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My FanFic Masterlist

FanFic Masterlist
Updated:  10/20/12
Comment below if any links aren't working and I'll fix them.
Note2:  All MultiChapter stories are denoted with chapters under the title.
Note3:  New stories (all stories since the last update) are marked with an asterisk (*).
Note4:  All warnings are listed at the fics themselves.
Note5:  Pairings are listed in order of importance (i.e. the pairing that takes the focus); pairings listed with more than two people follow the same pattern.
Relationships using a slash (/) are either romantic or sexual or something similar to varying degrees, while relationships using an ampersand (&) are familial or platonic or something similar to varying degrees. Names in parenthesis are more implied than truly present or used for long lists of pairings where one character is always listed.

Vampire Diaries

Attraction - Damon/Elena
Coming In From The Sidelines - Damon/Elena
Silent Promise - Damon/Elena
A Strange Domesticity - Damon/Elena
The Only Option - Damon/Elena/Stefan

Watching - Tyler/Caroline
Sweet Caroline - Tyler/Caroline
Bruises on Their Hearts - Tyler/Caroline
Out In The Open - Tyler/Caroline
Philosophy - Tyler/Caroline
Some Kind Of Messy Fairy Tale - Tyler/Caroline
Vamping Out - Tyler/Caroline
Love and Hate - Tyler/Caroline
In Terms Of The Future - Tyler/Caroline
Right Now - Tyler/Caroline
Love - Tyler/Caroline

Reclaiming What's His - Tyler/Caroline/Matt
After The Storm - Tyler/Caroline/Damon

Down To Blood - Damon/Caroline
Comfort - Damon/Caroline
Chain of Events - Damon/Caroline
Starting Over - Damon/Caroline
Clichés Abound - Damon/Caroline
Brand New Day - Damon/Caroline
Plans for the Future - Damon/Caroline
While She Sleeps - Damon/Caroline
False Reality - Damon/Caroline
Sympathy - Damon/Caroline
Clearing The Air (Almost) - Damon/Caroline
Sometimes - Damon/Caroline
Determination - Damon/Caroline
Only When I Do Not Know - Damon/Caroline
Vicious Cycle - Damon/Caroline
Just One Night - Damon/Caroline
Always Comes Back - Damon/Caroline
Suicidal Tendencies - Damon/Caroline
Forgiveness Not Granted - Damon/Caroline
All That Remains - Damon/Caroline
Pieces - Damon/Caroline
Shared Grief - Damon/Caroline

Of Webs And Weaving - Damon/Caroline/Katherine (semi-sequel below)
Reasons Why - Damon/Caroline/Katherine (semi-prequel above)
Guilt - Damon/Caroline, Stefan&Caroline
A Little Chat - Damon/Caroline, Matt/Caroline
History Repeating - Damon/Caroline, Damon/Andie

Ease - Elijah/Jenna
Playing Protector - Elijah/Jenna/(Klaus!Alaric)

Too Late - Elijah/Katherine
Plans Gone Awry - Elijah/Katherine, Elijah/Tatia

Irony - Elijah/Elena, Elijah&Rebekah
Grasping at Normality - Elijah/Elena
An Act Of Trust - Elijah/Elena
Lost - Elijah/Elena
Freedom - Elijah/Elena
Rescue You Again - Elena/Elijah
On Happiness - Elijah/Elena
Never Enough - Elijah/Elena
A Question Of Love - Elijah/Elena
Unwind - Elijah/Elena
A Moment They'll Treasure - Elijah/Elena
Suddenly, The World Is Huge - Elijah/Elena
*Promise Me Always - Elijah/Elena

Between A Rock And A Hard Place - Elijah/Elena/Klaus
Five Truths And A Lie - Elijah/Elena/(Katherine)

To The Edge - Elijah/Caroline/Klaus
First Real Smile - Elijah/Caroline
Control - Elijah/Caroline
A Quest For Knowledge - Elijah/Caroline
Defining Characteristic - Elijah/Caroline
Who You Run To - Elijah/Caroline
Plays of Power - Elijah/Caroline
Reluctant - Elijah/Caroline (sequel below)
Resurgence - Elijah/Caroline (prequel above)
An Offer - Elijah/Caroline
All Good Intentions - Elijah/Caroline
Dual Touch - Elijah/Caroline
Counting Kisses - Elijah/Caroline
The Beginning Of Something - Elijah/Caroline
A Change In Perspective - Elijah/Caroline
Corruption - Elijah/Caroline
This Is Not Goodbye - Elijah/Caroline
Confrontation - Elijah/Caroline
Caroline Loves - Elijah/Caroline
I'll Hit The Road, But Not Alone - Elijah/Caroline, implied Tyler/Caroline and Klaus&Rebekah
Finding Forever - Elijah/Caroline
     (1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8)

Playing The Game - Klaus/Katherine, Katherine/Elena
The Only Tragedy - Klaus/Katherine
The Choice Of Freedom - Klaus/Katherine
Giving In - Klaus&Rebekah, Elijah
The Fire In Her Veins - Klaus/Bonnie
Not To Choose - Klaus/Tatia/Elijah

Holding Off - Klaus/Elena
Sometime After - Klaus/Elena
Timing - Klaus/Elena
Crossroads - Klaus/Elena
Some Call It Destiny - Klaus/Elena
What You Wanted - Klaus/Elena
*Knowing Eventuality - Klaus/Elena
A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf - Klaus/Elena
     (1) (2) - Complete

An Explanation Long Overdue - Klaus/Elena, Klaus/Tatia
Like Death - Klaus/Elena, Katherine/(Elijah)
Unexpected Deviations - Klaus/Elena, Klaus/Katherine

Our Lives Entwined In The Background Of The Bigger Picture - Klaus/Caroline
Beautiful - Klaus/Caroline
Intimate Conversations - Klaus/Caroline
In Another Universe - Klaus/Caroline
Sweet - Klaus/Caroline
Revenge - Klaus/Caroline
As You're Told - Klaus/Caroline
The Question Of Love - Klaus/Caroline
A Game With No Room For Hearts - Klaus/Caroline
The Art Of Interesting - Klaus/Caroline
Limitations - Klaus/Caroline
Vision Of A Queen - Klaus/Caroline
Sacrifices - Klaus/Caroline, Damon/Elena
This Scene Is Wrong - Klaus!Alaric/Caroline

Moral Support - Alaric/Caroline
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff - Alaric/Caroline

Giving Into A Bad Decision - Alaric/Elena
Leading To Goodbye - Alaric/Elena
Back To Normal - Alaric/Elena
It Doesn't Matter - Alaric/Elena

Not Okay - Stefan/Caroline
The Hard Questions - Stefan/Caroline
Technique - Stefan/Caroline
To Honor A Friend - Stefan/Caroline, Lexi

Reflection - Damon/Katherine, Damon/Rose
Heartbreak And Irony - Damon/Katherine
What A Pair - Damon/Katherine
Maybe (Once Upon A Time) - Damon/Katherine
A Form Of Regret - Damon/Katherine

Misplaced Comfort - Katherine/Caroline
Support - Katherine/Caroline
The Chase Starts At The Graves - Katherine&Elena (Klaus/Caroline, variations of Stefan/Damon/Elena/Katherine)

Somewhere Along In The Bitterness - Tyler/Elena
The Last Two - Tyler/Elena
Twice In Her Life - Tyler/Elena
Hazy - Tyler/Elena
Madness - Tyler/Elena
Temporary Escape - Tyler/Elena

Remembering Elena - Stefan/Elena
In Memoriam - Stefan/Elena
Hope - Stefan/Elena
Until The Sand Runs Out - Stefan/Elena, Damon/Caroline
Uncovering The Lie - Stefan/Katherine
Playing Rough - Stefan/Rebekah

Growing Up - Mason/Caroline
Being Katherine - Mason/Elena
Endings Lead To Beginnings - Mason/Jenna

Not Exactly Self-Destruction - John/Caroline
Indecision - John/Jenna
Not The Whole Story - John/Jenna
One Way Or Another - John/Jenna
A Reinstated Promise - John/Jenna, John&Elena
To The Last - John&Elena

Those Memories - Matt/Elena
Late Night Tears - Matt/Katherine
Human Dreams - Matt/Katherine

Unexpected Easy - Jeremy/Caroline
The Consequences Of Power - Jeremy/Bonnie
A Chance Meeting - Jeremy/Katherine

The Progression of a Relationship - Carol&Liz
Spilling Secrets - Brady/Caroline
Reconciling Regret - Trevor/Katherine, Trevor/Elena
Not According To Plan - Logan/Caroline
To Understand The Worst - Damon/Lexi/Stefan
The Progression Of Christmas - Tyler/Elena, Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena, (Matt/Elena, Matt/Caroline)
Time To Take A Stance - Elijah&Rebekah, Klaus, Elena, Damon, Stefan, implied Klaus&Rebekah
Working Toward Normal - Alaric&Elena&Jeremy

Lessons And Lies In Love And Life - Damon/(Katherine, Stefan, Klaus, Bree, Caroline, Elena, Andie)
All This Darkness Will Surround You - Katherine/(Trevor, Elijah, Klaus, Stefan, Damon, Mason)
For Two Years - Anna, Elijah, Pearl
Likeness - Elena, Katherine
Unravel - Elena, Jenna
Potential - Stefan, Klaus, Stefan/Elena, Stefan/Katherine, Damon
Resemblance - Alaric, Elena; hints of Alaric/Elena, Alaric/Jenna, Alaric/Isobel
Life Not Lived - Slater, Rose, Trevor, Slater/Alice
Enemies - Jules, Katherine, implied Mason/Jules
First Taste Of Freedom - Katherine, slight Matt/Katherine, (Stefan/Elena/Damon/Katherine mess)
Result Of Revenge - Bonnie, slight Jeremy/Bonnie & Klaus/Bonnie
The Calm Before The Storm (Elena's Part) - Elena/Matt, Tyler/Caroline, Bonnie, Miranda

The Future Holds Promise - Jaime/Sansa, Tyrion, Daenerys
Measure Of Control - Joffrey/Myrcella
*It Starts With A Smile - Robb/Myrcella

Another Do-Over - (TVD/SPN) Damon/Bela, Damon/Rose
Wicked Games - (TVD/Heroes) Sylar/Caroline
A Solution - (TVD/True Blood) Damon/Jessica
Make This One Special - (TVD/True Blood) Eric/Caroline

The Secret Circle
We Never Had A Chance - Nick/Melissa

Gossip Girl
As He Tells It - Dan/Blair/Nate
One Year - Dan/Blair/Chuck
Difference - Chuck/Blair

General Hospital
Life - Maxie/Franco
Reflections After Rage - Kristina, hints of Kristina/Ethan
The Beginning Of A Future - Ethan/Kristina
A Broken Angel's Tears - Lucky/Maxie
What She'll Never Be - Johnny/Maxie

Enchanting - James/Bella
Regret - Emmett/Rosalie

Harry Potter
Worse Than Death - Lucius/Ginny
All That Lies Unspoken - Draco/Hermione

True Blood
Above The Clouds - Eric/Sookie

Incriminating Evidence - Sylar/Claire
The Moments To Forever - Sylar/Claire
     (1)  (2)  (3)  (4)

Make It Or Break It
Last Correspondence - Sasha/Payson
First Correspondence - Sasha/Payson

Pretty Little Liars
Return - Caleb/Hanna

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
Excuses - Ricky/Amy
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