Chuck will take care of her and never hurt her again, he’ll continue to help her find the bracelet and they can both pretend the necklace doesn’t exist.

He expects her to nod and tell him she loves Chuck. But Blair shakes her head, moves her hair from around her neck, and turns around.

And Dan fastens the diamond heart around her neck.

Tags: art: fanfiction, character: blair waldorf, character: caroline forbes, character: chuck bass, character: damon salvatore, character: dan humphrey, character: elijah mikaelson, pairing: chuck/blair, pairing: damon/caroline, pairing: dan/blair, pairing: elijah/caroline
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